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Is this a REAL Genie???

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posted on Jul, 17 2009 @ 12:24 PM
I tried it, it hasn't done spit for me.
Just another new agey scammer, pay thousands to me I will become rich, and you'll look stupid, but you'll never go to the police and turn me in cause then they will see how stupid you are!

And Now I shall give you a real word of power. Well a phrase...
you must say it just as it's

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posted on Oct, 20 2010 @ 09:44 PM
reply to post by bobbylove321

"wow this has happened to me so many times. I write a hugely long comment, and then it deletes it all. In my comment I explained in depth how the Buddhist and Hindu word is pronounced Mahra, with a long ah sound. That its never Mayrah. It comes from the word Mahr, meaning death, destruction, killing, hitting, shooting. There is also a personified form of Death in Hindu religions called Mara. I also went into more about the Egyptian possibility, and explained that there is no “Ma” feminine Goddess or power in Egyptian religion as far as anyone knows. There is Ma’at, and Ra, who is now being pronounced Re with an accent on the e. She was not his traditional consort.

Since this is meant to be done like a Mantra I suspect the hindu and Buddhist idea, but in that case its meant to be a destructive word. Hindu religions often believe in vibrational pronounciations having power. Then I went on to talk about the Hebrew word Maha meaning Destruction, which might be related. I even went so far as to talk about the Latter Day Saints and their mention of Master Mahan’s, one who have taken a pact with Satan in order to gain his “secret” which is to learn how to benefit from destructiveness and killing. It is thought by some to be a reference to Master Masons.

Joseph Smith, the founder and Prophet of the Latter Day Saints movement was a Mason himself, as well as much of his family and brought much of what they taught to the LDS scripture and temple architecture. Now I’ll even add that the term “Secret of the Ages” is very familiar, because of the book The Secret Teaching of All Ages, which eventually makes reference to the “seething” powers of “Lucifer” being the source of essential power. Mara is considered the Satan and “Lord of Evil” of Buddhism as well as other related religions and cults. The reason he faces Buddha in a temptation situation much like the temptation of Christ in the Bible, is to test his enlightenment and to lure him out of it. The Buddha passes the test, is neither tempted by the worldly things of life such as seductive women, nor is he afraid of dying when Mara threatens him with violence and death. Mara may be thought to have many demons and destructive entities under his control as well. Anyway the reason I wrote all this was just because I didn’t want people thinking that the word Mara was pronounced Mayra in Buddhism and Hinduism, because it isn’t!"


posted on Oct, 20 2010 @ 10:04 PM

Originally posted by bobbylove321
I came across this ad and it's VERY Interesting.

It talks about a 4 letter word that has NEVER been spoken and told to the people, but when it's said the right way it CHANGES your life!

Here's The Ad:

The Lost Word of Power SECRET OF THE AGES REVEALED Previously hidden. Known only to adepts. The purchaser of this monograph is cautioned not to divulge it to others. It is the one supreme Word. It is easy to pronounce. It cannot be revealed here. Within it is the heartbeat of the Cosmos. How to use the Word is revealed in The Lost Word Of Power, a four page pamphlet by Frater E.L. Francis. The Word is made up of only four letters and can be spoken anywhere and at any time you need it. We first published this monograph in 1985. Readers reported “miracles.” One man wrote “The effects are beyond anything I could possibly imagine… It is worth more than all the money in the world.” Another man who had failed with visualization, rituals etc. wrote: “With The Lost Word I actually got aid when I needed it. In fact, I’m still getting it.” (photocopies of these actual testimonials available on request.) It is the one Word the owner of Finbarr International uses when the need presents itself. The Word brings immediate peace and enlightenment. It is the one Word that encapsulates cosmic energy. It is the most powerful Word in the Universe and was never revealed - as best we know - before the publication of this monograph. Use this Word to gain the strength to face any situation. Use this Word for Divine Revelation. The origins of the Word are lost in the mists of time. It was the Name of Power in Ancient Egypt. It was used to speak things into existence. Humankind merely discovered the Word. It was always there. The Word BRINGS SAFETY FROM PHYSICAL INJURY. Speak it when you feel threatened. It awakens the protective energies of the Universe. The Word brings a sharp, immediate increase in mystical consciousness. It awakens psychic powers. It can give you visions of the unknown. I can give you glimpses of the future. It brings healing to the body and peace to the soul. This monograph explains the Word in four phases. You will learn all you need to know in half an hour reading this monograph. It explains the Construction Of The Word; its Ying Yang, genderless expression of the Cosmos; and the Invocation of Cosmic Energy. Even if you don’t understand the cosmic principles involved, it doesn’t matter. What matters is speaking the Word. Speaking the Word can bring results that some describe as “Miraculous.” If you believe in nothing else in this world then believe in this one Word. It will perhaps do for you what nothing else can. It is the ultimate prayer. It can be spoken anywhere, anytime you need it. Whatever you seek in life - peace, happiness, love, health, riches - just name it; and for as long as your wish does not violate the Cosmic Law, this Word will bring you nearer to its fulfillment. THIS IS NOT A GIMMICK. The author of this monograph is an Adept of the Secret Arts. Initiates confirm its authenticity. Finbarr is proud to be publisher. What wonders can it perform for you?

I haven't said the word out loud to myself because I don't think I want to be the first to try it. So you post what happens to you when you say it.

The 4 LETTER WORD that is POWERFUL and suppose to be practically your Genie is:


-Pronounced as “Mmmaaahhh Rrrraaahhh.” (The A is like the one in “father”)

In mantra form, it’s supposed to be chanted on the note of A natural, above middle C.

Anyways, could this word be a REAL personal Genie?

Post your experiences.

PS. I still haven't said the word yet just in case it might be something "bad" like a demon or something being unleashed.

Hey there friend! There might be some sort of truth to this. I am of Hispanic origin and our R's are pronounced differently than in the English language. When we use the letter 'R' in a word we let our tongue rattle it out. I have been studying a lot of Frequency Vibration stuff and understand that enlightenment comes with the right vibrations.

The 'R' in Mara is rolled out causing you're tongue to vibrate most of your face and vision. Do this enough times and tell me what happens then. Remember, the slower you say the word MARA the better results you will get I'm guessing. I for one will be trying this tonight, thanks for this information!

Also, for the ones who enjoy meditating... and understand that speaking to yourself is key to achieving wonders, do it in Latin or Spanish if possible. Personally this is a method i have started recently using and its working a lot more than English. The funny thing is, i rarely speak Spanish but it was the first language i learned as an infant.

One last thing... i have lived with many cats during my years and have found that when they begin to 'Purrr', that is when they reach their most peaceful state of mind. Again 'Purring' causes a vibration in them. When they do this, they seem to be enjoying themselves a lot. Remember Cats where once sacred animals. Any connections here? MAYBE!

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posted on Oct, 20 2010 @ 11:43 PM
Reminds me of something I heard on Coast To Coast AM, about a demon that would only appear if you knew his unspoken name.

posted on Oct, 21 2010 @ 12:14 AM

Originally posted by dementedtheclown
Reminds me of something I heard on Coast To Coast AM, about a demon that would only appear if you knew his unspoken name.

The bloody mary legend is also something like that. However I have not tried such a thing and I think I never will.

posted on Oct, 21 2010 @ 03:06 PM
reply to post by ThinkingMe

This one was creepy, they has a demonologist or something like that on. He said that you would start hearing a noise kinda like a train really loud and no one else could hear it. The demon appeared with a dead person and it had a bunch of eyes that it steals from people. Idk I needa find that episode again, was a great one.

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