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administration boost civilian aid to $1.5 billion to Pakistan!

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posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 02:47 PM

Obama to boost aid to Pakistan civilians
Wednesday, 25 March 2009 00:52

The Obama administration plans a dramatic increase in civilian aid to Pakistan as part of a new strategy for Afghanistan and the surrounding region, hoping the overture will help the Pakistani military shut down insurgent sanctuaries, according to US officials.

A three-fold increase in civilian aid would come on top of more than $10 billion in mostly military assistance since 2001. In addition to the aid, President Obama will seek similar contributions from other nations, the officials said, describing conclusions of a strategy review on condition of anonymity.

The administration is expected to unveil the new strategy this week for Afghanistan, where commanders have said that 70,000 US and Nato troops are unable to prevent Taliban fighters and other extremists from expanding their influence.

Top administration aides have briefed European counterparts on the new strategy, and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is flying to an international conference on the war next week in the Netherlands. Obama, who will meet later in March with Nato allies, has sketched a new approach that lowers US objectives and fixes an exit strategy.

The focus on Pakistan in the administration’s new strategy reflects both frustration over years of cross-border attacks against US and allied forces in Afghanistan and the view that extremism, violence and instability have roots across the region.

It also underscores concerns among US and allied officials about the stability of the government in Islamabad. Clinton and other US officials brokered a compromise this month to head off a political standoff over the country’s judiciary but remain fearful that the country remains deeply unstable.

Under the plan, the administration would boost civilian aid to $1.5 billion a year or more, a move first proposed by Vice President Joe Biden when he was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

In addition, the Obama administration will seek major increases from China, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states in the Persian Gulf, according to one administration official.

Sounds like he is following the same Bush Doctrine and what he says is all Rhetoric. I just love this part :

"In addition, the Obama administration will seek major increases from China, Saudi Arabia and other Arab states in the Persian Gulf, according to one administration official."

“All our military aid right now is unleveraged,” said a government official. “Right now, the Pakistan military thinks any threat to withdraw aid is a bluff.”

Sounds to me between us policing the world the global poverty bill, the Fema intern Camps all being next to railroads with railroad cars seats having leg shakle bars and now Obama asking to expand the powers of the treasury and IRS to include your life insurance's other types of assets,, it's looking like the Depression Ron Paul spoke about in 2002.

The man was called whacked yet he spoke before the senate and predicted Russia going into Georgia, He Predicted the Global Economic Collapse He predicted the price of Gas hitting never before seen rises in prices and he said within the next decade.

That was in 2002 he said that.

Is he the only man that doesn't have his brains in his colon?

Does he not know all the money we have sent Pakistan to help fight al-qaida, they have given it to the taliban in exchange for peace while the taliban backs off a little then starts again and there we are throwing more money at crap.

This is no longer about saving America, she is gone.

This is becoming a concern for

getting OUT of AmeriKa



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