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The Continuing Saga of the Yes We Can (or Did) Predictions

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 10:56 PM
With CNBC's Rick Santelli’s call for a new Tea Party in Chicago (over the “moral hazard” of paying your mortgage on time and thus being forced to pay for the mortgages of “losers” too) having ignited grass root “Tea Parties” across the United States and with several states that have pending state sovereignty resolutions added to a vast American electorate that is awaking to just what President Obama meant by “change”, the warnings of coming revolution in this nation are being heard more frequently on main stream media outlets. Sadly, it is the miscalculation of those that suffer from “Obama Mania” (those that have “a tingling feeling running up my [their] leg” or think, “I felt as if I heard a God” when he speaks) that will start the 2nd. American Revolution; none of the Americans that inhabit “fly over country” will sit still for this nation being turned into the United Socialist States of America. Progressives and liberals alike will soon find out what the Second Amendment was really for, if only they had read the Federalist Papers before it had come to this; the “bubba effect” begins to burn. As one wry observer on CNBC news report quipped, “It time to party like its 1773!”

Within the next month or two, the commercial real estate market will begin to crash, dealing a deathblow to the balance sheets of most American banks; causing the Fed to print money at a staggering rate. Notwithstanding Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton’s having begged the Chinese to continue buying our US Treasury Bonds, the collapsing commercial real estate market will force them to dump T Bills causing a world wide sell off of US Treasury Securities and dollars. The resulting depression will make our first one look like the ‘good old days’, as President Obama’s “fiscally responsible” 3 trillion big government stimulus applies the coupe de grace to any hope of recovery. Riots and looting will begin to spread as the unemployed begin to go hungry when their benefit money becomes worthless.

Goods and services to the cities will begin to slow, as no one will be being paid money that is worth anything. Public servants will increasingly be forced to consider the welfare of their families over retaining positions they are not being paid for, as our social order collapses. Like rats off a sinking ship, mad and hungry mobs will leave the cities heading for the countryside. Wide spread civil unrest, disorder and the resulting anger at all politicians and government will bring the “bubba effect” to full flame.

President Obama will call in the US military and National Guard in an attempt to restore order, but will quickly realize that they will not fire on solidifying bands of “bubbas” who refuse to be disarmed. This will cause President Obama to initiate the final collapse of our government, as it is currently constituted, by requesting United Nation Troops to be sent in to restore order; all out, civil war will be the result. During this period, or shortly before, another terrorist attack will take place and Hillary Clinton will move up to Vice President.

Of course, while all this is going on and the stern of the USS Economic Titanic slips under the water, forcing the bow skyward, American Christians will be holding “Rapture Practice” on whatever part of the ship is still above water, having ignored the warnings to prepare and the numerous lifeboats because they were “rapture ready”. The rest of us, Christians and others ‘who saw trouble and fled’, will wonder how so many could be so smart, so wrong, so willingly blind and so dead. May God have mercy on the United States of America.

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