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The great 08 number con

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 12:27 PM
I think this will only interest UK members but I don't doubt the US has a similar con going on.

I have just received a text message from my mobile network provider (T-Mobile) informing me that "from May 1st we're introducing a flat rate of 40p a min to call some numbers beginning with 08."

I'm sure most members reading this know how contract tariffs work but for example my tariff includes £90 of "inclusive free" calls or texts per month which allows me to call other networks or land line numbers and as long as I don't use more than the allocated £90 credit I will not have to pay more than my £30 a month standard charge.
Sounds great in theory except I never use the £90 "inclusive free" calls because all the numbers I call on a day to day basis (my bank, my local council, my insurance company, my cable company etc etc etc) have changed to "08" numbers which are not covered and always show up on my bill as "calls outside of allowance" Even the well known "toll free 0800" numbers are not covered!

Last month my bill was double the standard monthly line rental charge and I still had £86 of my "inclusive free" calls left!!!!
Now T-Mobile are gonna charge us 40p a minute to call these everyday numbers!!!!
So who is behind this? Do the network providers have a deal going with these companies making the change from local to 08 numbers to rinse us of our hard earned?
I tried replying to text from t-mobile to express my opinion of their new 40ppm idea but it failed. Just as well really because I probably would have been arrested for text assault.

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