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Abduction narrative

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posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 03:36 PM
For some information on abductions, I highly recommend watching this:

This is a world wide occurrence. And the rabbit hole has gone deep for many families. Its those who like to separate ufos from what their operators that are not only missing the whole picture of ufology, but also, by their disbelief of others, have helped foster an entire scenario where something like this is happening unabated, for many people, many families, with many of their experienced, shared by others.

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 06:18 PM

Originally posted by notreallyalive
reply to post by AlexDJ

My feeling was the grey had awareness, consciousness, and curiosity; he/she was not following orders, per se, but listening with intent.

We all have our own ideas and beliefs.

thanks for the advice! I also agree it's not good to let things like this rule your life; if they do, speak with a counselor or therapist.

I am not saying that Greys dont have awareness..its difficult to explain it, yes they have awareness and if you talk to him you could talk like with a human being, the difference is that they dont have soul, they a very sofisticated software thousands of years in AI ahead of us, they can behave like a normal guy chatting with you and you feel like its alive or read your mind ! but dont have a soul, they work for their ET, they too have emotions (of course their bodies doesnt let them show them too much) but its a software thing
the emotions. The orb you saw was your friendly pink alien without his body, thats why you saw it big.., our souls when we detach from our bodies look like orbs! but we are much smaller in size!! when souls are more advance the size of theirs are bigger (bigger orbs) when we are less advance (the soul) is much smaller...

Ets can enter the bodies (real ones) of course one every time, they cant be on two, they make special bodies for diferent enviroments and tasks! there is too a rule a bodie cant be occupied by 2 souls! only one per time.

Of course there is a smaller ET group who is not so good, its like a bipartisan thing, like republicans and democrats (much easy to understand)..this not so good guys wants the advance of souls..but not in a very good fashion way (the rule of the jungle..the most adapt pass, the rest stays behind) remember the old gods..who prefer be woshiped by blood stuff! well thats a hint....and good guys (everybody have a chance) and prefer to make souls advance with boost by better living and technological boost from time to time thar are more on the love and equal rights to all....

both groups works actually for the same hehe chief..just with different thinking. and way to implement it...

Anyway its good to hear you have better stuff in your life than seeing aliens..its not all in life..lot of people desire seee aliens or ufo's, but when it happens they wish it never did! it disruptes their lives a lot and they are never the same.

So just have carefull and just treath this incident like a experience like many in life

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 09:35 PM
yes it always boils down to proof, "hell" the more detailed the story the less i believe I have rediculed abduction storys with my buddys and yanked the chain of people who claimed stuff like this publicly but to be honest i fall into the bracket of abductee since i was a small kid i dont even tell girlfriends or best friends im abit of a jock alpha jerk and this social A-bomb i would never live down lol.

As for proof i went through a time when i was younger of needing sometype of proof and i sure as hell got it. Back then i wasn't really sure it was real or what was going on so be it a dream or delusion i went completely fight club on every opportunity for a time i woke up with scars i never had before blood, and weird marks and burns from dreams. It got to a stage thay had to send in the muscle on location with good old anaesthetic injection lol I have 100% proof for myself.

Unless my old age pensioner parents with my brothers and little sister were going into there aggressive 6"2 semi-pro boxers room for some mental experimation at night or i have been born crazy and are secretly deluded all my life and suffer from strong halusanations which would be pretty cool but i know that's not the case, im crazy but not in that

I know theres drone helpers and aliens like i know theres cats and dogs.
The only advice or statement i could give to all people wondering if theres other life out is think like you just got proof. Knowing means you will have more questions than answers.

i dont believe most of you so you sure as hell shoulnt believe me
ignorance is bliss

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 10:09 PM
I would be really glad if you explained abit more about these pinks.

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 10:34 AM

Greetings from England,

You know i read your story with interest and i just wanted to put in my two pennith.
What rang alarm bells for me was when you mentioned the sleep paralysis. I have had sp for over twenty years and it has only been fairly recently that i found out what it was.
When was eight years old i saw a UFO in broad daylight come across my garden, it stopped for a few seconds and then shot oover the roof tops at terrific speed. I remember clearly as if it was yesterday. I had a witness with me, who was playing on my swing at the time. To this day i cannot find her to see if she remebers it. Even on Facebook lol!
I am 46 now and since that day i was sort of labled a bit of a weird kid, cos it was all i would talk about for a long time.
For many years strange things would happen to me and i can remember my Mum telling her close friends about my sleep walking episodes and how she would have to keep windows and doors firmly locked when my Dad was on nights, becasue i was found wandering hysterically in my garden in the middle of the night screaming for my Dad.
This all went on before and after the siting and they could never work out how i managed to reach very high, stiff oldfashioned locks to get out in the garden in the first place. I was even found ontop of the roof of the annex bathroom, which sloped and would have been impossible for a small child to reach without falling off. (in the dark!)
Back in about 1985/6 the sleep paralysis started. I was in a difficult relationship and to say i was terrified is an understatement. I had absolutely no one to talk to about it and i was so confused and scared, i did not know what to do.
Then my daughter came along and my Mother had been diagnosed with cancer. I moved back home with my daughter to care for my Mother and to help my Dad who was still working shifts at the powerstation.
My Mother passed away 6 months later. A couple of years later, still having the sleep paralysis on and off, it seemed to get more intense.
One night, trust me i was wide awake! I had just got into bed and was trying to get to sleep. I had only been in bed a few minutes when boof! A disc seemed to be slicing through my head at terrific speed. There was the buzz like an amp shorting out and a bright white light in my head. Of course startled i've opened my eyes and there was a little man standing beside the bed! I could not move a muscle and i was virtually eyeball to eyeball with this alien. He was about a foot away from me.
I asume he was a he and said to me we (i could only see him) are sorry for the way we look, don't be frightened, we will never hurt you and we will always be with you.
Now i have had heart surgery,(another story) but i was so scared my heart was thumping so hard i thought it would come out of its socket!
...just a quick description of my alien. He was short, very rounded and slightly stocky. Had round eyes, but they were like luminous green cats eyes inside, eminateing a green lazer directly at me. Bottom half of his face looked like a dog groling at me. His skin was beige colour and reminded me of suede, with a slight down of hair, a bit like baby hair. It looked very angry, but in my head when it spoke to me i guess it wasn't.

The next night i think i had an oobe and they had taken me somewhere lovely. I awoke due to being prodded in my bellybutton and at that precise point felt the net curtain brush the side of my cheek. I woke up laughing hysterically, yet i didn't know what i was laughing for! The top window was open and the net was blowing in with the breeze. Nowhere near me.
I have probrobly mentioned all this before on here, but it helps me come to terms with things i think? It makes me feel better anyway. I now know what orbs are and i have been seeing them for years too. Again i never knew what an orb was. Saw one couple of years ago again in broad daylight, come spinning out of my daughters bedroom wall, like a ballbarring with a liquid in it. Any ideas? I could ramble on all day about this. x

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 01:52 PM
There's not a whole lot more I can say; but I'll try and recap:

* The pink beings were 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall.
* thin slit for a mouth that seemed to not exhibit emotion as human faces do
* they didn't seem to have hair but it didn't seem they were bald either - like a net of energy where human female mid-length hair would be. In a light pinkish-beige energy
* they communicated very strongly in feelings. I was very aware when they were communicating, although I didn't really know what they were "saying"
* very serene and calm in nature
* fluid in movement
* the interaction between the grey and the pink seemed to be one where the pink was showing and instructing the grey what to do.
* pinks had very thin arms and legs (two of each)
* "clothing" seemed to be the same as the hair; there, but not real as I know material things to be.
* there seemed to be much more of an energetic "aura" and the level of connection between them seemed palpable compared to how humans interact.
* they seemed very feminine per my paradigm of feminity; I don't recall thinking any of them were a specific sex/gender.
* I had the feeling it was the pink's ship but this might be due to the grey's interaction of what appeared to be learning.

That's pretty much all I recall. Specific questions might spur some memory so feel free.

I never made any official statement with MUFON about this. If there are any investigators who would like to add it to the database let me know on here and I'll contact you.

posted on May, 3 2010 @ 03:01 AM
If there is anyone else who reads this post and has seen a 'pink' or 'peachy' colored being such as the one described in the thread, will you please contact me and let me know what its eyes looked like?.

thank you,


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