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Two mystery men, a flurry of bizarre texts hours before drownings ... the riddle of Jude and disable

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 12:12 PM
I put this into the 'Current Events' forum as I'm not sure if it would go into 'Breaking News'. Apologies if this is a mess but it's my first 'major' post here on ATS and I'm trying to get to grips with the editor and stuff.

The Sun had an article on 21 March that caught my eye. The headline reads:

Two mystery men, a flurry of bizarre texts hours before drownings ... the riddle of Jude and disabled Millie

Source: The Sun article

Two things attracted me to it. The text message "Keep your eyes peeled for a big story in the newspapers to prove once and for all the Government are lying to us". And the sentence "Meanwhile sources told The Sun that Jude had begun to believe Millie — who developed cerebral palsy after infant meningitis — had been “poisoned” by a whooping cough vaccine."

And then today in the Mail On Sunday a friend of the woman (Heidi Kingstone) wrote an article in which she (Heidi) mentioned visiting Iraq in 2003

Source: Mail On Sunday article

Another news story in the Mail On Sunday also discusses this.

Source: Mail On Sunday News article

The three articles between them mention scientology, David Coulthard, The Queen Mother and Pink Floyd (among other things)

Is there more than meets the eye happening here?

The whole thing made me think about the thread by zeusadam here on ATS regarding a conspiracy in the horsing world. You can see that thread here.. be aware, it's long and hard to follow New proof in war on terror. Al Quada message the days are pregnant

I'm not saying there is a link between the two but... I'd like your feedback.



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