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Encounters For Real

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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 01:05 AM
As in depth and amazing as all of your stories are, and with all these events you claim to have survived. This reads far too much like a Science Fiction Novel to be real. I have followed this thread a few pages in reading every post, and part of the reason I did is because I want this to be real. How ever time and time again you talk about yourself like you are a supreme being. You're the almighty savior chosen by the almighty father to see through the deceit of his lesser children who are now fighting a universal war against each other and time. Really quite riveting and it did have me hanging on by a thread. A large part of this is because you use what sounds similar to many other abduction stories but again personalized to you the eternal action hero programmed by all the opposing factions but still resisting and striving to remain faithful to the almighty father. It's rare I hear people talk of stories about one self and refer to god as the almighty father. It sounds like a dramatic way to name call the holy spirit in such a traumatic personal story. You remain calm almost monotone through out the entire story. shocking yet bland. Oh and as far as your story goes these warring factions are after one thing. Faith, this is a trait presumably exhibited by humans alone. Yes, these ETs have religion but much of it is based on what is fact. We as humans will believe in something whether we have reasonable proof or not thus immortalizing it forever. They need that, they need to implant you with faith in them because they believe if you can love and believe in them with the same faith the Religious people believe in God they would become invincible. Again, I do believe in ET's but not all. However something deeper makes me disbelieve you, and it wasn't until I read many of your posts that I felt this way. Call me Crazy but my gut has never served me wrong. As for the rest of ATS I'll leave you to decide for yourselves and the OP I hope you find your peace.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 01:27 AM
reply to post by Ilyich

I like what you wrote and I thank you for it. All I can say is that for some people life is a series of events that even the experiencer can't believe. I can only think that this needs to happen to some, because in this world there is a little bit of everything. I'm not here to convince you and one thing is for absolute sure, I am in no way anything special or supreme. Rather the opposite. Everything that I have experienced has only made me feel more mortal and vulnerable. It has made me seek deeper and struggle through life for the answers like the rest of the world.

Essentially when a person opens up to reveal the things that the world around them essentially is programmed not to believe, they are targetted as delusional, egocentric or worse. Either way these things need to come out because if not, why would any of us have to go through it.

Whether people choose to believe me or not does not change what I experienced.
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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 04:59 AM
I am very discouraged by your reply because I think vampires are mythological inventions and while I do believe there may be demonic forces which might have a vampiric effect on the emotions I cannot believe in any physical such thing. But if you can tell me more about yourself I am most grateful because I do believe you Egyptia, every word. I hope you are well and your father is comfortable.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 09:19 AM
reply to post by Egyptia

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to insult you, and I'm not trying to convince everyone else that you are pretending or you made this up. I'm just stating my opinion and as I think it is only fair explaining why. I do feel for you, I have fell prey to paranormal torment as well as fell prey to my own mind. In my personal opinion the human mind is far more malicious than any spirit or inter-dimensional entity I have encountered and it can be extremely difficult to distinguish the difference. In fact it could all be in my head, but I have had the proof I need presented to me and I will not go into detail. I am not here to hi-jack your thread. I do believe in ET's. I don't know if I believe in many of the widely believed ET's how ever. As far as I'm concerned, an Advanced Alien race may have very well come to our planet at one point or another, but for the most part why would they ? We don't send our astronauts thousands if not billions of light years away to a planet we know little about. As much as they are an advanced race, we humans and the planet earth are evolving and changing constantly and can be both predictable at times as well as irrational and unpredictable at others. I would think an Advanced Alien life form would stand to gain far more knowledge from our planet sending unmanned probes the same as we do to study a planet or other large mass in the galaxy. I'm sure with their advanced technology they could send a probe undetected and gather all the samples they need and as far as abductions go. I'm sure they could work out some safe automated way to do that as well, and the study or interaction with said human would be under extremely well controlled conditions for the safety of both ET and Human alike. If an Alien flies it's space craft down over my house, comes down on foot into my house to abduct me. He could encounter so hazards to his well being. What if I wake up and attack him, what if my Dog or cat attacks him. Can I potentially pass on any disease or illness ? What about mold or other fungi that could be in my home ? I would think An Advanced race wouldn't risk it. As well I'm sure he would want me to be completely unaware I was abducted both during and after the abduction to keep the ET something that's regarded as a figment of the human imagination. A giant conspiracy, with many different theories and opinions ranging from scientific to completely insane. Again, if it really did happen I really feel for you and I'm sorry I'm one of the people for you that I hated when I had problems and needed help to deal with them. I personally just need more proof. Any kind of proof, in all the things I've had visit me I have yet to experience anything ET. For the time being may you, rest well and find peace.

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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 01:17 PM
reply to post by FifiLamoreaux

Wow I never said I believe in vampires and actually do not. That was a response to someone who was asking about black blood and the mythological material of one of the origins. Vampires are definitely NOT something I believe in nor ever will. That is fantasy.

I'm sure the goth people will be highly disappointed but the closest version of a blood drinking being are only the evil illuminists/satanists who gorge themselves on the blood of the innocent for their ritual purposes.
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posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by Ilyich

Hi Ilyich, what you say about the mind being the most malicious and deceptive is very true. While going through these experiences there was also the double layer of deceptions because most of the visits had to be sifted through discernment. Nothing is as it seems, so having to wade through the vortex of meeting these strangers in an altered state (except for once when I was walking home from school) and then being told all manner of things because your just a pawn in a game, then struggling with your own mind because of what you went through is truly hellish when your young.

As a child and teenager, I had zero knowledge about any of this because at the time it wasn't a popular topic. In fact, it was simply an unknown. There were times when I was very nearly deceived but even so, there was something that never sat right with me. There were things that did not add up. So the true search began of trying to unravel what was really going on.

In terms of proof, the two implants are not in my possession. One was with the police department in Cullera, Spain and the other with my surgeon in Ontario. Apart from that there are only the marks left on my body and the unexplained growth inside my thoracic along with something that can't be explained in my neck. That is to say according to the MRI it looks like a surgery was performed at the base of my neck even though I have never, ever had one.

I don't think the term alien is accurate in all of this. Or how the world thinks of them as alien. There is a deep deception here that needs to be unveiled. I think the government wants us to believe that they are 'aliens' in the way that they are pushing it. Like the grey for example. That is why your statement is correct in saying that they are advanced enough to send out probes or technology to do the work for them. And yes, I would also think that this world is filled with hazards that they may not be designed to fight off. So the question remains then, what are they really?

I believe this all has to do with the war that has been going on for many thousands of years. I beleive it has to do with the fallen angels and mankind. There is proof of their influence all over the world with just how civilisation sprang all at once with similar landmarks, structures such as the pyramid. The pyramid is their mark in this planet. In my belief we are dealing with the principalities of the air and forces connected to it. There are many reasons why this makes sense in terms of what I experienced. That is not to say that there aren't some of my experiences that perhaps may be something other. More on this later.

However, please share what ever you feel inclined on this thread because no one will think your hijacking anything. It's as much a platform for you and everyone as it is for me, and I'm sure all of us would love to hear your experiences too. This is a place where we can all learn.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by Egyptia

Star and flag for your post, It takes a great deal of courage to tell a story like that, I myself have done so, so I guess we are in the same boat, so to speak. I have had more than my share of the ET experience also, taken way beyond Earth on several occasions, shown other world and other dimensions on world we of humanity "think" we know all about, but don't, and not one of these was what I would call a negative experience, nor was I hurt at all during any of it.

Like you I had a strange blood disorder when I was born, I had a transfusion while still in the womb, the first in the US, according to my Aunts, (1953) and another right after birth, then yet another transfusion directly from my Father so that I might live. I was taken from my Father when my Mother became really scared of him, and what he did for a living, (Naval Intelligence) and discovered that he had "died" in 1992, and the next day his body disappeared from the county morgue, and the same thing happened to his brother, and to my Grandfather when they passed on. I have had visits from my Grandfather, and from my Father, since then, and both filled in a lot of blank spaces in my knowledge about myself.

At 57, I still am guessed at 40, and after having a broken back (3 places) and a broken neck, (2 places) a crushed chest, and various other injuries, I am still walking around, and still quite healthy, to the utter amazement of my doctors. I am still in almost daily contact with the Pleiadian group that is monitoring Earth at this time, but have been contacted by other such groups.

I have to say, it pains me to see how humanity treats their only home, the planet they all live on, and how they pollute and destroy both the Earth, and each other, at most every opportunity and for almost any reason. It also pains me to see how humanity took what certain ET beings taught them and converted into a religion that is wrought with hate for anything not like they are, and how in the Old Days a messenger from the sky was "Divine," and is now "Demonic."

The time for 3rd dimensional Earth is almost over, and some humans will be taken underground by TPTB, some will be taken off by their various people, and some, sad to say, will be recycled. I have been shown this, and I know what some will say, so go ahead and say it if it suits you, but try not to shoot the messenger to bad.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 03:18 PM
reply to post by autowrench

Autowrench, please feel that this thread is a home for people to share as much of their experiences as they feel comfortable doing. I desire for people to write as much as they feel here in this thread. It is important that there is a safe place without condemnation to express and share the things that need to be said and let out. There is a great deal in what you wrote and I would love to reply when I get back from running the errands before I head to see my father.

I for one am very interested in your story and I am sure you will find that many other's in this thread are as well. There are a lot of good people here looking for answers.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by Egyptia

Well, Egyptia I simply did not go into detail, as your experiences with you going into detail listing the various encounters and phenomena involving the ET. I too could very well go into vast detail and long stories involving my own experiences with the paranormal. I have had no, contact with anything ET and as far as this thread goes it would be considered off topic. If you are interested in hearing about my story perhaps I will start my own thread, or post in another already existing paranormal thread. I do have a post in conscious OOBE ... it's real, but for the most part I'm just starting to become involved in ATS. I was not using the word hijack in the sense of trying to terrorize or take over your thread for any sort of destructive means, and I am not trying to heckle or debunk your experiences. ( I do apologize if it comes off as such, I'm just presenting my opinion. Take it as you will, I'm not trying to convince you otherwise.) I'll share a quick story of my own, that tormented me for years as a kid, and later as a teen as I found it was not my imagination playing tricks on me and once again turned my world upside down.

I'll try to be brief, but I'll answer any questions you have. Again, nothing ET but for myself equally life changing.

Okay, so when I was a child I had a few experiences with ghosts and other oogies but there is one in particular that left me deeply disturbed and in a state of great unrest. I used to live in a townhouse complex, nothing special and like many of the kids I played with we all had some monster or boogie man that tortured us. Well, mine happened to live in my attic which conveniently was a 2.5footx2.5foot hole in the ceiling right outside my bedroom door. Every night when my mother would tuck me in to sleep, I would curl up in the fetal position with my arms and feet pulled up to me as tight as I could. Then I would stare, waiting for that awful thing to come torment me. I couldn't help it, I had to watch. After Mom would tuck my brother in to sleep in the room at the end of the hall and go to bed herself this thing would hang down from the attic. The first time was frightening as it would be for any child so I'd scream and my parents would come and try to comfort me. Well it would happen over and over and over every night. Eventually they stopped comforting me and telling me it was nothing or that I was just having bad dreams. I remember at one point I found it almost funny, because this creepy shadow person with red eyes would pop out of the ceiling look at me for a little while and either go away or I'd pass out. As I got older and more or less used to it things got freakier. It would come out of the attic. In the usual fashion I'd get into bed, leave my nightstand light on and curl up to sleep. When tada out comes the shadowy figure. Sometimes it would hang it's head out first then kind of do a turn over and land on the ground. Always jerky always terrifying. Right out of a horror movie. I remember one time it even seemed to descend as if it was riding an upside down elevator, always staring at me. It seemed the more I got used to it, the more it found new ways to terrify me. It would come out and just come in my room, and it would always get closer and closer to me. This terrified me for years and I could never just close the door and hide from it I had to see it. I guess I felt if I didn't I wouldn't know it was coming and that would be scarier. In fact I remember waking up one night and it was at the end of my bed just staring at me, so obviously I screamed and by the time my parents got there it's obviously not going to be there. In fact I think it would either sink into the floor or just shoot into the ceiling. Well this terrified me for years until I reached puberty. I guess at that point I could keep my mind busy, or didn't think of it anymore and as such thought it was just one of those childhood monsters.I think it wasn't until I was 18 or so and I was on my laptop that I came across Shadow people. That I once again became terrified, now I know shadow people are for the most part more annoying than harmful and over the years I've learned there are ways to deal with things like this, but it turned my world upside down to know that it wasn't my imagination. I also had a conversation with my brother at a family gathering and he admitted to seeing something a couple times, but said he just hid under the covers and eventually fell asleep. I know I said I'd keep this brief and I did try, but it's hard to condense something that happened for much of your childhood into one brief description of the events. I had other paranormal experiences too, but as I said before I'm not here to hi-jack. If it helps, you to talk about these things I'm willing to listen. I know it can be easier when someone at least listens to what you have to say.

posted on Aug, 15 2011 @ 10:52 PM
reply to post by Ilyich

Thank you so much for sharing that utterly terrifying and seemingly unending experience Ilyich. I think it falls alongside what this thread is actually dealing with. It is amazing to me how these 'forces' know who is unveiled enough so that they know who they can terrorize.

It was like you were shown a window of some of the powers of darkness that are in this world. The paranormal often share an opening with encounter experiences and I believe both go hand in hand. In my experience the encounters and the paranormal experiences were happening all at the same time.

In terms of the paranormal and even the encounters, it was not just relegated to me but rather my family was also experiencing them. It seems when a door opens and the veil is lifted much comes out of the woodwork.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by Ilyich

Ilyich, could you then or do you still see other ghosts or apparitions? I think they may only see us as light in the darkness and that's why they stare so rudely. They can't seem to cross running water very well and they don't seem to like incense. Sometimes it seems all they want is for you to acknowledge them by just looking at them or something, and then they move on forever.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 01:11 AM
I guess I have taken my boring life for granted. Interesting experiences you've had. Would make for a really good movie.

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posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 02:56 AM
Interesting story, I enjoyed reading it. I have had a strange life with a long history of wierd experiences and contacts with different beings too. There are many thigns about your story that have similarities with mine.

I do want to ask you something, but do not want to be misunderstood as trying to "debunk" or tear apart your narrative! I believe your descriptions of what you experienced, and believe you are being honest!

With my own experiences, however, I remain highly sceptical of what I experienced, no matter how real they seemed (some just as real, or more so, than any given moment of my day) I cannot reject completely the possibility that they are false memories, or implanted ones. As in your case, there were times when people who seemed to be some sort of official government employees walked in and got involved in our lives; very human, it seems......

Some of my family members also having been involved in some secret type of military projects adds some weight to the possibility of their offspring being followed for continuuing study.

So this opens the question to whether these exchanges with other beings and in otherworldy places could be false implanted memories. Or hallucinations that were side effects of certain experiments- like I saw a documentary once on experiments being done with strong EM field being placed around peoples heads, and they began to see thigns and beings no one else could see in the room, which they talked with.....much of their hallucinations were similar or exactly the same as the type of experiences "abductees" describe!

I'll tell you what makes me suspicious of some of these experiences- the "spiritual" elements, which for each of us are highly colored by the predominant religion we grew up around or were exposed to. If you live anywhere in the Western world, it is virtually impossible that you had never (before these incidents) heard of the Bible. My parents tried to shelter me from any religious education or exposure and I still picked up lots of knowledge about Christianity anyway because it is so prelalent in our culture.

Some of my experiences touched on the notion of a "Father", a secret mission of mine which indicated a personage I myself refered to our as "Our King" while in a state of what seemed to be highly conscious of my state of being beyond and before this manifestation.

like I said, these archetypes deeply engraved in my psyche by my experiences in this life and perhaps in the collective. The notion of a Father or King is prevalent throughout human psychology in general, as our super conscious or super ego. A Mother archetype also exists in our psyche, related to physicality and the earth, which becomes a predominant image in some of these experiences too. People from other parts of the world, but with other religions as the predominant ones in their country have similar experiences but with themes more along the lines of those religions.

In other words, if one were to hallucinate (because of mental imbalances provoked or natural occuring) the these types of experiences could be expected and foretold by a psychoanalyst- they are exactly what one would expect given the subjects background and the known elements of the shared human psychology!

I am aware that even from there other possibilities emerge- if exposed to a strong EM field, we might become more aware or conscious of other dimensions or realities that actually exist, not simply hallucinating. But in that case, the religious over tones wouldn't differ from one person to another......unless there are different realities which have different Gods, in which the whole ultimate objectivity of any of them is nullified.

I personally cannot believe in a ultimate being that is male, and personfied, with certain characteristics similar to humans. Such a limited character could not possibly be the Source of All That Is. That is just too small, too powerless, to limited for such an unlimited universe. So I feel very suspicious of such elements as being false memory, or additions my mind added to the experience, perhaps to make it more comprehensible, better able to fit into my conscious grasp of reality.....using the concepts my mind has at it's disposal.

Do you not feel it possible that you could have been decieved in any way? By others or by your own mind?
I can't seem to totally reject that possibility, myself.

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 02:07 PM

Originally posted by FifiLamoreaux
reply to post by Ilyich

Ilyich, could you then or do you still see other ghosts or apparitions? I think they may only see us as light in the darkness and that's why they stare so rudely. They can't seem to cross running water very well and they don't seem to like incense. Sometimes it seems all they want is for you to acknowledge them by just looking at them or something, and then they move on forever.

I did and still do see ghosts and other apparitions. I agree, that they are drawn to our energy. I can't say for sure that they can only see us as a light. I feel if you leave yourself open and unprotected they can see you more clearly. In all the experiences I had as a child I felt I was their victim when I have learned it's really quite the opposite. If I or anyone projects energy, all sorts of spirits and other entities are drawn to that energy. Exactly as you said a shining light in the dark. If you protect yourself by surrounding yourself in positive loving energy most often you will bring the likes to your self. If you are negative and dark, as well negative dark bodies are attracted to you. If you don't want anything to bother you, you have to practice blocking or containing your own energy so you don't shine so brightly as you put it

. As far as running water goes I have heard that before but I don't know for sure if it works or how I could use it to my advantage. Some spirits do seem to dislike some incense, but others are drawn to some as well. I use Sea or other Earth salts as well as crystals cleansed in spring water and or moonlight for some of these purposes as well. My current bedroom has both salt and small polished Amethyst crystals that have been cleansed for making barriers. I quite literally sprinkle them in a line along my windowsill and in the corners of my room while asking my guides and guardians to watch over me and keep this space clean and pure. I also find that another great tool for warding off anything unwanted is smudging with a sage bundle.

When I became a teenager my mother explained to me that certain dark things used to bother her when she was a child and in an effort to save my sanity with held this from me, and herself made attempts to ward off my shadow person. However there is only so much she could do for me, if I'm attracting the spirits. As I grew older both my mother and myself started studying and learning as much as we could about spirits, crystals, Magick, herbs and started learning how to block and use our energy.

I have had some other ghosts that simply wanted to be recognized or heard and when I did just that, they did move on. The house, before the place I'm living now. I had lived with my parents. Behind our house was a forest, and we had all sorts of spirits and other visitors that came through. In the time we lived in the house we probably had close to 20 different interactions as well as countless other disturbances that we never found an answer for. My mother has a friend named Alita who is more psychic that either of us, who tried to come and explain why we had so many, and she said that my mother and myself needed to block more and it was us who were drawing in the spirits. At another date, my Aunt came to our house and completely on accident channeled one of the spirits that was in the house. We didn't figure it out until she, released the spirit and told us herself that she had been shown all sorts of things about that spirits life and that the spirit had told her that there was a sort of gate way in the woods, near our home. She however did not remember any of the conversation we had with her while the spirit was speaking through her.

I hope I answered your question and I know I kind of ran on for quite some time here. I like to talk about these things and I have a very limited group of people I can share this with

posted on Aug, 16 2011 @ 03:24 PM
reply to post by Bluesma

Bluesma that is something that I have deeply pondered as a very real possibility. Although it would not explain all of them, it serves as a possibility that I have not ruled out. Clearly, I was manipulated like a pawn for most of the experiences but upon that discovery things never went the way 'they' wanted and what became clear was their frustration.

I often wondered about the military showing up in some of these experiences because it seemed to be so distinct from the visitations. Until you think about it, then it makes sense. The fact that I have had 2 implants removed also makes me wonder about being implanted. However, there was a greater power at work here too which ties into the very first memory just prior to being born. I believe this sets the stage for truth and much of what happened after that may be a powerplay to simply make me a pawn, like millions of others.

It is a difficult thing to distinguish between implanted memories and actual experiences. So here is where it gets weird. At the age of 11 I had an experience with reptilian men that I could not have possibly procured out of my own imagination. The fact that years later many people were coming forward about such beings left me speechless.

These meetings with such creatures became a part of my nightly routine for a few years which utterly freaked me out. Next post I will explain what these reptilians showed me and told me.

I agree it is disturbing trying to differentiate between something that is implanted and something that is not. I do believe that there may be a bit of everything happening. Herein the forces are all fighting and the person is in the centre of a great unknown.

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posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 12:21 AM
Thanks Ilyich, I love your in-depth discussions and you too Egyptia. It's impossible to talk about some things with people who don't experience them, especially damaged people who then try to use your secrets to hurt you, and we have seen that happen. We're always a bit anxious about really damaged people or institutions because we know they've got some of us, using for dark work. Sometimes it's hard to keep the shields up all the time. Yes, crystals are great! But sometimes it's so lonely.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 12:48 PM

Originally posted by FifiLamoreaux
Thanks Ilyich, I love your in-depth discussions and you too Egyptia. It's impossible to talk about some things with people who don't experience them, especially damaged people who then try to use your secrets to hurt you, and we have seen that happen. We're always a bit anxious about really damaged people or institutions because we know they've got some of us, using for dark work. Sometimes it's hard to keep the shields up all the time. Yes, crystals are great! But sometimes it's so lonely.

You're so very welcome, I'm always happy to share with anyone who asks.
It makes me happy to meet others who believe and share similar experiences. It's hard sometimes, because many of us who have had experiences with the paranormal either don't believe them, themselves or are too scared to come out with it because we are afraid of what others will think. I've also had experiences with people who tell me they have had similar experiences to get closer to me and try to get close to me for some alternative motive. Crystals, are both my mothers and my own favourite as well, second by sage and sea salt. I find the best thing with crystals is they are re-usable. You can charge a crystal with your own energy for one purpose, then if you want to use that crystal for something else, you can cleanse it and recharge it for a different purpose! Like personal energy batteries with so many uses

It can be extremely exhausting to keep your shields up all the time, and by all means I do not suggest learning to block permanently. My mother, my aunt, my grandmother and myself all have the gift so to speak, and we all experience paranormal encounters. My Grandmother is extremely christian and absolutely does not believe in any of this. She has learned through denial and faith to completely block most entities, now and then she does have a moment but she blows it off as hogswallow and carries on with out giving it a second thought. She, is likely now to have just as difficult a time as anyone else to learn how to use the powers every human has. Some of us are just born more awake than others
and have a head start. I think those of us who are, should teach those who are ignoring these things.

I agree, it can be very lonely. When I'm depressed and lonely, I tend to project the most energy and when I do I get all sorts of things. Shadows, lights, animals and monsters all sorts of beings from this dimension and beyond. We have to be careful what kind of energy we project especially if we are feeling low or weak. There is nothing wrong with feeling blue, we just have to try to remember to block or surround ourselves in positive white light when we are. When I'm down I ask my mother to help me with this as I may not feel the strength to do so.

As for visitors We absolutely do not mind, we just try to make sure they come on their own free will and as long as they are here with a pure heart and no negative intentions they can stay as long as they like. Quite often it can be a humble experience and I have learned a lot about myself and my past from these visitors.

However when I'm down, dark things come and try to feed on me. They try to keep me in a deeply depressed state and absorb my energy, wearing me down. I have had three experiences we have known of, that a dark entity has latched on to me and drained my energy which gave me symptoms of a bad head cold. I was congested, my voice was raspy my nose ran constantly and I always had a chill. I also had a feeling of pressure in my head, and a dizzyness along with extreme lethargy, I mostly wanted to sleep. For those that will say I was just sick.I went to the Doctor as this kind of sounded like it could be a few nasty bugs that got out of hand. The Doctor would order blood tests, as well as do a swab of my nose and throat for culture testing in case it was bacterial, viral, or fungal. For the most part he never had a clue and would prescribe me different anti-biotics and tell me to get some rest drink lots of fluids. Nothing the Doctor did ever helped, and Alita was the one who identified the culprit in the first attack. This one is kind of interesting so I will give some back story.

I was in a horribly abusive relationship, and in fact all three instances of psychic Vampirism took place while I was in this relationship, but this is the first and worst account. It was December, and at my place of work for the Winter season stock and inventory staff works graveyards. After the first two weeks, when I got used to the sleep and work schedule I started to fight with my lover, like full on screaming matches where walls got holes and objects were thrown. I wasn't giving her the attention she wanted with her schooling and my work schedule as well as the fact I was with the most demanding and unreasonable person in the world. She was a very emotionally damaged girl, with the scars to prove it. I tend to be attracted to these types for some reason. I don't know why, I guess I think I can help them. I've learned this isn't so, but back to the story. She seemingly understood that I needed my sleep, and that it was impossible for me to get off work at 6:30 am, drive her the 30 mins to school, then 30 minutes home, to then eat shower, go to bed then get up for 10:30 to pick her up at 11. To hang out with her, then take her back for her afternoon class go home sleep then be back to pick her up hang out have dinner get ready for work and be able to survive my 8hr shift. Especially considering I may have to work some overtime and not be able to take her to school in the morning. Well, I couldn't be more wrong. I didn't have a loving caring understanding partner, I had a selfish immature lying partner. Who when I was working to support myself and her she went elsewhere for her attention, oh while still making sure she saw me when she could. When I would go to work, she would go party and sleep with who ever was willing. Then when I was home do the same with me. I found out through a mutual friend and tried to ask if everything was okay or if anything I should know she would assure me everything is fine, she just misses me and maybe I'm just crazy from lack of sleep. Of course I couldn't accuse her because it was here say from someone who already disliked my partner, so I stopped sleeping with her, and hung out with her less and a couple weeks later she comes over all smiles and tells me she's pregnant. Oh boy, I'm working to support us while she's in school and now this ? Needless to say I went into a very deep dark place. My unfaithfull abusive partner who I pay for and do everything for is pregnant and it may not be my child. I later find out from another of her friends that she has been saying she thinks it isn't even mine, yet my partner tells me it is. Even further into the black stinking hole. Well, something answers my cries. Something very very dark. I start to get sick, I go to the doctor and he has no clue, tests tests test, still nothing. He prescribes me some anti biotics and give me the usual spiel. A week later I'm still quite ill, I've lost all my colour and I'm getting really weak. I sleep 14 hrs of my day, and eat as much as I can but I've still lost 5 pounds. The doctor prescribes me a different antibiotic and orders more blood tests and does a swab of my nose and throat. I go home, and my mother calls and asks if she can come over. I say of course, and 15mins later her and Alita are at the door. I let them in, and the moment both of them come in they look extremely distressed. My mother talks with me, and offers me Reiki, I accept. We talk some more, I tell her what's been going on. She Gives me the usual motherly Lecture, and of course as many of us who have been in abusive relationships I try to find a reason to defend her, try to justify her actions. Alita, comes back from my bedroom and has a very concerned look on her face. She asks me why I'm so sick, and I try to explain my situation with out giving her too much. She asks me if I've been protecting myself, and I say no I was young and naive. She explains to me I need to start protecting myself and being more positive, that I need to remove the negativity from myself and my home. She starts to explain that with my depression and negativity I have called to something Dark and it answered. That it is feeding on my energy and my negativity is making it stronger. If I remain so negative it will never leave, and I will stay sick. Well, this sounds like an absolutely impossible task with what is going on in my life, but I give it a shot. As I sit with these lovely women, and we talk and be positive I actually start to feel a little bit better. Maybe it was just being with mom, but that's love and that's white positive energy. After they leave, I go on my computer and find anything funny to watch or read. I feel better than I ever have, I talk to old friends on the computer anything I can do to bring my spirits up. I put the disgusting Girlfriend out of my mind, I try to find the good in absolutely anything and over the next week I get my colour back, I lose the chill and eventually make a full turn around. This was actually the very experience that made me an optimist! I learned to find the good in everything and it has served me better than any other tool to ward off dark things. Being positive and surrounding ourselves in positive loving white light is better than anything else to ward off dark or evil entities. There is a lot more to this story but this was the best I could explain it without running out of room haha.

Psychic Vampirism: is when another entity saps or thrives on the energy of another.

People, animals, spirits and other entities can do this. I have in fact done this to my own mother with out knowing it. I find Empaths are both the most vulnerable and talented at this trait. It can be useful for some things. I can't remember what they call it but this is useful in reading an objects past. I'll give an example if you come across an old book or say a great grandmothers ring and you pick it up and upon touching it you can recall events or even say your grandmothers smell or you picture her in your head. I don't remember the name for this psychic ability but I find if you can do this you can drain or gather energy from a person place or thing.

I hope all of you enjoy this story
and maybe it will help someone else if they experience something similar, and I did see the parasitic entity once and it appeared to me as a dark shadowy mass about 5 feet tall. it had no distinguishable features. I did have horrible nightmares through out it's stay, but I can't say if I ever saw it in those dreams. It didn't want me to know it was there.

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Fifiliamoureaux your very right. It is possible that those of us 'super sensitives' feel a depth of loneliness because of it's connection to everything we are picking up on? All the highstrangeness, the pain and suffering of a world and our abilitiy to pick up more than what people reveal? I have often wondered this.

I find that to counter balance this, I require more sleep than the average 8 hours. In fact if I kept to the 8 hour, I wouldn't be able to function very well. The amount of sleep I get recharges my batteries. It is a type of recouping and regeneration.

Ilyich when reading your post and the part about dark entities latching onto you, I remembered when I was very young something that terrified me. One morning I awoke got dressed and made my way outside, only to discover that everywhere I looked, I saw what I called "monsters" attached to almost everyone. I thought everyone could see what I could see because it was physical just like looking at the people. There wasn't any haze or spirit like quality. They were literally as physical to my eyes as everything around me.

I could hear their noises and see them defecating, urinating, salivating and puking on their hosts. It was a sight from hell and I ran home screaming and crying. There was a blackness around them, as though no light touched them. Their noises sounded monstrous and sickening. Upon looking all around me before running away, I disovered that it seemed that people were completely unaware that they had demons attached to their bodies.
I got close to a couple of the adults and I could hear these creatures whispering foul things to them, terrible things. Every essence oozing from their bodies was like a toxin, a poison and it seemed that the host/people were completely unaware of it all. This utterly amazed me.

It was truly horrifying and I remember having this experience a few times off and on. As I looked around me there were only a couple of people who did not have these creatures attached to them. What I saw when I looked at them was this light emenating from them. A yellow white light and I knew my first lesson of good and evil. I just didn't know at that age what it meant, what it was or what was going on in this world. These things I would learn in time but I knew that what I saw was real.

It wasn't until many, many years later that I read a book that detailed my experiences and learned spiritual warfare. This is one example of seeing something that I didn't understand, only to discover that it was a part of my knowledge base in order to learn how to really fight the war that is going on in this world.

Thank you for all that you share.

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Your not going to leave us hanging are you? Please finish the story for us.

posted on Aug, 17 2011 @ 08:30 PM
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Thanks for your story. I fully believe you and your experiences. I too have seen a shadow person and still can't wrap my head around their existence in my friends house. He too has confirmed he has seen strange shadow people but has dismissed them as any "sane" person can.

I don't want to hijack this very good thread OP but I'd like to share my "vampire" spirit video with you and have you comment on whether you have seen this type before.

I think these stories and threads help make some sense to our crazy events and provide a good forum to freely discuses the social taboo that is this unseen world to most.


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