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The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report(how every state could afford to PAY you to go to college.)

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 05:11 AM
I think there might already be a thread about this somewhere, if so apologies. However, this is sooo important to know and speak out about.

It explains where all the money really goes, how we the people foot 100% of the bill, and how the budget reports that governments(state, local, and federal), differ in what they give to the public, and the real reports that no one sees, and most media stations are not allowed to disclose.

The shell game in simple analogy that has been played out by government per the CAFR vs. The Budget is as follows: If you have a basket of 40 apples and a basket of 200 oranges, if you audit the basket of apples you will find 40 apples and then government implies "an audit of the fruit basket shows 40 apples, look no oranges!"

Here's the link. You can watch it on Google video as well.

The Biggest Game In Town

I'll warn you it is hard to get into at first. But easily the most important information I have EVER learned about the financial world.


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