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Weird photo fron Finland

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:50 PM
I think that's where baby penguins come from.

..or is it, where they go to?

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:52 PM
Plus, I hate having to 'debunk' Internos, because I usually agree with him and his material, but I feel inclined to state the reasons I didn't think it was a snowflake, even before seeing the whole pic.

1. No symmetry. Even if this was a snowflake that was mauled by the propeller, it does not appear to have ever been symmetrical. That is not to say that such disfiguring would be impossible, just unlikely. I spent some time trying to find a similar photo of a snowflake, with no luck.

2. If that really was a snowflake, close enough to the camera to take up that much space in the pic (even in the whole pic), I find it extremely unlikely that it would be in such pristine focus. At that altitude, the airstream and turbulence from the propeller would cause an object that size to be a blurry streak. Again, not impossible, just unlikely.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 01:03 PM

Originally posted by Belsepub
Local pilot was flying over it and took the picture.

Ok, help me out here please.

So that picture is supposed to taken from the air, looking down on the ground?

I totally thought it was a picture of a wall, with a little border of scrubby plants around the bottom of the wall, and a sidewalk in front of the plants.

Trying to see it as an aerial view makes my head hurt.

Either way, it really doesnt look like a snow flake at all.

When I assumed it was a wall, I was thinking perhaps a bullet hole cracking plaster, and that maybe moisture was in the cracks making them look darker than the rest of the wall.

From the air I have no guess at all.

Edit- nevermind. I should have read further to the second pic.

[edit on 26-3-2009 by Illusionsaregrander]

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 01:06 PM
reply to post by PsykoOps

Thanks for posting this, NOW I can see it as an aerial photo.

Perspective really matters.

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