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Proposition: Crop Circles Folder Under Mysterious Subjects

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 08:28 PM
Howdy all, I love crop circles!!!
I noticed that there is no official folder and with the official season starting late next month I feel that we should have a gateway to share the pictures and info.

I will get a membership to and follow and post intently if the people want. If I feel a good vibe about this, I would love to be the guy here on ATS getting this into the forums.

First off I never saw one in person being from NY there are not many circles that stand up to investigators scrutiny. The majority happen in the UK near stoneHendge and such. Circles have been anything but in the last few years, using detailed picto-goodness and higher intent, every one has a unique story to tell. Some have gone as far as almost a Kilometer in size, with others displaying hundreds of circles. Numerology is big with this all, (as it is with the NWO secret societys) The 08 08 08 crop circle was predicted by other circles and when it surfaced it was impressive. Like 800 meters of a figure 8. Upon further investigation it properly showed the moon's cycle from new to full. The NWO also tried to Start WW3 on this day by attacking Georgia (Right I forget?) but it was flawed and the Russians were laying in ambush... Anyway....
Here Is a Link
If you never saw it, and please dont flame me casue of That Jamie dude, I dont know him.

To me Crop circles are art. They are beautiful and intricate, the meanings are different to different people, but people cracking numbers and all types of research labs are involved. I wish I could post up my fav vids and pictuires but I'm dumb to this stuff... mabye someone could show me(and how to make an avatar pic too would be cool) and I could really help make a great spot on the ATS Board page.

All types of stories exist, and some footage of spheres of light spontaneously making circles is out there HERE IS ONE But I have a DVD that I ripped off the torrent networks that has a color version better than this, separate vid too.... PEOPLE have come out and even made circles to enhance the phenomena, but the best ones have all types of science to back up strage energies being present. If anyone wants that DVD you can pm me and Ill send it too you on skype!

In summary, Crop Circles they are real. The season Is coming. I have presented the Idea for the Folder under Mys. Sub., and it should be done. I will lead the way. This type of art is so under rated, from complex mathimatical presentations, to cryptic messages Crop Circles deserve their place in the NYC MOMA and other art institutions. Please post here if you support me.

Finally I predict that on 09 09 09 (obviously) there will be a great circle (if there is still crops lol) and this year will lead to great circles that will stun the mind.

Semper Fi

posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 08:45 PM
I also enjoy studying crop circles and would certainly enjoy a good, regular source of news, photos, theories, and discussion.

I, for one, am in fanor of your suggestion.


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