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SM7 101

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posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 05:10 PM
Hello, all. I am SolaceMournerVII, otherwise known as SM7, SMVII, Solace, or simply "Sol" (the last of these being my preferred nickname). Of course, none of these are my real name, because naming your child as a number would seemingly be ludicrous.

I am new in this world of "paranoia", as many of my affiliations would call it. What they view as paranoia and excuse as negligible is something that has been of increasing concern to me as I have searched for truth.

What am I willing to tell you about myself? Obviously, in reading what I've written, you have concluded (perhaps subconsciously) that I am a singular individual with fluency in the English language. Hopefully, you have also concluded that I am of at least moderate intelligence. I'm certain that a Moderator has access to more personal information, or a talented computer afficionado with certain skills and motivation will be able to ascertain more, though I hope to never present motive for someone to divulge such information to the general public.

As I stated before, I am a novice in the concept of conspiracy theories. I have been devoted to the study of UFOs, paranormal phenomena, politics, philosophy, history, literature, art, and certain organizations for some years now, so names such as "Illuminati", "Majestic 12", "Weishaupt", "Templars", and the like are not foreign to me, but until recently I had not taken time to research such things beyond what is available through superficial reading as a means of gaining knowledge more focused on the aforementioned subjects. While I do consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist, the name does not bring about a negative connotation in my mind, and I believe I am "among friends" in that line of thinking. What I can also say is that I do not believe in every conspiracy theory that comes along in public view. Simply put, there are things that we will never know for certain, and there are other events that--while there may indeed be a conspiracy afoot--are negligible in consideration of the grand schemes of mankind and their perpetuation in daily business and existence.

Like all other individuals on this planet, I have a belief system, which is not to be confused with a religion. A religion, as I have experienced, is a belief system focused around the idea of a deity. Therefore, though it may not be politically correct to do so, I classify agnosticism and atheism as religions, just as I classify monotheism and pantheism as religions. I do not believe that one needs to practice any form of ritual in order to belong to a religion, due to the fact it would be difficult to imagine an atheist praying some form of a mock Rosary to himself or the like.

My beliefs are always open to question, especially as I consider them myself. I do not necessarily care about what I believe, in the sense that if I can logically be proven wrong on, oh, probably 98% of my beliefs, I will change what I believe. There are, of course, certain things we choose to believe regardless of tangible evidence, logical conclusions, or reasonable arguments. We choose to believe those things simply because we choose to.

Due to the fact that my beliefs are always open to question, I am what you might call "an open book". I will always provide some form of an answer to any question asked of me, no matter how seemingly senseless or personal the question may be. If you would like to know more about me, feel free to communicate with me in whatever way you wish, and feel free to ask anything you like. Understand that my answer may not be one that necessarily satisfies your inquiry.

Certain truths about me are apt to be exposed in my tenure on these forums, so allow me to divulge a few bits of trivial information now:

> I am a male.

> I am college educated, but do not have a degree.

> I have no credentials as a professional or an expert on conspiracies.

> I do have a religion, and it is important to me.


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