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Templar Tactical, Are you ready to train to survive?

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:36 PM
Was reading my local newspaper this morning at work (the Sandusky Register) and stumbled upon a very small AP article about a new military and police training center, Templar Tactical, and local objection to the construction of the facility..

The article points out various facts about the facility, objection to construction by local residents of Lore City, OH, and the county commissioner's response.

You can find the article with these links (same article, different sites):

FOX 8 - Cleveland
Dayton Daily News
Examiner - Cleveland

The Templar Tactical website: Click Here

A few things caught my eye. #1 the name of the company. #2, their slogan of "Are you ready to survive?"... Normally I don't think twice but given the rise of FEMA camp talk and all the military training going on it piqued my interest. They could just be a normal training facility.

On the other hand, their slogan is a little out there. Survive what? I would really like to know more about this company, however their website is pretty minimal with only a vague description. Seems legit, but you never know. Something doesn't seem right.

I would be concerned like the local residents as well. I wouldn't want that kind of activity going on, especially if I lived in a quieter area like Lore City.

Mods, not sure if this was the correct area to put this (spent more than a few minutes debating where it should go), so please move if it needs to be

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:49 PM
It is a rather "unfortunate" name -- I wonder why they chose it? I can imagine the locals' response to such a facility. Who wants a shooting facility right in the middle of town?

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:50 PM
reply to post by RcknShdw

Oh wow!
Didn't the Templars work for the Pope to deliver Jerusalem to him?
I have read A LOT about the next coming inquisition, when the Vatican controls religion and people narc out each other for the holy Church. Joel's army, etc, etc....
They could tell you were a Jew or protestant in the dark ages in some areas, because you might work on Sunday! (Hung out clothes)
They were then summoned to the Supreme sacred Congregation of the universal inquisition
It's still there under a new name.

The Bible says the anti-christ will sit in the Jerusalem Temple 3 "showing himself he is god"!

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 09:51 PM
Interesting article from the Daily Jefferson of Cambridge, OH: Click here.

"At the 360 degree range, we will be using a different kind of ammunition that only travels 200 meters," said Latore. "And, there is nothing located within 200 meters of that facility."

Does that kind of ammo even exist? This would be the first time I would have heard about it. Also, read the comments, a lot of people seem very unhappy about the construction. One guy denies 200 meter ammo exists and also claims TT is tied to Haliburton:

Posted by Thomas Nunn 44 minutes ago
You need to keep digging about KLM and Templar Tactical. You didn't go deep enough. Keep looking--it will come to you eventually. This will benefit no one but KLM and TT. Both are tied into Halliburton. No military branches will use this facility--none are located close enough for this to be of any use. And anyone who thinks that there is such a thing as 200 yard ammo is, well, very misinformed.

I went looking for KLM and found this:

Templar Tactical Retains KLM Global - 01/02/09

Templar Tactical, a full service training and security services firm has retained KLM Global to assist them in the development of a First Responder Training Facility which will serve Local and Federal Law Enforcement, as well as various Department of Defense units. Templar Tactical will combine a state of the art facility with the finest instructors in the country.

KLM Global will utilize its expertise in finance, construction, and security services to help Templar design and build a facility which will have several characteristics that will make it unique in the industry and extremely valuable to regional clientele. For updates on the Templar Tactical project visit their website at

Click here for the KLM press release.

Still looking, but everything seems odd the more I keep on digging. Input, responses, added wisdom are appreciated

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