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Common poltergiest behavior

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posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 11:56 AM
I am speaking of poltergiest activity that may be occuring in our own lives. Often people complain of being woken up by their beds shaking. It happens over and over again. They cant explain it. If all scientific and logical reasons for your bed shaking have been ruled out (eg: living close to train tracks or on the earth quake zone), then the chances are that this is the work of a Jin.

A Jin is a elemental being known in hebrew, arabic occults. Other world occultists know the same creature by a different name. It is believed to have been created from plasma. Plasma is nebulous soup of charged particles. It behaves as fluid. It is studied in aerospace engineering under the topic of magnetohydrodynamics.

Jins are ethereal beings. They are extremely intelligent. Have free will. They were created eons before Adam. They are able to shape shift. They can just as easily be malevolent as they can be indifferent.

Often the bed shaking jin is trying to annoy, maim, scare, or intimidate you. The jin's bed shaking antics are often followed by bolder attempts to irritate and scare or even harm. Get a kabbalah practitioner or wiccan and get rid of the jin. This is called "banishing". You cannot do this by your self. This takes practice and discipline and self control. If you make a mistake, the jin is really going to hurt you!!!. This is stuff we are not play with. So if you believe you have jin or poltergiest activity, get the professionals. Not some home made, self fashioned spell caster. Get the real occultist. Ask around. Ask for Demonologist. Your church priest may know some. Also look in the yellow pages for parapsychologists.

Where did the jin come from? He might have been living in some vacated corner of the house before you moved in. Often, they follow you home from a field or a garden where they may have been dwelling. If they feel you have violated their dwelling they will also get after you.

The belief among occultists is not to go near gardens and greenery and shrubbery after sunset. After sunset the jin who might inhabit a plant may take offense to you presence at that spot. Or they may just like you and "want" you in a very dominating way. This especially true for women. Jins have been know to come after women and also pregnant women. They are then known to lay claim to the child in the womb. They have also been known to "fiddle" around with fetus. Yes this is no joking matter. Infact they are vengeant in nature, they can cause a miscarraige.

Alternatively, if they can also be forced to hurt you by another occultist who has this creature trapped in his will.

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 12:10 PM
Glad this articel is here, becaue i love studying about poltergeists!
I find that veryh interesting about the Jin...kinda helps explains things. If yuo ask any medium, ghost hunter, ect , they all say the same one really knows what a poltergeist is, other than 'it' seems to appear, msotly around girls entering peuberty around age 13. IN some cases, they dont go away, although poltergesits activity runs a duration..meaing even reciting the holy bible wont stops when it stops, then never comes back.
Poltergeists have been known to have identity, a voice, and always are violent...making holes in the walls, breaking furniture,..but in some cases they are capable of attacking someon..ake the bellwitch. Theirs a true story, from 4 something AD i belive..of a roman army walking one day, in rome, Italy, and someone was throwing rocks at them....they lokoed towards the source and thier was no one thier, except rocks starting to float, and get thrown at them. It was documented.
Thiers another story, of a little girl, who one day on her porch, had this invisible friend*** she would throw a rock over a shrub nad something invisble would throw it back at her, not violently though, it would land at her feet or on the porch.
Thierws alsot he story of a woman in CA, back in the late 1970's (their was a movie done about it) she was constatnly harrassed and raped by an invisble entity..she moved like 9 times and it followed her for many years.
And yet another kind of poltergesit, is a water poltergeist. In rare occasiaons, a person or famliy would report poltergest activity, and thier would be like 3 days of rain coming form the celiling! google it in an read about it.
MY favorite story, is the Enfield can find the actual recording Maurice (the investogator) recorded of it) i have them somewhere on file on my computer...with a little hlep form all, maybe i can post em here for yuo all to hear,.just dont know how to do it.

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 03:46 AM
Yes, throwing rocks, bricks, pebbles, tossing furniture about, breaking glass, etc, are all Jin related activity. Also true about rape of women. Jins have been known to be rapists and serial rapists. They have also been known to strike romantic relationships with women/girls and then being their invisible friend/lover for their rest of their lives.

Life spans for jins are atleast 1500yrs, but actually much much more, maxing to 3000 yrs. An aged jin male sometimes manifests himself in the form of young boy in the teens. That he is a shape shifter and this is often his shape of choice. They are extremly telepathic. Recieving their thoughts is like recieveing an fm station on the radio, only this time its inside your head.

They live in tribes, in different realms, and planets and worlds. Have been around before Adam. They were still there when lucifer/Samael/iblis rejected adam and fell from Grace. The jin have races that have superbly advanced technology. They have also interbred in other alien races, even alien creature, or our earth animals, to create a new breed / tribe / ethnicity of jins. While this may seem an abomination to us, it is actually their mastery of genetic engineering.

Techniques of "Shielding" or "circling" can keep the jin out but the spells recited over the encircled territory must be done by an accomplished spell caster with concentration.

Mediums are useful in communicating with the Jin of the possessed girl in order to find out why the jin is afflicting her. Basically the jin is simply asked why he is bothering her and what he wants.

While jins can be friendly when meeting with an occultist on open footing, that is they do not feel they going to be captured by the occultist. But they are very powerful, and when they get angry, its like the HULK says, "u wont like me when im mad"!

Jins are also very arrogant, haughty and proud, and do not tolerate their confidential secrets being told away by their human confidant. Among the jins, having their secrets given away is punisheable by death.

They can also be extremely MALEVOLENT, MALICIOUS, VENGEANT. So be warned, incase some foolish people want to play pranks with jins: you dont know what powers you are messing with. They are capable to possess people, murdering people, torturing.

Their favorite foods include sweets, sweet meats, rice dishes, especially when marinated in chicken soup. They expect to be served in fine quality crockery, ideally silver and gold utensils. They want the food to be prepared as you would prepare it for your guest. Else they will take offense and refuse your food.

There a select known types of perfumes they like and a select type of perfumes they dislike. These are recorded but that information is not currently in my grasp.

See my thread starter post for other relevant info.

Common places to find them are vast open green meadows, mountains tops, valleys, large bodies of water, (oceans, lakes, rivers, even dank smelly pools of gutter water), gutter and drainage areas, in large piles of dung and vermin infested faeces infested piles of filth. Also, in every bathroom in the world (however, there usually a "bar" for them to physically interact with you at that point) They can be found in particular caves, holes or cavities in surfaces of rocks, old deserted or less visited houses, apartments, attics.

While the delights of the jins tasty menus have been given above, sweets rice etc, also know they have the capacity to draw the ethereal energy present in nitrogeneous, phosphate, and sulphurous derivatives present in soil, plants, filth, human/animal waste, bacteria, fungi. They are there extremely evolved creatures capable of surviving in the most inhospitable places: for example a radiation riddled crater in an asteroid lightyears from any star.

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