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Fiddling While Rome Burns

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 10:48 PM
While the peasants were grabbing their pitchforks and torches screaming that the mythical powers that be trash contractual law Constitutional protections to burn AIG bonus recipients at the preverbal stake, our Cheerleader in Chief having successfully diverted attention from the fact HE had pushed and signed the ‘Stimulus’ Bill that contained the clause he had not apparently read that granted said bonuses, the US Federal Reserve ever so quietly agreed to apply the death knell to the once greatest economy in the world; they took the first steps to monetize the debt of the United States and the United States of America as we once knew it, ended.

With the Fed’s announcing that they would buy another 750 billion of mortgage-backed securities issued by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that could not be sold, the total to date climbed to 1.25 trillion. What constitutes the final despite jolt to economy to avoid a total economic melt down brought on by government malfeasance, is the Fed also announced that they would buy $300 billion in medium and long term Treasuries; this is an out right monetization of our national debt.

Under the cover of loud congressional attempts at diversion of the national attention, the Congressional Budget Office also, ever so quietly, announced that the Administration had under estimated the national debt by a mere 1 trillion dollars per year. Announcing hints of the mistake at the close of business in keeping with our “New Era of Fiscal Responsibility”, the finger pointing at evil businessmen began the ‘mother of all’ blame shifting to the new arch enemy of our collective welfare; capitalism.

This while the ever so dependable, easily manipulated, American electorate once again had their attention diverted by AIG boogey men, or the continuing saga of their apathetic ‘work, sleep, work’ cycles, march dependably into oblivion; Christians of course holding sleep inducing Rapture Ready seminars and rapture practice with a ‘we’re outa here’ mentality. Of course obediently continuing to maintain their 401k’s, when they should be using some of their new socialized medical benefits to check to see if they have any functioning brain cells left; history proving once again that no one ever learns from history… our American experiment burns.

The German’s Weimar Republics’ 1920’s style hyperinflation can be the only result of such congressional stupidity; coming soon in America a wheelbarrow of dollars, or a days wages, for a loaf of bread:

Isaiah 5:8 Woe to those who join house to house, laying field to field, until the end of space, and you are made to dwell alone in the middle of the land! 9 Jehovah of Hosts swore in my ears, Truly many houses shall be deserted, big and fair, without inhabitant. 10 Yea, ten acres of vineyard shall yield one bath, and the seed of a homer shall yield an ephah.


Revelation 6:6 And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures say, A choenix of wheat for a denarius, and three choenixes of barley for a denarius. And do not hurt the oil and the wine.

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posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 12:59 AM
I'd like to read your post but I'm afraid the blue is not a good colour for the text. I think you will get more interest if you change the text colour to something more contrasting.

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