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mr. Obama, Tear down that Wall!

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 10:02 PM
As a freedom loving, gun toting, happy go lucky American citizen, I implore you my president to tear down the shabby fences erected between the United States and Mexico.

A jurassic park style fence(electrified) built by American technology and the best craftsmen in the world would send the message.

Mrs. Clinton is hardly the answer, diplomacy not the solution.

The problem grows every passing day.

These people are nuts, out of line,and don't give a s%@# about normal life as we know it.

We have embraced the Mexican culture and welcomed them into our country as brothers on this hemisphere.

we have tried, yet failed.

Enough killing, enough kidnapping,enough stupidity.

Mr. Obama, tear down this wall and build a new one for our children.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 11:28 PM
reply to post by huntergatherer

I dont know, you see, for me I dont think that all the people in Mexico "are nuts,out of line and dont give a s%@# about normal life as we know it." I think they are just trying to get by with the hand the were delt. Please dont take my words the wrong way, I do agree that something( a new fence) needs to be done but in my personal experiences, dealing with my grandmother who was a spanish speaking interpreter, that a lot of these people are just trying to get by to help their families because it's impossible in their country. Also a lot of these people actually pay their taxes, of course they are working under a false social security #(which is wrong, I know) so they pay their taxes and reap none of the benefits that go along w/ paying taxes(tax refund). My question has always been where does that money go, into a rainy day fund for gov. officials? I dont know. Here's the thing, I dont agree w/ people sneaking into the US, of course that affects all of us citizens, but I also feel empathy for these people who are not as fortunate as we and I think everyone everywhere should be able to have a decent quality of life. I guess it's kind of a mixed bag for me but I respect you opinion. Just my 2 cents

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