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Your (very small) chance to ask Obama about aliens

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posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 11:01 AM
There's an economic Q/A's for the president of US going on tomorrow on Thursday.
Everyone can submit a question to the dedicated website ( and vote for others. The most popular questions with the highest rates will be answered tomorrow by Obama.

This is a chance to ask the president about the alien and UFO cover-up and maybe see what kind of answers we get. Although it's a very small chance for such question to earn enough votes to be answered, it's IMO worth of try.

I know it's not easy to formulate a question about aliens related to economics but I've already submitted one. There are totally about 6 questions containing "UFO" so far.

So if you've got nothing to do for 2 minutes, make a vote...


What's intriguing to me is that when I registered on that page filling just basic info (nothing in relation to UFO nor aliens) and before I submitted anything, the first question I was shown to vote was guess what... one of those 6 questions about UFO. Considering the number of all question posted to the date counting 16,329, what's the probability of this? This is simply... weird.

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