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Seeking Information and Answers(Bay Area N. Cali.)...

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posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 03:58 PM
For a friend: >>A group representing themselves as the CDC, Stanford University Medical Research Group, Moffett Field and even multiple local and federal law enforcement agencies has been harassing, threatening and psychologically battering me and I believe those around me. My safety and that ofthose around me has been put in jeopardy in attempts to appease this group. I have remained silent for some time for fear that my family would be harmed but I can no longer remain silent.

The group has maliciously accessed virtually every computer system, network and phone I have utilized and/or put online. These systems include multiple wired and wireless networks, laptop/notebook/desktop computers and multiple phones and mobile devices. In addition to the private networks, it appears that public networks are being utilized to gain access unless the systems are also being masqueraded.

There was a period of time where I thought I was “losing my mind” and “hearing voices” of someone talking to me from a distance. The unknown persons tried to convince me they were my conscious and even utilizing psychic thoughts to communicate.

This unknown group continues to threaten, harass and abuse. Allegedly representing the CDC, Stanford Medical Researchand Moffett Field they claim they are doing relationship, AIDS and even drug or other behavior research and encouraged myself and girlfriend to “sleep with as many people as possible” (among other detrimental practices) while making threats and/or abusive comments to do everything possible to keep us apart and ruin virtually every relationship.

I certainly DID NOT volunteer and this is obviously far from research!!!

While claiming to be law enforcement, they are doing an “investigation” or performing “research” and often threaten a “set up” and an arrest. Claiming to be any or all - Moffett Field, US Army Reserves, the 7th Psychological Warfare Group and Stanford University Medical Research Group again and again they have attempted to persuade senseless and even unlawful actions and even go so far as to “want a kill” and encouraged suicide.

To my relief, this was not and is not the case!

They are audio transmissions that are being made and intercepted by this group across various frequencies and channels. The transmissions appear to be constant and within the Redwood City, Palo Alto, Stanford, Mountain View, Gilroy and South San Francisco areas. Most often the audio is clear. However, I have also noted attempts to cover or disguise the transmissions in radio/music and other sounds such as long running appliances. They appear to be designed to psychologically control and I believe have even utilized hypnotic suggestion.

In regards to the network and system access, once compromised, the use of Flash programming and rewritten operating system files and rewritten/redirected web pages are prevalent. The use of bogus certificates, compromised system policies and rogue user accounts appear to help maintain the connections and unauthorized access. Most systems that have been compromised have been Microsoft Windows based or running Java components. The "hack" appears to make use of multiple devices and services such as Windows Update, Windows Live, ICS, the .NET Framework and COM components and the UDDI. Multiple drivers and services are compromised including the disk and network drivers, the HAL and the registry on Windows XP Home and Professional, Windows Vista and Windows Mobile 6 and 6.1.

Once the access is gained by the group, access is complete and system wide. I post this writing with the hope that this message reaches as many as possible and may help anyone who may be thinking they are losing their minds within the sound of the group’s audio transmissions.

This senseless and needless abuse which I can only call “torture” must end.

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 04:18 PM
Umm.... PROOF?


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