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the united staes of the UK

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posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 03:09 AM
Just like here in the UK nothing but Recruitment Agencies taking a massive slice of your wage not giving you any rite's as a worker no union basically an easily expendable workforce.

i have been down the agency road myself and it ain't pretty! they get away with everything liberty tacking bastards.GONE is the job for life with the pension and perks company car bonus etc,it's alarming the only jobs here are starting new recruitment agencies! IRONIC.

we in the UK are in a similar situation job and money/bank wise but we had our guns taken away a long time ago ( well the firearms ) they just make it so hard to own a weapon that you may as well not register it if you get one ( and that must be and is illegal! )

were under constant surveillance, The police force look as tho they are more like Nazi stormtroopers and you get the feeling of "MOVE ALONG AFTER WE HAVE STOPPOED AND SEARCHED YOU" than "hello how can i assist you?"

THIS the UK is the testing ground for NWO things they want to put into practice in your country, they simply test it out here and it stays then as a matter of national security and for our own good.

I Wish i had the option to say thanks but no thanks i do not need you i CAN survive without you corrupt goverment telling me how to lead my life.

OH as for the shotguns i owned up until my licence was up for renewal and got turned down there now gone.WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE. the reason for my application to renew my licence? i have links to people that are of a bad crowd! OK i know a few dodgy people.

i was brought up with guns in the country as my grandfather was a game keeper for a massive estate with links to royalty down the line,HEAD KEEPER so i had shotguns and a licence at age 13. now AHEM none.

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