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Encounters For Real

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 12:35 PM
Egyptia - all I can say is that what you have experienced and how your explanations are brought to light, fit right into what I understand to be going on around here.

I have a variation with my story, but there are too many things that are so similar, what you are saying helps to clarify what I am working to piece together. ... byw... thanks for the info.

I do not see too many people shreading your story. That could be because there is too much familliarity and/or truth to this.

I have seen frightened doctors examening me. Things that defy explanation are a commonplace occurance in my life.

I have met some of the council. I have a guide to assist me (keep me safe) because I requested this from God many years ago. I understood about the conflict and the need for protection.

The times I have gotten into trouble are when I tried to do it on my own.

The world needs to wake up.

I do have a connection with what you have written.

If we all search our memories, I am sure we will begin to question the status quoe on Earth.

I also understand things will be taken to the brink here on Earth. That is the point when we will be willing to accept this reality and exercise our free will, to reject the negative factions.

How ironic .... exercise our free will to exorcise our deamons and bring in a new order of living.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 12:39 PM
reply to post by Egyptia
Hi Egyptia

I don't think anyone knows for sure exactly "who" the 24 elders are according to my research on the subject. Some say they are or will be 24 redeemed people, others say they are angelic beings. Some say they are in the throne room of G-d now, others say they will not enter the throne room until the endtimes. Some say the endtimes are now, some say the endtimes have not begun. But......and this is major imo,

You said that they were in white clothing, robes of a sort which matches their description from the Bible and;

you said they offered praise to G-d which is also described in the Bible, and;

the ornate chairs could be considered thrones of a bygone era which would match what is described in the Bible and;

they told you to persevere and to have faith which is in keeping with the "redeemed" and their experiences on this planet, they're literally speaking from experience.

So over-all I say yes, you did meet with the biblical 24 Elders and yes, it matches what the visitors told me about them. I find it interesting that the vatican announced that other life in the universe was also part of G-d's creation. Hmmmmm....... I could write plenty about this connection,

Thank you so much for sharing this experience with us it has given me much to think on and I'll continue to research this subject further,


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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 01:18 PM
Well, I can relate to the strange medical problems and terrified doctors for sure.

One experience I recall was waking up une day thinking I had a broken leg because it was in so much was new years day, 2001.

later on that day, it felt like both legs were broken, and then my whole body eventually.

I had some friends take my temperature, and it was 107.

they imediatly took me to the hospital, and even though I was not complaining (something also they thought of as strange) and acting all dramatic like the other people in the emergency room, when I got there, it was like they were expecting me, and rushed me in past people who I thought looked, and sounded way worse off than me, but I figured a 107 temperature was pretty harsh.

then even weirder, without doing any test of any kind, all the docotr did was come in and give me a blue pill, just ONE, andthen told me I must have had some carribean flu....

My friends and I were baffled. How would they know that woth NO tests, and NO examinations of ANY kind. HOW?

Then, I went home, and was alseeep for nearly 4 months. NO family was concerned or came to visit, none of them called or seemed to care. My friends that helped me to get to the hospital were the only ones who visited, and fed me once every few days.

This whole 4 months I never got up to use the bathroom or anything, my rent was somehow paid, and my room was not dirty and sis not smell etc....

When I finally "woke up" one day, no one had anything to tell me about how my rent was paid, how I never got up to use the bathroom except the one time My friend took me a few days after they dropped me off etc....

In the 4 months all I lost were 10 pounds. When I woke up I h=pulled out all of my my eyebrow hairs for some strange reason, and no one commented on it or found it odd either....

No one seemd sorry they didn't visit, no one even awknowleges in my family that I was completely OUT basically in a coma for 4 months by MYSLEF with no help or supervision except my friends who took me to emergency a few times....

these things make you really think you have a bad family that dosen't care etc...

Then, fast forward to a few years ago.... I had nemonia for the upteenth time.

I was starting to choke on my own mucus and practically drown.

My ex boyfriend had to call my mom and finally SCREAM at her to take me to the hospital, as he was out of town and I was as allways alone taking care of my son, so neede to get better ASAP to take proper care of him.

Same weird thing.... we get there, docotors looking terrified, and wispering about me already..... NO tests, just a respirator for half an hour, and a blue pill they made me take in front of them.

the weirdest part is NO testing, followed by a pill (how would they know what to give me without tests) and the sheer look of terror and almost hatred from the "get her the &^%$ out of here looks..

Same with my mother. She can't WAIT to drop me off and get away....

No concern for helping me out, no concern for helping me watch my son..YET my son and I were well taken care of by ME apparently.

What I don't understand is, why will they threated to kill, or KILL say the nurse that dissapeared or other "witnesses", but they are so adament about keeping US it the information we have?

Is it because it is true that they are our REAL parents and do want us alive?

Wouldn't it be easier to hide US the evidence instead of making the nurse go "missing" come she goes missing but not US???

that is where I am confused.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 01:34 PM

Originally posted by Egyptia
reply to post by amongus

When I say I'm done with all this, I mean I am done with having more experiences and living like that. I will be spending the rest of my life trying to make sense of it all but the last thing I want is to have more experiences and relive it all again and have more to spend my life figuring out.

But I do feel like I have wasted years already, yet something still drives me to know more or know anything. I just can't and do not want a repeat of it all.

Thank you for your reply. I understand what you meant now, and I certainly didn't mean any disrespect. I have been glued to this thread since its inception and look forward to all you have to share. It's the most intriguing one in a while. I didn't realize you posted this in the gray area, as I normally just browse the "recent posts" section. . so I realize now you aren't required to provide any proof of your claims.

However, do you care to share what year and what hospital your experience took place? Please feel free to U2U me.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 02:47 PM
Now that I have read the rest of the thread I see many more patterns and things in common...especially the NOT feeling worthy, but being shown such love instead....

I still feel soooooo unworthy...there are tears in my eyes as I type this.

I was soooo innocent and pure, and then failed many tests, but it was almost like I was FORCED to fail the tests to get me to stop judging others like that.

I now know that I MUST repent and turn back around to who I was before, which I am trying to do.....but I also feel loved inspite of myself...

I know now that we have to stay true insopite of all abuse and slander and things put against us.....for a while I was reflecting all of their behavior to try to get them to see and learn from that... I realised that was wrong and just adding to the problem, and that I have to just stay true and integral etc.....

I will add more in a bit...there is so much like about the environment and permaculture etc that is just all for LATER on, and AFTER this stuff is dealt with...that si what I am so looing forward too, yet I realize that for now it is about the pricniples we are dealing with..the restoration project, while close, is the NEXT step......

Such an honor to prepare for, and soooo awaited etc..

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 09:21 PM
reply to post by RokNinja

When I asked where this heaven was, I was told it was the one closest to earth. I didn't see the other heavens but when I arrived to this one particular heaven that is closest to the earth, it looked like a planet or a world.

I did see huge ships while we travelled to this heaven however, they were just sitting in space, not moving really. Like they were stationed there. But I'm not sure how it all works. But I can say that the ships that I saw stationed were enormous. I looked at them and couldn't fathom it all. They were truly enormous and I wondered if they housed full armies inside.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 09:49 PM
reply to post by mellisamouse

Mellisamouse, it appears when this occurs in our lives, the people around us just shut off, like they have been manipulated and don't even know it. This has happened so often that I began to accept it. When suddenly one day, my neighbours son came to speak to me.

Here was my neighbour who's father was a secret service man for the government. In one of their bedrooms you could see from my window a telescope pointed always at my window.

The son came to me and spoke to me once only. He said that if they ever found out he came to me, I would notice that he was no longer around. He told me that all my neighbours were appointed and everyone of them were in the military secret service. Well, that I knew to be true. I always thought it was a bit strange but never thought it had to do with me.

The son proceeded to tell me that I was being watched and that I should go far away for my own sake. He said he couldn't tell me anymore because he was afraid. The entire time he was nervous and very afraid.

As usual I didn't have a clue as to what was going on. It just made me feel more weird and more afraid. There were no conclusive answers just more things to make me even more afraid.

Many people can't understand the lives we have lived. I don't blame them. I wouldn't either if it didn't happen to me. But in the end we don't have answers. Just more questions.

I have worked very hard for a normal life. It has been good for 10 years now. I can only hope that this doesn't change. My fear is that one day a black car will show up , or a space vehicle and they will tell us "it's time"....if you know what I mean.

I actually have this fear you know. It's completely weird and bizarre that it's even in my head.

The blue pill, the people closest to you that seem turned off and a strange unconsciousness in the people around you while you are in the midst of peril.

It seems to be how they work. I don't understand the technology that they must have to make this possible but then again, we have seen much that we don't understand.

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posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 11:21 PM
reply to post by Egyptia

Wow. Just realizing how much someone else "gets it' helps a lot....

I have a ton more to add, but have company over, so I will elaborate tomorrow.....

Thanks again!

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 01:21 AM
I find it very interesting that almost EVERY thread like this gets picked to shreds by everyone. This one is the exception.

Is there anyone else that had a situation like this?

Also, has there ever been any officially documented cases of people having "black blood"?

I've been doing some digging, and hope to have some answers.

Great thread. .

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 11:44 AM
I have been searching but can't find anything on the black blood....

I do know this, if we ARE hybrids, that would mabey explain things like the extra DNA activated etc.....

It would also explain that our parents (if they hypothetically were/are) do love us enough to want us to LIVE and not just let the human doctors try to handle something they couldn't right?

I also wonder how many of us were "adopted" or "C-sections" becuase if we were hybrids it would be a lot easier to fake by adopting us out, or by sneaking us out by C-secton instead etc...

JUST a personal theory.... I have NO stats on that one yet at

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by mellisamouse

Is it possible that 'they' can place a fetus of a hybrid using the mother's dna as well so that we appear to be legitimately our parents offspring?

My mother always used to tell me that I wasn't her child. That she was not my mother. This she told me since I was a child.

As for the black blood, I have never met anyone who had that happen to them. I know when I was in the hospital the doctor's couldn't even put me on I.V. because they had no idea of the effects it would have on me, due to the fact that according to their own word's my blood was 'alien'. After one year it eventually returned to normal or at least in appearance.

The other thing is that I couldn't eat human food or my mother's milk. My body rejected it in a way that appeared to me killing me. So the doctor's concocted a special diet of nutrients that I was fed for the first 4 years of my life. This diet was made by the hospital and the ingredients were unknown. My mother told me that it was horrible smelling and very strange stuff. She didn't know what it was.

Eventually bit by bit, my body began to be able to metabolize food. It took 4 to 5 years.

The only thing that I can think of with the black blood incident is that something went really wrong inside me. But it's all a guess without any answers.

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 03:13 PM

Originally posted by amongus
I find it very interesting that almost EVERY thread like this gets picked to shreds by everyone. This one is the exception.

Is there anyone else that had a situation like this?

I have been wondering that as well and would have absolutely expected that. This pretty much covers every area of disbelief on account of the fact that unless one lived through it, there is no way someone could just believe it.

So I accept people's criticism and fully understand it. I myself go through periods of denial just because for a time it's easier.

But it is strange indeed and a good observation. I haven't a clue as to why that would be?

posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 03:51 PM
yeah, kinda neat...almost feels like the same thing as the hospital extra help in an odd I know I am at a point where I NEED to be talking to others like this..... it is VERY theraputic for me......

I was remebering a few other things.... I can't be knocked out for long....I wake up and blow tubes out of my nose for example, when they tried to take out my tonsils...kept waking up and freaking them out.....same with wisdom teeth etc...

Finally got to a point where they had to just numb it and give me laughing gas so I would feel okay about what they were doing and not be creeped right I requested a cranked up walkman because the crunching sounds were soooo gross and creepy too!

I feel do a lot of protection or invisible love latley...

I WAS adopted, BUT my whole family, from day one made sure as heck I knew I wasn't theres at ALL...... kinda mean it I allways thought, "well WHY did you ADOPT a child if I am soooo unwanted by you all???"

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posted on Jul, 14 2009 @ 07:00 PM

Originally posted by Egyptia

My mother always used to tell me that I wasn't her child. That she was not my mother. This she told me since I was a child.

and my parents told me they found me in a tree on a Olympic mountain above sarajevo

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 12:33 AM
reply to post by Egyptia

Hi again Egyptia, My council is of God. There were not 24 of them however, it was more like 12 although I didnt actually count them. The Toga/greek looking robes were a sand color and very plain. They were all older men and some were bald or had bald on top with hair on the sides. The look in their eyes was soft like you might think santa clause might have, but like a really kind old man. Ok like the eyes of that actor named Hume Cronin. Anyway the main thing , of the many things I was told was how souls came into being. It seems God wanted to create us of himself but yet give us free agency to return to him. In order to do this , The I AM had to split. The half split from the I AM ,...The I AM NOT half then "burst" into souls, as many as grains of the sand. Each soul has a soul name known only to God and it is this soul name that is recored into the akashic records. No matter how many incarnations we have, we have only one soul. This is very complicated. The Earth is a "seed planet". There have been 4 distinct super intelligent races of humankind on the earth before. Each destroying themselves. Egyptia I know this sounds like rambleing but never have i ever spoken to more than 3 people about The Council in my life until now. Who would believe me? I live in southern ohio and have the ability to "Feel" the vibrations in the tunnels below. Whose going to believe that??? I wouldnt if somebody told me that.I know satan is the master of lies. When I told you before about my vision and the pendelum, I know what I saw. It was real. I just rely on my faith knowing I could be decieved possibly. If you have any vibes on this matter tell me please. Magantice

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 02:33 AM
reply to post by Magantice

There have been 4 distinct super intelligent races of humankind on the earth before. Each destroying themselves.

know that is ever intereseting. how much did they tell you of this? because the greek creation myth says this as well, (Depending on what version you get, they say there were 3-5 races before us.)

the version i'm familiar with says that the first was made of gold and were peaceful and happy, however this race mysteriously disapeared (some versions say they were so peaceful they never woke from thier first sleep).
the second race was one of silver and was extremly vain and defiant they went against the gods and were smote for it. they third was of bronze and extremly violent and they all killed each other. the fourth was a race of iron and they were harsh, greedy and treacherous. the last race of men (us) was made of clay and had all the qualities of the previous ones.

did what they tell you sound anything like that?

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 06:43 AM
I certainly believe that the human race should never be so arrogant to believe that we are the only beings in the universe, after all, we share this planet with many wonderful and varied species of creatures, so why not out there, beyond in the stars?

I also would not be surprised if shadowy governments are using people as test subjects, as if the world was somehow some giant science Labatory, the population the guinea pigs, and government agencies and private corporations and etc the scientists experimenting on their guinea pigs.

These same governments quite happily send people off to war to kill each other, so the thought of these governments and corporations using people like guinea pigs is certainly not implausible if they can get away with it.

The television series 'Fringe' alludes to this.

Can I just say that in regards to Egyptia posting about an operation to correct a nasal and forehead fracture where something was removed from their nose, this sounds like what occurs with lots of babies when they are born in that their nose is accidentally broken by the midwife or doctor when they are taking the baby out of the mother.

I always used to have hard trouble breathing through one of my nostrils, and it transpired that I had a bone in it that broke off when I was born, caused by the midwife or doctor's accidental rough handling as I was being pulled out! Apparently according to the doctors it's very, very common and many people go through life without noticing.

I had an operation to have the bone 'chipped off' in my nostril, ( I had nosebleeds for ages after) and what you said about what you had removed from your nose reminds me of what happened to me.

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posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 07:39 AM
reply to post by RokNinja

No RocNinja they didnt say anything like that reguarding the previous eras of mankind. What they did show me was that people could levitate, and that lazers and crystals were the sorces of power as well as destruction. one race just upped and left.

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 07:56 AM
To the previous Posters,

Remember I HAVE NOT ever met an alien or even seen a UFO. My meeting with "The Council" began in a near death experience 34 yrs ago.
My younger brother however was taken. Its weird how the family doesnt talk about it anymore. He and I occasionally discuss it but he seems to want to avoid it so I dont press it. I was drawn to ATS not long ago. My main feelings are why does "The Council" show me things? I am nobody. I dont even think I have the intelligence to grasp most of what Im shown. Maybe Im not even in the right thread here, but my desire is to meet others who know "The Council". Thank you, Magantice

posted on Jul, 15 2009 @ 08:28 AM
reply to post by Magantice

when you saw the council were the members all male? or were there women there to?

acording to greek myth there was a council of tweleve gods that watched over and ruled the earth. i believe that the ancient greek myth hold a lot more truth than they are recognised for, purhapse the ancients knew more than most people thought they did.

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