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How the political elite engineered the financial collapse.

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 03:08 PM
I'm combining elements of all conspiracy theories I know about in this work of fiction. I want to know what you think about it so far... It's not complete yet... but tell me how it is.

How the Politicians Engineered the Financial Collapse

Once upon a time there was a group called the bilderburg committee. This committee was a group that was destined to bring about a world government. Why would they want a world government you might ask? Isn’t that what all people in power want? People want more power when they have power. It is a fact of life. I’m not talking about rich people here. There are good rich people here. But the people with power have power over rich people and use them to their advantage and then they use us. It is these people who engineer the financial collapse and engineer everything that goes wrong with the world. They meet in a secret place in the United States and various other nations each year. They think they can keep their location a secret.

At one of the meetings in some hidden mountainous base…

“Hi there, Hillary Clinton. It’s nice to meet you. You know… we look forward to your election with Barack Obama. I have arranged for you to lose however.” The man seemed like he was a scary type. He looked like an awfully powerful person. He is Bernanke and he has a seat on the federal reserve. He controls the strings of the financial situation. What he does—people bow down to—and then when he tells people what he wants they do it. “Yes Master Bernanke. I will do what you want so the federal reserve can continue to have awesome power over the financial institutions. I must lose for Barack Obama to come there and change things back to the way they were. We put Bush in there so he would mess everyone up and create a total disorder and then we wanted to seize control of that anxiety and then we would make Barack Obama and put him in there as a smokescreen of what’s really going on. We need to keep the sheep from knowing what’s going on.” Bernanke looked back at Hillary. “Alright, well I’m glad that you’re on the same page as I am. I can’t wait to see what kinds of tricks you pull on the campaign trail.” “I’ll do some.”

Hillary met Bill in their house in Arkansas. “Hey Bill, those people at the bilderburg want me to run for President. First they wanted me to marry you and they want me to create the situation that they’ve had for years to enact world domination.” “You mean the one where they have a really horrible President and then they put a really good President in down afterwords so they can make it seem like we’re on the people’s side?” This whole situation was about to change. Hillary Clinton is now the powerful one, or at least, she is now the powerful puppet under the control of the federal reserve. Bill Clinton used to be their puppet. He brought all the liberals to the Democratic party. That was the bilderburger’s agenda. They wanted to bring all the Democrats over to their party and bring more liberals to their party so they would blindside a vast majority of the population from what’s really going on. One item on their agenda is the manipulation of the theory of equality. It seems that the liberal elite and the conservative elite have both been fighting each other in this regards. Well it seems that way. But they really want to create a divide in this country. The liberal politicians want to use equality so they can make people think that we’re all the same. They do not care whether we want equality or not. You see- politicians are different from regular people. Politicians do not care whether we are right or left. They do not care whether we believe that abortion should be regulated or not. They do not care if we like the idea of the NAFTA superhighway or not. They do not care if we like the idea of a North American Union. What they want is more power. Politicians use their power to pull the strings in the whitehouse. They make decisions as to what is right or what is wrong in the country. Now, Hillary Clinton is about to go on the campaign trail. She is running for the nominee of the Democratic party. She is pulling the strings.

“Greetings people of Illinois. I know that my opponent is a candidate whom is great at inspiring people. He acts human like the rest of you. But rest assured to you that I will not let him be human when he comes to office. For I have true power over what he does and what he doesn’t do. I control the strings in the Democratic party. My counterpart in the Republican controls the Republican people and then we work out our agenda and try to make it so that the party bends to our will. Obama will be under my control so you have nothing to fear. Vote for him. Don’t vote for me. I’m going to be acting silly so people will vote for him and then so he will win the Presidency. For he is the better candidate… and he will bring change… regardless of what happens during the election… regardless of who you vote for… I will be pulling the strings.”

The audience applauses.

“Is it not an elite whom you vote for? You vote for people who will make you do their bidding. You vote for people to be slaves to them. You want to be slaves of the elite. They will make your life better. You already are educated by elitest schools. The politicians of your state determine what you learn and what you don’t learn. It is compulsory that you serve us. For are we not the true reptilian masters of the human race? Do we not have complete control over your minds and your interests? I can make your mind mine if I wanted to. I can just use the mainstream media and take control of you and your family. For it is not that what you want us to do?” The big projector screen behind Hillary, beams, and says “Support the political establishment, support the elite, for we are only free when we are slaves.” “I ask for all of you to support me in my destruction of the United States of America. For with it I will build up a better America. One that is under the control of bankers and under the control of good politicians like us. You’re all evil… and we’re good. The human race is a virus and we’re the cure. For you shall be better off when you have no free will of your own.”

The audience reacts. “We have no free will of our own! We are better off when politicians rule over us! Long live Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton! For they are the illuminati and we are better off with them ruling over us!”

(will be continued later)

[edit on 22-3-2009 by Frankidealist35]


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