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The Lacerta Files

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 01:40 PM

Moreover, they have to live in caves, while we live on the ground basking in the sun that they appreciate more than we do.

And yet these "superior" reptiles have never managed to reclaim the surface with all of their technology, etc.? Sure.....

Her answers aren't all that detailed, and nothing beyond rudimentary science or wild speculation. They only seem more detailed due to the narrative style. I've read it many, many times, and the overall feeling is still that of simply using the "you can't understand it" defense in lieu of providing actual evidence of an advanced culture...and this reeks of "hoax".

Here's actually one of the better discussions about it being a hoax, that I've found over the years:

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 02:30 PM

Originally posted by AngelHeart
I find it more plausible to believe humanity is nothing more than an abandoned experiment.

I like that. It's a good name for a book.
'Humanity - The Abandoned Experiment'

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 02:31 PM
Only one way to find out!

Anyone for a road trip?

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 02:33 PM

Originally posted by DaMod
Only one way to find out!

Anyone for a road trip?

Roadtrip to Sweden?? Count me out!

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 03:57 PM
Indigo, could you cite the passage in the Ramayana that specifically tells of a time primitive ape-men lived side by side with an advanced culture?

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:31 PM

Originally posted by hikix

Originally posted by DaMod
Only one way to find out!

Anyone for a road trip?

Roadtrip to Sweden?? Count me out!

sweden is big... lots of lakes, not to mention the entrance would probably be well hidden... imho you have a better chance of finding that "gigantic partially underground building in the capital" where they are supposed to have meetings with government

btw if i remember, the files were first written in swedish, then translated to german, and then from german to english... lots of details can change after two translations

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 05:51 PM
Entirely hilarious! Theft on the 'high waters:'

The Lacerta File 2 (excerpt)

Question: In the letters that I got, there was often the question, whether you could go into any greater detail regarding the advanced physics that you commented on last time. Many people said, your words made no sense. For example, how do UFOs function, how do they fly, how do they perform the maneuvers that they do?

Answer: I ought to explain that to people? That’s not all that simple. Let me think about it for a minute. I always have to use very simple words in order to make clear to you the basic principles of a higher kind of science. Let’s try this: You have to be clear about some fundamental facts. The very first thing is that you must divide up the conception of the physical world because each existence consists of different layers; let’s say for simplicity’s sake that it consists of a material illusion and a sphere of influence. [TRANSLATOR’S NOTE: No legitimate translation exists for this word ‘Feldraum’; “Feld” means “field,” “Raum” means “space, room, expanse.” Therefore, I’m translating it as “sphere of influence.”] Certain physical conditions are associated only with the realm of the material [as in ‘concrete’], while other and more complicated conditions are associated only with the sphere of influence of the material world. Your conception of the physical world is based upon a simple material illusion. That illusion is further subdivided into three elementary or basic conditions of matter. A fourth and very important condition also exists, which you simply pay attention to more or less as you choose; it is the one bordering on the sphere of influence or plasma realm. For you, the theory for a controlled transformation or an elevation of the frequency of matter and the stable existence of this fourth aggregate condition of matter is not very common, or it exists at a very primitive level. (As an aside, there are simply five states of matter, but the post-plasma state would really be going too far and it would only serve to confuse you.

Lacerta File 2

This is advanced physics? Please, this is physics-metaphysics, and as basic as it gets. I have posted this over and over and over in my posts right here on ats, using the descriptive term: "cusp," to show the connection of the 4th Dimensional Field to the 5th Dimensional (pivot plane) Field. These are both Plasma fields, correct, which I refer continually throughout many of my posts describing them as lower Ether -ical energy, called Bio-Etheric Matter. Past the Pivot (5th D), the 'matter-plasma fields do not exist, as they leave the Crust-Matter-[energy] & Energy [plasma] states, pass through the 5th Voidpoint (zeropoint), and become Pure Energy (no longer plasmic-matter, but plasm-energy). Note: there is nothing 'solid' in creation/the-universe : it is all Force Focus. Now, we have definitely left 'dull humanity' behind.

Need some more? This stuff is as common as butter on bread, and fit for grade-school level metaphysics. Someone with a philosophy background (you know who you are, "I") should know this stuff inside-out, instead of saying, "Golly geewhiz, I wonder if the Lacerta Reptilian female is on the up-n-up!?" (and then defending it).

I told you geniuses, Thomas Chatterton's 'reincarnated self' [hoax] took up alien-ufo's interests, and wrote the Lacerta Files for you. He was a great forger, able to fool small children and confused adolescents (spiritually speaking, not physically). Sorry. It's a hoax: gobble it all up, becloud your Knowing in authentic ignorance. Such result will lower your awareness.

No, I'm not going to opinionate the entire two files...class is out.

Check Gazrok's refutation link...excellent.

PS - I have personally met ('encountered') a terrestrial serpentine naga being. Authentic. 100% real. It was indeed awesome; advanced Awareness beyond what is the 'norm' for material-oriented humanity. I also received some 'direct info,' which is quite beyond anything you'd find in the cartoon-storybook-for-kiddies lacerta files. Nothing less than The WORD, which was conveyed to me over 7 days and 7 nights, and called "Futuretense." I know why: kids have no business playing with fire (as you all know, nuclear or otherwise).

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 07:10 AM

Originally posted by SS,Naga

This is advanced physics? Please, this is physics-metaphysics, and as basic as it gets. I have posted this over and over and over in my posts right here on ats (snip) it is all Force Focus. Now, we have definitely left 'dull humanity' behind.

Check Gazrok's refutation link...excellent.

Can you pass me a link to your best Force Focus post on this as I'm interested in reading it? The search just produces noise.

I read the L Files last night and thought it was "mostly" cobblers, however 1 or 2 explanations did ring trueish...we can only see one side of matter and layering. However the "bubbles" confused me, as we're all on our own bubbles anyway, so there would have to be different expansion strings for this to happen. Suppose there could be a string spectrum which uses the same layers and/or different layers though. I've got my reality layers (planes) before the focal point and have the antimatter layers after the focal point . Can't see how else it would work.

I loved how we are all "Terrans." Thought we gave up being that around the nth B movie in 1955.

Mind you, I'm no physicist and have never met any aliens.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 10:55 AM
On Lacerta’s physics:

Argument: The argument against Lacerta’s physics is that it is metaphysical, or makes use of metaphysical concepts.

This is an invalid argument. It is invalid because our own physics today has become metaphysical. Those of us familiar with Quantum Mechanics and String theory will be familiar with many metaphysical claims in these theories. For example string theory talks about other planes of reality, in which other life forms may reside of a higher order of energy) In religious language that’s spiritual realms and spiritual beings. In Quantum mechanics the world matter is considered to be an illusion, it cannot come about without observation. There has to be information exchange between the object and the observer for matter to appear.(Please see the thread, “Holographic universe” in which I extensively discuss QM and its metaphysical character)

Many claims Lacerta makes which pertain exactly to physics are unfalsifiable. Let us look at those claims:

You must understand that both species were interested in this young planet not for his biology and undeveloped species, but for only one reason: raw material, especially copper. To understand this reason, you must know that copper is a very important material for some advanced species (even today) because it is - together with some unstable materials - able to produce new stable elements if you induce a high electromagnetic field in the right angle with a high nuclear radiation field to produce an over-crossing of fluctuating fields. The fusion of copper with other elements in such a magnetic/radiaton field-chamber can produce a force field of special nature that is very useful for various technological tasks (but the base for this is an extremly complex formula you are not able to discover because of the restrictions of your simple mind.) Both species wanted to have the copper of Planet Earth and for this reason, they fought a not very long war in space and orbit. The humanoid species seemed to be sucessful during the first time, but in a last battle the reptilians decided to use a mighty experimental weapon - a special kind of fusion bomb which should destroy the life forms on the planet but should not harm the valuable raw materials and the copper. The bomb was fired from space and detonated at a point of your planet you call "Middle America" today. As it detonated in the ocean, it produced an unpredictable fusion with hydrogen and the effect was much stronger then the reptilians had expected. A deadly radiaton, an over-production of fusion-oxygen, a fall-out of different elements and a "nuclear winter" for nearly 200 years were the result. Most of the humanoids were killed and the reptilians lost their interest on the planet after some years for (even for us) unknown reasons - maybe because of the radiation. Planet Earth was on its own again and the animals on the surface died. By the way, one result of the fusionbomb was the fall-out of different elements and materials created in the burning process and one of that materials was Iridium. Your human scientists today see the Iridium concentration in the ground as an evidence for an asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs. That is not true, but how should you know that?

The argument against this that Gazrok linked was that fusion does not produce fall-out radiation, as far as we know. However, notice that Lacerta is referring to a special fusion weapon of an unknown alien race 60+ million years ago. Also note that the effects of the weapon were unpredictable and unexpected. We have no way of knowing what a special fusion weapon dropped 60+ million years ago by an alien race would do. Thus the argument is invalid.

The other argument is that Copper has no special properties therefore Lacerta is wrong. This argument is again invalid because as our models of physics are incomplete, we cannot say whether a certain material has special properties or not . It may turn out Lacerta is right copper does have special properties. To illustrate by analogy: At one time it was unknown what special properties Radium had, later it was discovered its special property was called “radioactive” There are many elements which have special properties and are considered very important to us: silicon, carbon, certain crystals like quartz. Perhaps in the future we will discover special properties of other elements too. As regards to copper, it turns out we have already discovered many special properties of copper:

Germicidal effect
Copper is germicidal, via the oligodynamic effect. For example, brass doorknobs disinfect themselves of many bacteria within a period of eight hours.[23] Antimicrobial properties of copper are effective against MRSA,[24] Escherichia coli[25] and other pathogens.[26][27][28] In colder temperature, longer time is required to kill bacteria.
Copper has the intrinsic ability to kill a variety of potentially harmful pathogens. On February 29, 2008, the United States EPA registered 275 alloys, containing greater than 65% nominal copper content, as antimicrobial materials[29].
(Source Wiki: Copper)

This special property of copper has long been known by the Sanskrit tradition. All cooking utensils were made of copper or brass, and in Sanskrit medicine traditions drinking water specifically from a copper cup everyday was reocmmend to builds ones immune system up. In the Sanskrit physics tradition copper belongs to a special range of metals which has para physical energy properties.

In recent times, a scientist known as David Hudson patented the term “ORMUS” orbitally rearranged monatomic elements, to which copper belongs. This is a controversial discovery and is very much tied in with occult and alchemy, and perhaps unsurprisingly to the Sanskrit tradition.

This is a very good academic article on ORMES:


The basic fact seems now beyond doubt, both from Hudson's work and that of the independent group, that a number of precious (and some not so precious) metals, including rhodium, iridium, gold, platinum, palladium, copper and several others, can exist in a completely different state, in which they are not metallic—being grey or white powders when isolated in the solid state. Hudson made three other main claims, which could be more arguable. He said that, in the ORMUS form of these elements, the electrons are re-arranged in such a way that they no longer participate in chemical reactions. Likewise, the bonds which normally hold metal atoms together in the solid form are lacking, so that they would be effectively monatomic. Because of this, he originally named them Orbitally Re-arranged Monatomic Elements, or ORMEs. More recent work now suggests that at least some of these may be diatomic, and also that very loose bonds can exist with certain other elements, particularly alkaline metals. Hence the generic name has been changed to ORMUS. They are also frequently referred to as the M-state of these elements.

Another, and still more radical, claim is that the electron rearrangement involved the formation of Cooper pairs, so that they
can be (or can become with certain treatments) superconductive at normal temperatures. In support of this, Barry Carter has posted a short video file showing a grey powder jumping away from a magnet. It can be argued, however, that this "grain-hopping" phenomenon does not, of itself, prove superconductivity. Without going further into this controversy, it is worth mentioning that there are a few mainstream publications which Hudson claimed could provide indirect support (3). These identify a "high-spin" state into which certain heavy metal atoms can be made to enter and in which the nucleus becomes elongated and takes on a higher value of spin.

But no one has obtained this kind of matter in bulk. Hudson performed analyses on a wide variety of materials and reported finding ORMUS elements in most of the samples of soil he tested, but especially soils from volcanic regions. Other researchers later found them to be present in most samples of natural waters tested, with particularly high concentrations being present in the sea and especially the Dead Sea. One researcher has even found it in the air. (Here it is perhaps not too surprising that even a heavy element in the monatomic form could behave like a rare gas.)

Thus Lacerta’s claim of copper having special properties checks out. Of course, this does not mean that the author of Lacerta did not just research this and include this, that is unfalsifiable. However, Lacerta many times references human scientists(such as for the morphogenetic field) to corroborate her, but she does not reference anybody for her copper claims.

We will next look at her metaphysics, which we will find virtually identical to Sanskrit metaphysics, except she does not make a single reference to any kind of Sanskrit tradition in the entire files, and yet most of what she says checks out with it

[edit on 28-3-2009 by Indigo_Child]

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 11:06 AM

Answer: I ought to explain that to people? That's not all that simple. Let me think about it for a minute. I always have to use very simple words in order to make clear to you the basic principles of a higher kind of science. Let's try this: You have to be clear about some fundamental facts. The very first thing is that you must divide up the conception of the physical world because each existence consists of different layers; let's say for simplicity's sake that it consists of a material illusion and a sphere of influence. [TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: No legitimate translation exists for this word 'Feldraum'; "Feld" means "field," "Raum" means "space, room, expanse." Therefore, I'm translating it as "sphere of influence."] Certain physical conditions are associated only with the realm of the material [as in 'concrete'], while other and more complicated conditions are associated only with the sphere of influence of the material world. Your conception of the physical world is based upon a simple material illusion. That illusion is further subdivided into three elementary or basic conditions of matter. A fourth and very important condition also exists, which you simply pay attention to more or less as you choose; it is the one bordering on the sphere of influence or plasma realm. For you, the theory for a controlled transformation or an elevation of the frequency of matter and the stable existence of this fourth aggregate condition of matter is not very common, or it exists at a very primitive level. (As an aside, there are simply five states of matter, but the post-plasma state would really be going too far and it would only serve to confuse you. Besides, it is not necessary for an understanding of the basic theory; it is connected with diverse phenomena which you would characterize as paranormal.) Now, back to the essentials:, with plasma I don't mean just "hot gas"—as the concept is generally simplified by your people—but rather I mean a higher aggregate condition of matter. The plasma state of matter is a special form of matter which lies between its real existence and the sphere of influence, that is, a complete loss of mass and pure accretion of energy of various form whenever matter is "pushed or shoved." [NOTE: No explanation was given for the use of the word "pushed, shoved" as used in this context. Your guess is as good mine.]

Lacerta claims that the world of matter that we perceive does not really exist. She claims the material world that we perceive exists in only three states(solid, liquid and gas) but there is a higher fourth state and fifth state which depends on the aggregate condition of matter. According to Lacerta the universe is actually this field-space(which the translator translates as sphere of influence). The conditions of matter in each of these states is specific to that state.

I am sure everyone here is familiar with the ancient 5 elements: Earth, Water, wind, Fire and Ether. This is actually from the Sanskrit tradition, whose equivalents are Pritvhi, Apas, Vayu, Tejas and Akasha. This knowledge has diffused from the Vedic Aryan tradition to the Greeks, who translated it as earth, water, wind and fire and missed the 5th out. In the Vedic Aryan tradition it does not mean the same thing. It means that there are 5 states of matter, and each state has different conditions. The five states are also connected our senses(this is where the metaphysics comes in) Now I shall discuss the states:

Pritvhi(all solid states), the conditions of which form the variety of the solid atomic elements, this corresponds to the our sense of smelling. There is no smell without this state.

Apas(all fluid states), the conditions of which form the variety of all liquid things, it does not refer to the thing that is a liquid, but refers to different conditions of fluidity. This corresponds to our sense of tasting. There is no taste without this state.

Vayu(all force states) the condition of which forms the variety of forces: gravity, magnetism, nuclear. It correspond to our sense of touch. There is no touch without this state.

Tejas(all energy states) the condition of which forms the variety of energies, light, heat, nuclear energy etc. It correspond to our sense of seeing. There is no seeing without this state.

Akasha(vibration state) the aksasha is the only state that has no divisions, it is unified and is within Akasha that all other states take formation. It is vibratory. It correspond to our sense of hearing. There is no hearing without this state.

According to the Sanskrit tradition each state has its own unique atom. There are solid atoms, fludic atoms(possibly means ions), force atoms(such as gravitons, at the moment only a theoretical concept ), energy atoms(such as photons) and the only thing which is not atomic is ether, which is pure vibration. It explains the order of matter aggregation as first beginning with the vibration of the ether, which then forms energy, which then forms forces, which then forms fluidity(I think it means plasma) and then solid matter. The general gist of this theory is that matter exists in different densities. This was errornously taken literally by the Greeks. There are only 5 densities of matter.

What Lacerta is saying here that UFO technology work with the fourth density, which correspond to the Apas, liquidious or plasma state of matter, and this generates antigravity. Anyway, she explains this is where paranormal influence begins. What she is really saying is that this is where the link between mind and matter becomes apparent.

Those of you familiar with astral physics will know what I am talking about. The thought-forms created in the astral plane eventually take formation in the physical plane.

Lacerta explains the main reality is this sphere of influence. I will explain what this is and its equivalent in Sanskrit metaphysics in a later post. The translator is confused by what “pushed and shoved means” but this is explained by Sanskrit metaphysics as vibration.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 11:17 AM

The fourth state of matter is very important for certain physical conditions which can be used for example should I express this to you...generate antigravity. (That's a rather strange human word and not really correct, but you ought to understand it better this way.) Essentially, in the world of real physics, there are no bipolar forces, but rather only "observer dependent reflective behavior" of a single, large unified force at different levels. With antigravity or the displacement of gravitational characteristics into levels, one can, for example, cause apparently solid matter to levitate; this method is employed partly by us and by extraterrestrials as well as a means of propulsion for their UFOs. You people are moving on a really primitive level towards a similar principle for your secret military projects, but since you have more or less stolen this technology (and it was later falsely passed on to you intentionally by the extraterrestrials), you lack the real physical understanding; as a result, you have to struggle with problems of instability and radiation with your "UFOs". According to my information, there have been a great number of deaths of your people because of intense radiation and field disturbances. Don't you agree, this is also an example of the business regarding the question of "good" and "evil"? You people play with unknown forces and thereby accept the death of colleagues of your own kind, for they are dying for a greater cause, namely, for the advancement of your technology, which as a result is being put into place once again for the purpose of war, i.e., for negative pursuits. Now, one can give you the benefit of the doubt, that only the least number of your kind have any knowledge about these alien projects which are —as you explain it— top secret. It was told to you that the higher the ordinal or ranking number of basic matter, the simpler the heightening of the condition, but that is only partially correct. If you can't circumvent these powers, then you're better off not attempting it. But your kind has always been ignorant and has from time immemorial tried to play around with forces which you have not even understood. Why would that ever change?

This is hard to digest, it sounds like nonsense, unless of course you’re well versed in quantum mechanics and Sanskrit metaphysics. In fact it is the latter that most enables you to understand it. Anyway Lacerta is right, what we call matter is only observer-dependent, this is what QM tells us, but the term, “observer-dependent-reflective behaviour of a large unified force at different levels” I’ve heard for the first time and it is a far more brilliant term to describe it.

Those of you who are familiar with QM will be aware of the uncertainty principle in QM and the basic postulation that reality is nothing more than potentiality/probability and really is no such thing as matter. You will be aware of the paradox in QM that if reality is just this potentiality and probability, how can there be matter? Lacerta explains this paradox: It is because there is a universal field that is unchanging, that we observe at different levels which gives us an illusion of multiplicity of matter. The potentiality is not actually existing within matter, but in our observation of it. Lacerta explains that UFO create gravitational shifts in levels to levitate apparently solid matter. What is really happening the matter that is illusory anyway is being negated, but negated only enough. The weight characteristics of the matter which are giving it “substanceness” are being negated by increasing the frequency of matter to the plasma state. This may explain why UFO are luminous. In the plasma state is no longer bound by ordinary matter level laws.

Notice how Lacerta says there are no bi-polar forces in real physics. In philosophical language this is called oppositions. Real reality is not formed of oppositions and does not depend upon any other entity to exist, it just exists. It is absolute. This in Sanskrit metaphysics is explained as ‘Brahman‘(all infinite, absolute reality) nothing exists except it, there is no inside, not outside for it.

Now Lacerta goes onto explain how UFO’s create these gravitational shifts:

You remember this business of copper fusion? By means of the fluctuation at the right angle with the induced radiation field, copper is fused with other elements. (The illusion of matter is fused, the fields in the sphere of influence overlap each other, but the main force would be reflected by that process and would assume a quasi-bipolar character.) The resulting connection and the field would therefore not be stable in the normal condition of matter and unsuited for tasks. As a result, the entire field spectrum is shifted to a higher plasma-like condition, whereby the spectrum comes together with this harsh shifting to the opposite pole side —the word is NOT correct— of the force field and it resembles quite closely a gravitational shift. This shifting causes a "tilting" of the repulsing quasi-bipolar force, which now no longer flows to the interior of the force field, but rather flows partly to the exterior of the field. The result is an inter-stratifying reflective force field which is very difficult to modulate within certain technical boundaries in relation to its own characteristics. It can also carry out a multiplicity of tasks, as for example, causing massive flying objects to be levitated and maneuvered. It can also exert a camouflage function in the realm of electromagnetic radiation as well as manipulate temporal sequences of events—indeed only to very limited extent—and other things as well. Are you familiar with your "quantum tunnel effect"? Even the amplitude equalizations among genuine matter can be achieved with one of those kinds of fields if the frequency and the distance from the plane of the field are high enough. Unfortunately, the whole thing that I have explained to you in your words has come out to be rather primitive, I'm afraid. It sounds rather strange and certainly impossible for your comprehension, but perhaps this simple explanation can be of some use to you in helping you to understand. But then again, maybe not

Again a very complex explanation(which Lacerta describes as primitive, but not primitive for me!) but which can be understood by those versed in QM and Sanskrit metaphysics. What Lacerta is describing is how a field disruption is created using an artificially generated field using the copper in a fusion reaction of some kind, the result is that the gravitational force which normally is flowing inwards, begins to flow outwards making whatever is enclosed in the field unstable to exist in ordinary matter conditions, thus reversing the polarity of the gravitational force and generating anti-gravity causing the matter to levitate(what is really happening is there is a shift in gravitation, but not enough to cause it to shift to another level) Lacerta hints that this could be used not just for levitation but for a range of effects, including temporal manipulation.

If you see my thread, “The 5th dimension is gravity” I talk about how gravity is a dimension which connects all levels of the universe and how by manipulating gravity we can enter other levels. I am only mentioning this because there is an interesting connection between that the physics Lacerta is describing.

Mass and gravity are intrinsically linked. So it makes logical sense how manipulation of gravity can bring about mass-effects. I think gravity is going to play a very big part in future Earth physics.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 11:22 AM
Lacerta now goes onto explain what enables paranormal/psychic power:

Answer: Yes. In order to explain that, one has to acknowledge the physical reality of the sphere of influence [Feldraum]. I'll try to do it...wait just a are going to have to separate yourself mentally from the illusion that that which you see is the true nature of the universe. It is, at best, the surface of a side. Imagine for yourself that all the matter here —you, this table, this pencil, this technical device, this paper— does not really exist, but that it is rather only the result of a field oscillation and a concentration of energy. All matter that you see, every creature, every planet and star in this universe, has an "information-energy equivalent" in the sphere of influence which is located on a main field —the general level [of things]. Now, there is not only one level, but several. Last time, I had mentioned that highly-developed species which is capable of changing levels (which is something completely different from the simple bubble changing, for bubbles are a part of each and every level). Do you understand? Dimensions, as you call them, are a part of a solitary bubble, bubbles or universal foam are a part of a level, and levels are layers in the sphere of influence, while the sphere of influence, acting in the capacity of single physical size, is essentially unending; it is composed of innumerable information-energy layers and general levels. There are in the sphere of influence no null-levels; all are the same, but they are separated by means of their energy conditions. I notice that I am confusing you now. I think I ought to stop with this explanation.
Question: No, please continue. How do concrete paranormal powers arise?
Answer: Well, OK then. Let's try something simpler. Again, it is not completely correct, but let's begin in this manner: Tangible matter on this side is mirrored in the sphere of influence [Feldraum] as a field with distinct layers. These layers contain information, as an example, about the simple structure of matter or the string frequency, but also there is stored information stemming from the development of matter. Are you familiar with the human concept of "morphogenetic fields?" One part of the layer could be designated as such. Now there is still another intermediary layer for which you unfortunately have no human concept, since the theory is not common in human thinking. Let's call it a "para-layer," for this layer is mainly responsible for everything which you call PSI and paranormal and which lies outside the boundaries of your primitive science. This para-layer lies between the layers of matter and the morphogenetic layers of a field in the sphere of influence. It can actively integrate with both. Your body, for example, is mirrored as a field in the sphere of influence [Feldraum]. That doesn't mean that it does not also exist here as well —as flesh, blood, bones— in the form of matter strings or atoms, but not only that. Existence is always a duality. Some layers of the field contain simple information about the solid matter of your body and its frequency, while other layers [contain information about] your spirit, your consciousness or, speaking from a human-religious point of view, your soul. Awareness or consciousness in this case is a simple energy matrix, divided into different layers of your field in the sphere of influence —nothing more, nothing less. Genuine awareness can also exist here on the matter side, but only in the form of post-plasma [the fifth form of matter]. With the necessary physical knowledge and the corresponding technology, the consciousness/awareness matrix, or soul, can also be separated from its field of rest. It can, despite its removal, continue to exist in a self-sufficient manner for a certain amount of time. That has the strange occult name of "soul robbing." But above all, we're talking about science here, not about magic or dark forces.
[Comment by Ole. K.: The "soul robbing" was mentioned in one of the radical, religiously-motivated comments in connection with the reptilian species.]
But back to your Question: Creatures with more powerful mental powers can have a direct influence on the para-layer by means of their consciousness/awareness fields. Now this layer is not limited only to the individual, but rather as a part of a general information layer —you could call it in a prosaic sense the community soul— that is connected with all animate and inanimate matter and all consciousness which exist on this main level. The biological cause for these abilities lies on the side of matter, by the way, in the pituitary gland, which always is in the position to generate the frequencies to actively control the sphere of influence [Feldraum]. Even you people could theoretically do this; however, you are solidly blocked in these things. As I have said, the para-layer can interact with mind as well as with matter. For example, if I decide to use my mental powers once more in order to move this pencil, then, simply said, I imagine in my mind how my consciousness/awareness expands/amplifies itself on the matter side in the form of post-plasma to the pencil. In the sphere of influence this causes simultaneously an automatic command from the consciousness/awareness layer to the para-layer to interact with the matter layer of the pencil. Since the para-layer is not confined to the body, it is not even a problem that the pencil lies over there, for I can unerringly reach it, even without moving my matter body. Post-Plasma on this side, para-layer on the other. I have control over the pencil and the interaction brings the matter field of the pencil to the point where it changes in the manner in which it moves, for example.

Wow another brilliant explanation, this time more heavy on metaphysics than physics. If you are not familiar with QM or Sanskrit metaphysics this reads like nonsense, understandably so.

Alright lets look at a very basic theory in QM. In QM the universe on a fundamental level is considered to be like an information system, in which information exchanges take place between the observer and the unified field. Everytime an observation is made, there is an exchange between the observer and the universal field and the resultant is what we call matter. This virtually identical to what Lacerta just described. It is entirely possible that the author of Lacera just ripped it directly out of QM. But there is no QM theory which so elegantly combines Sanskrit metaphysics, String theory and biology like Lacerta does.

The key differences between Lacerta’s account and QM account is that the QM is interactionalist. It does not say that there are informational-layers in the universal field which contain information on all objects in the material world, including minds, at least not to my knowledge. Lacerta says this universal field contains information of everything in the universe, for every information bit there is a corresponding object in the material world. This is what Sanskrit metaphysics tells us, everything in the material word, every event in space and time, past, present and future is contained in an informational layer in the Akasha. The information contained for each object in the physical world is an history of that object and all its levels of existence(In Sanskrit metaphysics every object has a causal-chain) This includes its string-frequency. Again recall all objects at the fundamental stage in Sanskrit metaphysics is vibratory.

Then Lacerta goes onto explain the paralayer(just beyond the morphogenetic layer) she explains that everything has a dual existence: one aspect is material and the other aspect is consciousness. The universal field contains information on both categories.
We are matter that has a manifest degree of consciousness, but all matter actually has consciousness, but which is unmanifest. That can only be accessed in the Akasha stage. This is identical with the complex dualist Sanskrit metaphysics theory, everything has a material and a consciousness aspect, which it calls Prakriti and Purusha. Fundamentally, Purusha is pure consciousness, but it becomes localised in space and time(Prakriti) individuating it and turning into infinite units of consciousness(souls) and those individual units become identified with space and time. Thus every unit-consciousness is a function of space, time and consciousness.

Lacerta is explaining that just like they can access informational-layers of the universal field for all inanimate objects, they can also access informational layers for the consciousness aspect of all objects using their mind.

She describes the process as follows: When I attempt to move an object using my mind(as she supposedly moved the pencil) I mentally expand my field of consciousness to engage with the pencil's matter, simultaneously in the universal field, it causes a response from the consciousness layer to the paralayer and then matter layer of the pencil, causing the pencil to move. The process described is how psychic acts are done, all require visualizations using the mind directed at an object. To move the object one needs to engage it on the mental layer on which no separation between the subject and object exist. This ability needs a lot of concentration practice, and it is not easy to develop. Anyhow once developed paranormal powers become active.

Next Lacerta explains how mind can affect matter, she now describes how mind can affect other minds.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 11:33 AM

Question: That is fascinating. Which kinds of paranormal activities can one generate with that?
Answer: All kinds. Everything that you call paranormal. As I said, this special layer lies in the sphere of influence [Feldraum] between the morphogenetic information layers and the matter layers and can interact with respect to both sides. That is to say, it can be interacted with solid matter as well as with mind or mental information, wherewith we can achieve everything that is generally designated as telekinesis and telepathy. The "connection absorption" with another consciousness/awareness is generally separate in the procedure from the simple influence of matter, since different consciousness/awareness fields work with different oscillations. A consciousness/awareness that sends or a consciousness/awareness that listens must first adapt itself to the other mind exactly, before any access is possible. Most species also have chances to block the alien access, but you people don't have this. The following is generally valid: the stronger the paranormal abilities of a species, the simpler the adaptation and the access. Our own abilities are not so powerfully developed; therefore, first we have to learn specifically alien mind influence in order to use our mimicry, for example—where mimicry is actually quite simple in your minds due to the implanting of the on/off switch. Some of these abilities are also partially inherited; mother and child of my kind as an example are attuned exactly during the first months of life —partially also in the egg covering in the expectant mother— and communicate telepathically. In order to influence you people, we need a certain amount of time for practicing, despite your simple structure. Therefore, it is forbidden, for example, for adults of my kind before the "Age of Enlightenment" to come to the surface of the Earth. (That term is synonymous, along with other things, with full physical strength.) In the case of not fully developed abilities, the danger of discovery by you would be too great. By the way, there are of course numerous secret teachings about the real possibilities which can give one these abilities, but I really don't know anything exact about that.
Whenever an alien mind ought to be influenced, then there are some generally valid steps, which are set into motion by other extraterrestrial species. First and foremost, the alien oscillation must be felt, something generally that is done automatically by the brain, i.e., for the one the field oscillation, for the other the quasi-electrical brain waves here in the normal space [which matter inhabits]. That is not especially difficult. After that, one simply probes for the other consciousness/awareness in the mind with a post-plasma manifestation, the sphere of influence [Feldraum] reacts and the connection is there. Now one can read out information from the first one and record the desired information to the second one in the correct location. You asked me last time whether you people have the opportunity to protect yourselves against this influence, and I told you that only an awake and concentrated mind had any kind of a chance to withstand it. In this state of mind the oscillations change very abruptly and access becomes complicated; more precisely, it can come as a painful recoil. Whenever you close your eyes, then the field becomes "flat," and alien access [to the mind] is immediately possible and without restriction. In terms of your chances against a more highly developed species, you have none at all. They are able to adjust the oscillations faster than you can change. I could even demonstrate it on you, but you were really horrified and confused the last time, so we'll just leave it at an explanation.

What Lacerta is describing here is a simple process of resonance. In fact the process of resonance can also explain how mind engages with matter. Twins have natural telepathy because of high resonance, people in rapport also have telepathy, but on a lower level, because of resonance. When one mind resonates with another mind, it is able to engage with it and access its consciousness-layers. As most of us are not aware of this layer, we are not aware when these engagements are taking place and are vulnerable to being affected by other minds accessing these layers. The layers of the mind are as follows:

1. Collective Unconsciousness(community thoughts, beliefs and desires)
2. Individual minds targeting other mind, unconsciously or consciously
3. Individual subconscious(thoughts, beliefs, desires)
4. Individual unconscious(karmic causal chains and past identities)
5. Individual super consciousness(higher self)
6. Cosmic super consciousness(The absolute being)

Lacerta is explaining how some alien beings are so psychically developed that they can access layers of consciousness which we cannot, so they become aware when another mind is trying to target them. We on the other hand are unaware. Lacerta explains that she can send a signal into another field of consciousness(I.e., the unit soul) and this way she can fool them into seeing her as a human form. She explains that humans particularly are susceptible to this due to an in-built switch by the supposed aliens who engineered us. The switch she is referring to us is “doubt” whenever something anomalous is detected by us we doubt it. If we see a ghost, we think “It was my imagination” which maybe true, but it may have actually been a ghost.

This entire forum is built up on “doubt” everything is a conspiracy theory. “No, look at all this evidence of UFO’s, ET, paranormal” and the response is “No, there is no evidence” Indeed Ssnaga and Gazrok give the same response to the Lacera file, “No, hoax!” without really examining it further, despite revealing paranormal beliefs of their own. Ssnagas goes as far to say he’s met a reptile being, and yet ironically strongly doubts Lacerta. Curious? This doubt switch is indeed in all of us. It stops us from progressing, or at least slows us down considerably - “Flight is possible" - "no it isn’t”, “The soul exists" - "no it doesn’t”. The doubt switch is the cause behind all wars on our planet and why humans are so manipulable.

In conclusion: A lot of what Lacerta says checks out, surprisingly a lot of it directly checks out with the Sanskrit tradition, and there is not a single mention of it in the files. This does not mean that the author of the Lacera files did not research the Sanskrit tradition, and QM and string theory to construct this elaborate hoax. The part is still unfalsifiable. But if he did he was able to synthesise all of this data into a very elegant and compelling account which explains more than any of these sources put together. He is also able to give very plausible explanations for identifying genuine photos of UFOs. The amount of details given on reptillian biology, UFO physics is very detailed. This is not the work of some layperson. If a hoax, lots of research and thinking has gone into it, but in that case where is the author? Why Isn’t the author publishing books and CD’s on this? As I said before, there is money to be made here, lots of money. This could rival David Ike. So where is this mysterious author and the millions he could have made out of the story?

What adds to the credibility of the Lacerta file is the absence of any political or monetary interests. This appeared in 2000, and it’s almost 10 years now and nothing has been updated about it since, despite the fact people still talk about it. My belief-o-meter is starting to move more to belief on this one.

Just to say something on how I know what I know. I get asked this question all the time by people, how do I have so much knowledge and understanding on metaphysics etc. The secret is I read a lot of Sanskrit and Sanskrit related literature. The Sanskrit tradition is the remnants of an advanced and lost civilisation. I recommend to anybody who is interested in the mysteries of the world to read everything they can find on the Sanskrit tradition. Everything will become clear to you, I promise.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 11:49 AM
I realise the quotes from the Lacerta files are too big, but I only quoted Lacertas answer in full to show that Lacerta does go into a very large amount of detail on the physical and metaphysical questions and thus Gazrok's objection that she doesn't go into detail is false. Lacerta's explanation of alien physics is a lot more detailed, closer to real physics than any other physics I have been seen desribed by so called alien or alien contactees. A good example is the physics described by the Zetatalk woman(Nancy something?) which obviously sounds like its coming from someone who hasn't a clue about physics.

Another point which I failed to mention in my prior posts. The notion of the whole universe being a field is also a Sanskrit notion called "Kshetraa" literally meaning field. There are only two things in reality: Kshetra(field) and Kshetra-Jnana, the knower of the field. In this field, all of matter is just perbutations or waves in the mind-stuff(chitta) of the knower of the field. In other words matter is just a thought form made out of consciousness.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 12:03 PM
Thanks for all the hard work, OP.

First, you exemplify ignorance with your statement that the 'metaphysics' argument is invalid, because it is also physics.

I consider them two poles of One Aspect, the Integrated Being-Presence. Law of the 3rd (Crust=dense Force Focus or 'matter), and Law of the Invisible, 4th Up. If you could both read and comprehend, you'd note all this was stated in my posts, but you refused to use understanding and discernment, choosing rather the way of antagonistic, 'I prove you wrong.' Ignorance.

To explain clearly, most people do not like 'meta-physics,' therefore my use of the hyphen (!?) for the two terms: physics-metaphysics.

In 'Reality,' there is no Solid substance in Creation: Three states:

Bio-Matter.......................dense Force Focus, or plasma
Bio-Etheric Matter.............plasmic matter-energy
Ether..............................plasm (pure energy)

I know, if you don't know, you can't apprehend-comprehend. It must first be known to be experienced, and cannot be experienced until known. You are guessing. Obviously:

Spiritual Perception

This mystic art to penetrate
And see the hidden truth within
Is a spirit-soul perception
Of sacred holy origin.

No action of the human mind
Or intellectual reasoning
Can teach the truths of spirit spheres
To a worldly understanding.

(Tablets of AETH, T.H.Burgoyne)

Copper and the Pivoting Mechanism/Movement Maneuver of Consciousness, which resolves/accrues into Higher Awareness:

I am well versed in this, having been shown it, and refer to it as infolding, outfolding, enfolding, Emanation. If you think this is referential of some Unknown, think again (hint!).

I never intimated you are stupid, only naive: to think this knowledge belongs uniquely to the 'female reptilian of the lacerta files,' is, indeed, ignorant. That is my point: it is extant.

What you have quoted from them, is, perhaps, new to your consciousness: not to those steeped in the Truth, or 'metaphysics' of Truth Principle, the Prime Archetypes known best as The WORD.

This knowledge is extant, along with the various QT (quantum theory) models. One cannot experience Embodied Oneness with the Universe of Universes (AllVerse) through Cosmic Consciousness, and not know the Inherent Truth, even if lacking (as many are) in understanding/knowing Principle. Many have done this, including myself (The WORD is Alive Principle).

You are arguing against superior Truth, attempting to placate your ignorance in believing a 'home-grown story spun of wonder' that smacks of the Truth. What it reveals is your consciousness. I have read many of your posts, and recognize you for an open-minded philosophical student. Beyond that state (Two Poles: religious fervor & philosophical zeal), is Integration, or the Embodiment of the Truth.

Your quotes are, indeed, above-beyond your knowing. Not of certain others (many in the world). This, perceived, has the effect of a flashy lure, shiney & desirable. Bite it, and you'll find the Illusion....not the Real.

I told you, the lacerta author was no dummy, like his audience. Just say, "I testify that this is 100% real..." and add some of the Brilliance of The Real with it, and there will be those unwise ones, ready to swallow hook, line & sinker.

Now, if you'd just study the hinted at 'Initial Impetus' or Original Motion of Consciousness as performed by S/He as the First Movement, you'd be on your way to understanding the Mystery of The WORD. But first, there's something shiney stuck in your eye...called the light of illusion & igorance, ready and willing to swallow the first load found (yes, I know the 'mote' quote).

If You believe in the false, the false claims you for it's own.
Freedom lay with Knowing the Truth of the Real.

If you make a mistake in this, you pay dearly (even lifetimes).

I know the lacerta files are bogus concoctions/contrivements of a metaphysically savvy person. You, and others, believe all you want: Just because a serpent is said to be Wise, doesn't mean it's Truth, or that it won't Bite you. The Real & the Reflected Unreal. You've chosen wrong.

A shame, you are standing next to undreamed of Light, and are utterly blinded by the illusion before you. I'd say 'oh my!' but it would do no good. Keep staring at the image. This is how religions were founded.

"The secret to life is to enjoy the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived."
Oscar Wilde

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by SS,Naga

SSnaga, I have a hypothesis, but before I share it with you I just want to preface it. I don't understand why you are being so antagonisic to Lacerta and to myself, when you say you've met a reptillian being yourself, who has shared with you advanced knowledge and you've experienced the absolute or WORD as you describe. You claim even know the truth about copper and Lacerta's metaphysics, only her recounting of it in your view is too primitive and childish, compared to the real knowledge which only you and the reptile being you met has.

Heres my hypothesis: You are a classic case of a deluded new-ager with a strong pathology of spiritual-arrogance.

I could be wrong, it's only a hypothesis right now. I will tell you why I think this:

I've met many people, they are a dime a dozen in the new-age community(which is why I eventually dropped contacts with newagers) who tell me they are enlightened, met ascended masters(or are reincarated masters themselves) and other beings and looked down on everybody, kind of saying things you say, "You will not understand, I am on a higher level than you" How do I know they are not enlightened? They were arrogant, paranoid, ignorant of basic science and could never explain anything they said. It turned out most of what they said was from newage books thery read. They had a know-it-all persona, "I understand QM better than scientists" when they said that they would say things like, "the 5th dimensional vortex enegy activates the DNA spirals and causes the electron frequency of bio-matter to increase" When I ask them what that means they go blank.

I have met enlightened people they are open minded, warm, humble have an excellent intellect and often an amazing grasp of science. They don't look down on people. This is why I am going to assume you are just another deluded new-ager with nothing of substance to say. I am also not going to let you hijack this thread and make it about you.

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 04:07 PM
I find it humorous how you can quote outside comments from your sources, both here and in your other posts/threads (which I've read/seen), but when I do it, I'm "copying other people's knowledge." Haha, show of ignorance, use of ad hominem: when you have no adequate fuel for defense, you attack the character.

I wasn't attacking you: I said you were expressing ignorance by your assumption that the lacerta files were 'authentic' in their context (which you have stated you tend to believe). This cannot be proven conclusively, and I admit that. What I argue with you, as point of ignorance, is that you presume the (ahem) 'metaphysical knowledge' (or whatever term you decide to twist it into this time), is unique, and not readily available to all who search. I said, twice, the knowledge was 'extant' (need a dictionary?). No derision: fact.

And your clever remarks of my pretending to be superior to others is fine, but greater evidence of ignorance. I am equal to others, imo. Does something that vibrates at a higher level become superior to the same thing that vibrates at a lower level? Are they all not equally required/needed? The difference is the perceptible movement of the Force Focus (aspect...particle/viewpoint awareness). Sorry, I lost you.

"All of consciousness must be elevated."

("The Hathor Material," Tom Kenyon)

I have experienced what I have related; my developed awareness of the Energetic Structure of Existence is based on nothing less than the structure/form of The WORD. I apologize the serpentine terrestrial alien being I met didn't stop by your dwelling and do same for you: it is what it is, nothing less. You are not required to believe. The naga race and the reptilians are not the same, regardless of how much confusion that creates. Related as reptilian natured, yes, but different species. I've met both.

Because you read the 'deep thoughts' of others, does not understanding make. You ignore everything that doesn't fit your rigid belief-system. Enjoy the self-delusion.

Lacerta Files are contrived. For people like you.

PS - Need me back? Just reply.

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 04:29 PM

PS - Need me back? Just reply.

That will not be necessary, you've validated my hypothesis. Ignore.

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 11:57 AM
Any thoughts on my defense of Lacerta? I still maintain it is unfalsifiable, I was just refuting the claims that it was a hoax.

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 03:35 PM

Originally posted by Indigo_Child
Any thoughts on my defense of Lacerta? I still maintain it is unfalsifiable, I was just refuting the claims that it was a hoax.

Hi Indigo. Fascinating thread. I think your defense is pretty comprehensive and you have refuted the claims that it is a hoax, not that those claims were based on any real substance in the first place.

SS,Naga said: "So, if I think they are hoax, and you don't agree...I'm wrong (you have proof?)". However, to cry 'hoax' is to make a definite claim and a claim has to be proven. And as SS,Naga also admits, "I have no proof, one way or another". So, despite all the bluster and repeated statements that it is definitely a hoax, SS,Naga has "no proof, one way or another". Reaching the conclusion that it is definitely a hoax and stating that as a fact, without any proof of a hoax, which was admitted, is to hold and proclaim an unsubstantiated belief. Which is fair enough, but we can't expect anyone else to respect that unless we can substantiate it. So, that's that.

On the other hand, you do not appear to be claiming the files are definitely authentic, so you are not making a claim. The assertions you did make I think you supported very well. The main criticisms - that it reads like science fiction or that detailed explanations were avoided in favour of "You can't understand puny human" - simply don't stand up to scrutiny IMO, which your quotes from the files amply demonstrated.

The criticism by Gazrok that ,"apparently this vastly superior race is incapable of boiling down complex issues into relatable concepts" assumes that all complex issues can be "boiled down into relatable concepts", when this may not be the case without diluting and warping those issues to the point where it actually makes little sense to do so because accuracy is compromised to too great a degree. Therefore refraining from doing so in certain cases may be the more logical response. Some teachings must wait until the student is ready. Gazrok's criticism also doesn't take into account that the replies were pitched at the level of the interviewer and so any omissions would likely be based on the the interviewers inability to comprehend rather than necessarily implying a deficiency in Lacerta as a teacher. Perhaps if Gazrok had been the interviewer the answers would have been more comprehensive and more to his liking, who knows? That said, I don't think the assumption that Lacerta would have to be a flawless teacher of less advanced beings in order to qualify as a member of a "superior race" is legitimate.

Basically criticisms like those just described are, IMO, more of an indicator of a lack of imagination and insight on the part of the critic than an actual weakness in the Lacerta material.

Finally, SS,Naga's charge that you were presenting the Lacerta Files as a unique source of exclusive knowledge hardly holds up seeing as you repeatedly pointed out how what was contained therein was also to be found within ancient metaphysics and modern quantum mechanics. I get the impression that SS,Naga's main mission is to make sure we all realize that he already knows it all and so the Lacerta files "can't tell him nuttin", hence the attempt to misrepresent the Lacerta material as 'kindergarten" stuff and himself as some kind of elevated adept. Well fine, but that's a little off topic. The fact is that the physics and metaphysics of the Lacerta material is patently not "as basic as it gets" nor "grade-school level metaphysics". And as I said, we would expect that the level it was pitched at would accord with the interviewers ability to comprehend.

So, thanks for all your hard work Indigo. I found the subject and your commentary truly fascinating. I would like references to the Sanskrit material you mentioned, if you wouldn't mind, as I'd like to look into that further. Maybe you could U2U me. You have peaked my interest.

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