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One Theory to Bind Them All

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 06:56 AM
The thing is, we don't know if all of these things are connected, just freak accidents, unfortunate streaks of bad luck, hallucinations, misidentification, night terrors, disinformation(probably the worst of all). It isn't possible to unify ungrounded theories under one giant ungrounded theory. We need more evidence.

However, I am the first one to admit that UFOs are based on observation. We have two very useful and very well respected scientific fields that we hold dear on ATS based on observation: Astronomy and Geophysics. So aside from a few possible scenarios like misidentification or disinformation, UFO research is very credible and should be given the credence it deserves.

On abduction:

According to sites like and thousands of such cases have been reported. It is estimated to be in the 10s of thousands, however it is important to note that an official tally of all alien abduction cases has not been taken. This does not include the likely thousands more that go unreported, which further compounds the problem. So this number could be much higher, or lower than what is currently thought. My numbers are purposefully deflated.

Because of what seems to be a pretty rampant phenomenon it should be treated as such. People regularly experience similar events and figures to one another regardless of relation or even geographical proximity. Such things are important to note and should not be shrugged off so easily.

On the Theology surrounding Alien Life:

We all seem to want to put a face to these creatures. It is the reason for sci-fi classics like Star Trek and Star Wars. It is, in my view, the same as Religious Dogma. Our need to humanize the creative force of the Universe when it is not comprehensible to do so, is the act of a child fearing the loss of a parent to guide him. A child refusing to use the knowledge and power he has to break free from his own chains and create the Universe he sees fit. It's what we're doing right? Creating the Universe in which we live? Advanced Aliens are no different. We could not know in which way any higher being would organize itself, we would not know how communications are made, we would not know what they see, or how they think. We could certainly not know their politics nor their intentions. I realize what ones believes to be true can take a back seat to what we have the capacity to discover. The pace can be painfully slow, and maybe within your lifetime some of those questions may be answered.

I know microbial life on Mars isn't as exciting as the Galactic Federation Of Light, but it is what is in our capacity to discover, and we should show more patience and more restraint so as to not let our own imaginations distort our sense of wonder.

People Vanishing:
This happens a lot and for many different reasons. It is a frighting idea that one could simply disappear and no one would ever hear a word from you again. The government(doesn't matter which), criminals, accidents, unfortunate events like lightning strikes, or you're out hiking alone and you fall down the gorge to your death and no one ever finds you. The point is, there a million different ways to disappear.

Under the criteria for Bermuda triangle the above applies here to. Crap happens at sea, or in the air especially over water. If there's a particular part of the world where weird things happen to aircraft and boats the a full environmental study and trend recording should take place to help navigate. There should be no reason why every weird thing that happens should be anything from the realm of the supernatural.


Things like ghosts and other worldly beings I truly believe in. I've seen some evidence and have had experiences in my life time that leave little room for debate with me on that. However, not all strange happenings in a house can or should be attributed to ghosts. As they are alive, more so than you and I, and are likely only passing through. Just because some cling to a place doesn't mean you can't coexist, but not all are welcoming and with good reason.

With that said, just because they exist in a different form it should not be assumed that they are any more aware than you are in most cases. It is the reason you can't see them and the reason most people aren't bothered by them. It's just two different wavelengths. Sometimes the wires the signals are traveling on get crossed and we have a ghost sighting. But for the most part the system runs pretty smoothly.

As for the rest of the stuff...I don't know. Strange things happen in a strange world.

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 05:05 PM
projectvxn, I do understand your point of view, but mine is slightly different. One of the reasons we don’t have good theories or hypotheses for these events is because no proposed theory fits all of the evidence.

I agree that we need more evidence, but this is not something we have control of. Furthermore, in general “we” have a habit of ridiculing and marginalizing reports of enigmatic phenomena, which has resulted in there being LESS credible evidence gathered, because reputable, credible, professional people hesitate to report sightings.

I’m not ready to consign all such witnesses to the crazy house or accuse them of hoaxes, since that would put me in the nut house because I have witnessed several odd things myself. Therefore, I tend to conclude that something is happening, we just don’t understand what it is.

The scientific “hard evidence” people tend to take all of the sightings in which UFOs could reasonably be assumed to be physical craft piloted by physical pilots and use them to build the extraterrestrial hypothesis. However, these same people tend to throw out, ignore, or “debunk” sightings in which UFOs change shape (”morph”), change their size, appear and disappear in an inexplicable manner, or exhibit other characteristics more commonly associated with paranormal phenomena.

My theory cheerfully encompasses ALL of the evidence and has no problem with any of the sightings in which UFOs appear to be something other than a physical spaceship.

As regards disappearances of people, I am not talking about people who might reasonable have run away or suffered an accident. I’m addressing cases in which people almost literally vanish right in front of witnesses. The man who disappeared off of a bus which didn’t stop between the time people saw him on board and when he came up missing. Did he manage to open an exit and jump off of a moving bus without anyone - including the driver - noticing? The man who disappeared in the night from the bed next to his sleeping wife who woke up in the morning to find him and his pajamas (but nothing else) missing. The woman who completely vanished while out of sight of the people behind her for only a few seconds. These and similar cases can not be accounted for by people who choose to run away from their lives and start over, or meet with accidents or foul play.

As noted in the OP, I don’t claim that all ghosts can be explained by my theory. Some ghosts may have something to do with people who have “passed on.” I don’t know. But non-human entities, shadow people, and “demonic” entities may fall under its umbrella.

I do not consider my theory to have anything to do with the “supernatural.” If it’s correct, it’s a perfectly natural phenomenon that we just don’t understand yet, like ball lightning, “earthlights,” or spontaneous human combustion.

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 05:21 PM

Originally posted by Cameoii
Don't forget about the Manhatten Project. Some accounts could very easily fit into your theory. It could also lead some to believe that we may one day be able to traverse through "dimensions" at will.

After beginning some research, I realized that you (and I in my first reply) probably meant the Philadelphia Experiment, not the Manhattan Project (which is apparently about the making of the atomic bomb).

I've been doing some research on the Philadelphia Experiment, and while it is delightfully intriguing and scary, it reads like the good fiction it may be. It seems to have been fairly thoroughly documented as being a hoax which arose out of a fiction story by Ambrose Bierce. There is already an ATS thread about it here. Navy records indicate that neither the USS Eldridge nor the SS Andrew Furuseth (which is supposed to have witnessed the experiment) were in the same place at the same time, much less in Philadelphia when the incident is supposed to have taken place. Navy FAQ here. My conclusion after research is that the Philadelphia Experiment is mostly likely a combination of Ambrose Bierce's story and misinformation about the Navy's degaussing procedures.

So, I'm leaving it out. If you're interested, follow the links above or google it. It IS a great story.

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 07:31 PM
They appear out of nowhere!

This post will gather and present excerpts from accounts of UFOs which seem to just appear suddenly, as opposed to flying into the witnesses' field of vision.

On Thursday, June 2, 2005, four teenaged girls at a Roman Catholic high school in Puerto Saavedra in southern Chile "saw a UFO appear suddenly out of a fuzzy cloud."
Source (UFO Roundup) A fuzzy cloud .. or a portal?

Carefully reviewing the images, frame by frame, I ascertained that the second UFO was not present during the first minutes of the recording, considering that it appeared suddenly within an estimate time frame of a 30th of a second.

From a ufocasebook case. A 30th of a second? Pretty fast!

After two minutes, the UFO disappeared. I was checking its trajectory, and suddenly the UFO appeared again, this time UFO ejecting light flares, and now the light was off.

It was huge disk colored silver and two minutes later the UFO started to blink its light and suddenly disappeared.
National UFO Center

2007-04-20 - Looking towards the mountains (west) from fort collins, co. A large, bright green, spherical object appeared suddenly and proceeded to
UFO Maps - Fort Collins

Syria-Damascus-November 14, 2007. Time was between 5:20- 6:00 AM "local time." The witness states that: "I was standing outside on my balcony, and suddenly I saw a black object at the horizon with no lights at the beginning. It was strange that it appeared suddenly. Then an intense light was produced by this object which was greater many times than the star's light. The object had a small rectangle-shape and the light was produced from the top of this shape and it looks like many lights. I do not confirm that this object is a UFO but the sudden appearance and disappearance accompanied with intense lights is unforgettable and odd to me.

UFO Sighting Reports

there are no satisfactory explanations for the behavior of aerial craft and TLOs (Transient Luminous Objects) that apparently can venture through space or the earth's atmosphere with equal ease, stop suddenly from hypersonic flight, or execute right angle turns, climbs and dives.

Nor has anyone explained how or why TLOs appear suddenly, hover or sail silently for long minutes and just as suddenly vanish.

On April 14, 1954, United Airlines Flight 193 was forced to make an emergency landing after a near miss with a UFO over the city of Long Beach. Says Captain Schidel, “It appeared so suddenly, it was as if it was flying dark and had just turned its navigation lights on…it was in sight just two seconds and made no movement to avoid me.”

To avoid Captain Schidel was forced to maneuver the jet into a sudden steep climbing turn. The emergency turn caused havoc in the passenger cabin. One passenger was thrown from his seat and broke his left leg. A stewardess lost her balance and fractured her ankle. According to researcher Donald Keyhoe, “Air force intelligence moved quickly to keep the story quiet.” Nevertheless the press found out and the case became a media sensation.

The captains’ sterling reputation, the fact that people were injured as a result of the encounter, and that the fact that the mysterious aircraft was not in touch with any airport control towers all combined to give the case a high level of credibility. Today the case is considered a classic in the annals of airplane-UFO encounters.

Top 20 California UFO Encounters

On Sunday, November 2, 1997, at 8:10 p.m., Anne-Marie Bousquet "was in Le Vernet, near Barantan, (department Allier--J.T.) in the company of my mother.
We looked up into the sky nonchalantly at this moment and the sky was clear. That was when we saw flying very high a luminous ball of a whitish-blue color."
"It appeared suddenly, and its disappearance took place after two seconds. This was not a meteorite. It was much bigger, more voluminous, an object perhaps 5 millimeters long if held at arm's length. It was moving very rapidly. The movement was from the zenith northeast to east. It appeared to extinguish itself just above Busset."
UFO Roundup

I could continue indefinitely, but the nature of the phenomenon should be clear by now. UFOs appear and disappear suddenly. They don't always just fly into view or move into view from behind objects or clouds. Sometimes they just appear. One explanation for this phenomenon could be cloaking technology, but if they cloak, why would they drop the cloaking technology at odd times? "Popping" in and out makes more logical sense to me, as they can't always know if anyone's looking where they're going before they go. At least, I assume they can't.

posted on Apr, 1 2009 @ 10:44 PM
Check this one out: A New Way To Look At Bigfoot.

He says several things which fall right in with my theory.


Cryptozoologists (scientists who study previously unknown and uncatalogued species of animal) are constantly criticized due to the lack of a Bigfoot body or bones being found. Sometimes it seems the only place Bigfoot does exist is on film!

Some recent sightings have included an anthropoid exiting a spacecraft or stepping through a ring or portal hovering just above the ground. Native American mythology speaks of the ability by the Sasquatch to disappear right in front of your eyes.

And more:
Excerpt referring to the previously mentioned "Skinwalker Ranch":

Sightings of a creature closely resembling the Sasquatch was also observed and monitored at the ranch. Both Extraterrestrials and the Sasquatch were observed appearing through portals in the air. Witnesses have reported that they have sometimes had glimpses through the portals of landscapes different than that in which the witness stood, appearing almost alien in origin. These anomalies have been recorded extensively by research scientists.

At the very least, this goes to show I'm not the only one who has theorized in this direction!

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