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The Empire Never Ended: New Insights and History

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 01:22 PM
A few years back I posted a topic entitled, "The Empire never ended" for which I was awarded much kudos and I am still greatful for all the positive feedback I got for it. As some will know from other topics, I have not been posting here for years now, so I wanted to just share my comments on NWO, which those who know me back then would know was my favourite topic(amongst ancient civilisations). I also started a topic on NWO: Survival planning, which to my surprise is a whole new forum-section now. Great to see the progress on ATS.

For those of who not aware of my position in the topic, I basically argued that there existed a certain organized, elite and dark body in history that has controlled world events for the past thousands of years. Its aim is to hold onto power and keep humans enslaved under it. I talked about how it consolidated itself as the Roman Empire, and from thereon as the British Empire and then American empire. It is not that any of these empires ever ended, as is thought by historiains, but only the base of the empire moved from one centre to the other. The NWO is the final consolidation of this and this has a lot to do with the EU and NAFTA consolidating as an elite world body.

I want to offer my new insights on this as based on my synthesis of information from all fields. Those of you who are aware of my theories of Aryan civilisation, will be aware of my position that there have been two major events in world history

1: The coming out of the glacial age and the super-floods
2: The Mahabharata.

The first event happened 10,000 years ago, leading to global super floods. It lead to a huge rupture in civilisation and it fragmented and turned into many competing factions, the major ones being the Aryans and the Sumerian, representing East and West respectively. This was the point when the NWO was in its formative stage. There was fierce competition on who would rule the world and which ideology should dominate. The Sumerians were elitists, they believed that certain people should have god like status and rule over the masses with absolute power. On the other hand, the Aryans were libreal, they believed in democracy, freedom of expression and freedom of knowledge. They wanted a more equalitarian society, where power is not centralized to anybody, but each individual has a role of equal existential value in society.

This struggle brewed over a few thousand years from the times of the superflood, and hostilities began to escalate at feverish pitch and culminates in the first world war of our time with the ]Mahabharata. This was an absolutely devestating and catastrophic war, and the evidence clearly indicates this was fought with WMD. It involved all major nations of the world from East and West. While, the Aryans won the war, the devestation and fallout was so rampant whatever remained of civilisation since the superflood, was in tatters. The noble Aryan civilisation and its knowledge was lost and continued to decay over the years. This is mirrored in the decline of the Indus Valley civilisation, which begins to decline from 1900BCE and loses much of its urban culture. The posterior generations are so widely out of touch with their ancestors, they begin to lose all memory of the past. The only record that remains is the Vedic literature that only a very elite few still understand.

The decline of the Aryan civilisation gives impetus to the early NWO(a part of Sumerian culture, which later is the foundation of Western culture) to consolidate and assume global power. Their aim is to destroy any vestige of old Aryan values wherever they find them. Their first consolidation is in the form of the early Abrahmic religion(note, I am not making anti semitic remarks and have no anti-semitic sentiments of any kind) which institutionalises absolute state power using religion. The scriptural injunctions being nothing more than a set of laws that preserve the power of the elite.

But there remains still significant challenge externally to the the early NWO's plan to go global, the surviving Aryans cultures around the world, called Pagans by the elite. This consists of ancient Wicca, Hindus, Persians, Arabs, Greeks, Celts etc, or more accurately the Indo-Europeans. Aryan values also survived in Native Ameica, Australia and Africa and Egypt. For the NWO to succeed they had to conquer all these cultures and thus began their thousand year old plan to do that: Globalization.

Globalization is not a new phenomenon, it was set into motion thousands of years ago with the rise of the Roman Empire, and the plans for it are even older. The first major challenge the NWO faced was early Christianity, which had formed under the influence of the Pagan cultures and was undermining the previous NWO institution: the Abrahmic religion. They persecuted these early Christians, drove them out of the state, executed them etc, but when they realised that Christianity was too strong to be repressed, they subverted and distorted it and turned it into their state religion. It then became the new religious institution of state control. All of the original Christians were silenced and a certain canon of gospels favouring state ideology was created. This has been Christianity ever since.

The Roman empire then expanded using Christianity as a means of ideological control and conquered the Pagans. It tried to purge the world of all its Aryan values, which in the West were more strongly manifest in the Greeks, but the Roman influence was not strong enough to go East. In fact in the East the Indian empires were too strong to subvert. This is where Islam comes in. Islam started out as a reaction to the Roman Empire, it considered Christianity as the state religion to be weak, and wanted a more monolithic, intolerant, absolute state control. This proved to far more succesful than the Romans attempts in gaining power in the world. Islam, within just a few decades of its founders death, had taken over virtually all of Arabia and soon it had conquered the Northen Indian empires as well, but had failed to conquer the South. Later, the Mughal empire of India saw decline and with that Indian empires reappeared in the North.

The NWO were losing their battle to globalize again. This is when they introduced a new doctrine, which would prove to be the most effective and efficient doctrine for centures to come: Industrial Capitalism and Colonialism and the new centre for this new empire was going to be Britain. The British were succesfully able to subvert virtually the entire world with this new doctrine. Their greatest conquest was over the original Aryan homeland: Indian subcontinent. They were so succesful they were able to make its inhabitants turn against its own Aryan culture and accept Western hegemony. Globalization had begun.

In the 20th century, the NWO decided that Britain was too small to continue their global operations and internal problems there made it unsuitable, so they shifted their base to North America which was abundant in resources and by that they created the worlds first industrial superpower. It became the economic, cultural and media hegemon of the entire world and the centre of the globalized world. Not a single country in the world was free from its projection of power. The NWO used America to monopolize global power and setup global organizations like UN, WTO etc. All of this was the final bid to accomplish their thousands year old plan: ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, ONE POWER, ONE ELITE, ONE SLAVE CULTURE.

We all know what the NWO finally want: A one world elite body with absolute power over the masses. A totalitarian society, where the masses live in total subjection to it, in absolute ignorance of the ideological structures and apparatus.

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 02:08 PM
what i find a bit unsatisfactory is the distinct lack of tangible motive.

is it just insanity? why do i find this too convenient...? i hypothesize that the real danger would be the emergence of a functioning, homegrown culture which is capable of achieving goals beyond the reach of the ruling elites. stagnation is, after, all the only thing a one world dictatorship would guarantee.

who benefits from such a scenario?

posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 03:07 PM
reply to post by Long Lance

Short answer: The NWO is evil

Long Answer: I can understand why the actions and intentions of the NWO would seem so pointless, after all what does one gain from this? We can ask similar questions about criminals, serial killers, meglomaniacs, why do do they do what they do, what possible benefit do they get from it? This one is hard to answer, but what it does tell us that in this world exists two kinds of people: good and bad people. There are people who believe in noble values like love, freedom, wisdom, and there are people who believe in unnoble things like power, greed and hate. The NWO are the latter. They believe they are the supermen and hate the poor and the weak, they resent them, they consider them lower life forms, a slave class to exploit for their ends. To many extent we are living out their values today.

There is also a spiritual explanation for this, which I would like you to take secondary to my first one, because they require a certain belief which I don't want to impose on you. Not just on this planet, but throughout the universe there exists good and bad people and there is a constant conflict going on between them. The NWO are connected to these bad people, but at the same time they are struggling against the good people. So all the history of our civilisation has been this struggle between these good and bad people going on in the background of which the masses are ignorant.

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by Indigo_Child

i don't know, it depends on whether they are willing to sacrifice themselves and their lives for their cause, ie. the true nature of the beast will only become apparent once you kill it.

no matter what was originally intended, the entire ordeal appears self-destructive to the untrained eye, doesn't it? if you consider that a given, how likely is that it just happened that way? not very, i'm afraid, after all we're talking about an organisation that's older than written history. why would anyone plan and implement like that unless they're living in total isolation from the rest, including us?

i can see why people are talking about aliens, it makes sense.

posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 11:23 PM
reply to post by Long Lance

That I don't know. All my research shows me that the NWO exists and the historical narrative I described above is how things played out, but what exactly is the nature of this beast is unknown. They could be just meglomanical elite human families, they could be satanic cults, and I hinted somewhat in my second explanation, they could be not of this earth.
The sheer scale of their operation to me hints the latter explanation. But all we need to know whatever the nature of this beast, this beast is evil as far as we are concerned and has very bad intentions towards us.

They will consolidate power soon. This is the sad and unfortunate fact I have concluded, and there is nothing we can do about it. They are too powerful to stop. We are already in an advanced state of the NWO coming into full force, and the current economic crisis and breakdown in international politics has a lot to do with this move towards consolidation. I predict by 2015 the NWO will be in power.

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