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How The World Financial Crisis Will Be Solved

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:49 AM
I make no claim that it is in any way the best solution, rather, it is the best, yet the worst, and it will be implemented in a very short amount of time.

What are the greatest problems in the world today? Is it the greed of those who are under free reign to earn as much money as they can at any cost? Or perhaps it's the reign of terror by those in charge over those who are less fortunate.

Maybe it's the ever increasing crime all over the world. Perhaps it's the ruining of the environment from the ever growing population.

So, what ever you think is the main cause of the current problem, there are numerous other problems that need to be addressed as well.

As I said, this plan was posited thousands of years ago, and is by no means my own. I have simply shown how this will work, and you will be shocked to see just how "perfect" this plan is.

The main cause of the current financial crisis is this -

Some very wealthy people/companies who are connected to other wealthy people /companies by a world wide network, thought it ok to sell packages of unpaid loans to whoever would buy them, by marketing them as very high grade loans, or triple AAA rated, even though they knew that the loans were made to thousands with very questionable ability to ever pay them back.

When the money started rolling in, it was party time all over the world. This went on for several years even though some in the very system doing this knew it could not last, and would eventually come crashing down.

Other risks were also taken by allowing legally binding contracts or CDS insurance policies to be taken out on these very same questionable policies.

The CDS is essentially a bet that the loans, or at least most of them, will be paid back, and the company that sells the CDS gets a small amount of money, say 1%-5% of what the total package of loans are worth every year from the person who has the policy to cover the ENTIRE value of those loans.

So, if the times are good, and people can pay their mortgages, then no harm. But what started to happen was that the times started to get lean, and many people for whatever reasons started to default on paying their loan back. Now the companies who had sold the CDS insurance policies started to realize that perhaps this was not such a good idea. Now with so many packages of loans becoming worthless since people were defaulting, the insurance or CDS covering those defaults had to pay off to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars.

And it all rolled downhill from there.

So here is the plan to ensure it never happens again.

The main cause of the problems in the world today is the isolationism of people and countries. This is due to a myriad of reasons, different culture, different religions, dictators, different social systems, different economic philosophies, etc.

Usually, the strongest nation both financially and militarily, is the one that sustains most of the other lesser nations as in this current situation. But what happens if the strong nation suddenly suffers a catastrophe, or a period of financial collapse. The currency of that nation suddenly becomes less valuable, and other nations who were buying "assets" or investing in that nation are now worried that the great reign is coming to an end.

They would probably try to dump every bit of that nations currency to save their own economy, and who could blame them?

So, now this is what we have going on. The other industrialized nations who were formerly all too happy to invest in that great nation, are now having second thoughts about investing further in that nation, and all those notes they hold both in hard currency and future promissory notes are in jeopardy of losing value in ever increasing increments.

On top of that, the other nations are also having the same problems because after all, the financial institutions are all interconnected by the reserve status of that nations currency. And, as they were not as developed, or didn't produce nearly as much gross domestic product as that formerly strong nation, they are having an even tougher time than the strong nation.

So it all is like an avalanche that starts at the top and gains momentum as it sweeps downward.

Now you see the problem that the world faces, and this is how it is written it will seem to be solved.

The tough economic times will increase in severity. Unemployment will be wide spread. Crime and civil unrest/terrorism will increase to levels that have never been seen. On top of that, diseases will multiply as the world enters this period of unrest. Nations who were former trading partners will be looking for any way out of this crisis, and will look toward gaining the advantage any way they can, even if it means going to war with a former ally.

It will get so bad, that something totally new will need to be created to try and stem the implosion of the human race.

Then it will happen. A new leader will arise that will have the answers the world has been waiting for.

He will seemingly pull the world out of this terrible time by pushing the virtues and benefits of a global brotherhood. Because the times will be so tough, even nations who had formerly been very isolated and independant will welcome this new global cooperation and the peace it will bring.

The plan will go like this -

To ensure this never happens again, and to gain control over the rogue elements that will be trying to get over on the weaker, a new system of trade will be implemented. This system wont be based on any one universal currency. Instead, it will be units of credit that will be given out like money, to be used in place of hard currency.

All other forms of "value" such as gold and silver, will be made illegal to use in trade. Sorry gold and silver bugs, but the reason will be evident later.

To keep track of the credit units and how much each individual has earned, they will initiate a global system of virtual bank account tied to a unique number issued to every person in the world. You will not be able to buy, sell, travel, or conduct any kind of business unless you have this number.

To speed the process along, each number will be tattooed either on a persons right hand or forehead. This will be done using invisible RFID ink that can be read by a scanner. Each time you want to buy something, you simply let the machine scan your number, and the amount of that item(s) will be taken directly out of your virtual bank account.

Same with travel, you want to hop on a plane, you scan your hand and it immediately tells the NTSB who you are and any other information they need to know, including religious affiliation, prior record, health record etc.

Imagine the problems this one system would solve. No more theft, as anything one owns would be scanned at the time of sale and the serial number put down in your record as the owner. Same with selling, one would have to scan to prove the rightful ownership, and thus the transfer to the other party would also be recorded and credit units exchanged thusly.

Criminals and terrorists would have nowhere to hide, since any transaction they make would be tracked and any location known by the world wide computer network.

Fraud would become a thing of the past, as any transaction made would also be recorded and easily punishable by a mere click of the records. Health care would become streamlined, since upon scanning, the hospital would immediately have all of your medical records.

No more conflict diamonds, or slavery working in gold mines because under the new system, they would be illegal to use as a means of trade other than a low set value for industrial purposes. You can't have any competing commodity to ensure the units value forever.

It is such a beautiful plan, yet that is the danger in it. This is foretold in the Bible in Revelations that this will be the plan that will be in place in the end times. So, what seems so perfect even to me, will be the thing that dooms all of those who take this system by allowing the unique RFID number to be issued to them.

It will doom them because God states that any who take this mark are rejecting His plan for them and submitting themselves to the "earthly" system, in essence saying I don't believe in what the Bible says, and I don't believe in God.

But that is what will happen, and it wont be long now before this new system "rescues" the world.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 01:07 AM
The only solution I envision is a money-free resource-based Venus Project economy. Please check out my signature link.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by ctjctjctj

Please share more information. I went to the link in your signature and discovered that the group only has 9 to start somewhere, eh? How about giving a sense of what it is you are proposing, instead of espousing absolutes without explanation.

The crisis is not solved, nor will it be over, KD's recent ticker speaks of bond-market doom...

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 01:37 AM

Originally posted by pluckynoonez
reply to post by ctjctjctj

Please share more information. I went to the link in your signature and discovered that the group only has 9 to start somewhere, eh? How about giving a sense of what it is you are proposing, instead of espousing absolutes without explanation.

The crisis is not solved, nor will it be over, KD's recent ticker speaks of bond-market doom...

Can you not read? The moron is proposing a One World Government that can track every cent you ever earn and track where you spend every penny of it. He's saying that he doesn't believe in god, yet quotes that it has been written in the bible 2000 years ago that his NWO form of tyranny is cast in stone. He's an agent for the NWO. Are you daft?

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 03:52 AM
Think about it, you wake up one morning and some one have cut of your arm with the number on it to buy dope !

So, in this scenario you have to be a sheep with number, or you cant buy food or even get a job.? is that correct ?

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by ChemBreather

You bring up a good point, albeit facetiously.

THIS WOULD END THE DRUG WAR OVERNIGHT. (The main cause of all crime.) No more buying or selling drugs. No more stealing to support your habit.


Kind of good when you look at the idea. Horrible potential for NWO takeover of every aspect of your life.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 08:09 AM
Double Post- sorry.

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