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"Jusge Rules for Child Killer"

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 12:37 AM
As I was reading my morning paper, one headline grabbed my attention. It was, verbatim, "Judge Rules for Child Killer". The article itself dealt with a convicted child murderer who, regardless of previous crimes, filed a justified suit against the state for being also charged as a sex offender. The latter charge had nothing to do with his heinous crimes, and he was actually correct in filing suit. But that wasn't the headline.

Even with the heinous crimes the man committed, he does deserve a fair run in the legal system. Even now, some of you will be thinking that it was really for the better, and that he deserves to spend his life in prison. Which, in my opinion, he does. But the legal system is not measured by how well it treats its best, but how evenly it treats its worst.

And, to use a too often used phrase, it is a slippery slope. If we allow the government to violate the very rules it is meant to enforce, regardless of how it is against, then we accept that when it is our time to be wronged, others will be willing to accept it just as we accepted it when it happened to someone else. Even if it was one of the most heinous crimes one can imagine, what is to stop the precedent set from continuing to other crimes? Who's going to be willing to marginalize the families of those accused of murder? Or rape? Or child abuse? Or drunk driving? If we allow it to be used against our worst, then it WILL come to bite us eventually, and whatever good done will be gone when it is used against law abiding citizens or petty criminals.

Even if it is not a sex offender charge, the filing of additional charges without informing a prisoner or their legal aide can make parole an impossibility, and be used to extend already exagerrated sentences.

I encourage all of you reading to read the original article, and I ask that you overlook the heinous nature of the crimes involved, and examine the actions taken by the legal system. Even if it seems justified in this case, consider that this could have gone unnoticed, and may be going on across our nation. Will some of them be people who are unfit for society? Yes. Does that mean its justified for those we trust to enforce the law to violate it to 'protect' us?

Well, I leave that up to you.

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