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The Mega Pain Show? What the Hell!?

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posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 05:33 AM

I guess no publicity is bad publicity, but talk about incongruous!

It's like we're watching a buncha geriatric UFO kooks* having their party crashed by VH1 or something. Very odd.

*I say that with love.

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 06:11 AM
Was that Santa Klaus?

I swore that was him!

and uhh the generic techno...

I thought Jose got exposed?

[edit on 24-3-2009 by Lysergic]

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 09:07 AM
Exposed for what?

Judging by the previous videos uploaded under the same YouTube account, George Noory sure doesn't have anything but faith in him.

Of course, that won't mean much to some people here...

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 09:14 AM
Yeah, the generic techno was a bit much, and I normally like that kind of music.

There was a huge, white, odd-looking craft in that video with a cavernous interior. At first I thought it was a war-ship from Planet Ugly or the Moron Nebula, but then I realized it was a Hummer H2 limousine.


posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 09:16 AM
That "reporter" girl is pretty cute, though, in a disconcertingly aggressive, loud sort of way.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 04:08 PM
I still wanna know what Jose got exposed for!

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