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From NY to Lexington KY + surroundings

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 10:01 AM
Hi all,

we are planning to travel to the U.S next June to see relatives that are currently living in Lexington KY. My thought is to fly from Europe to NY, rent a car and drive down to Kentucky. We would have roughly 3 weeks time to explore. Any recommendations?

The travelling party is

myself; interested in UFOs, conspiracies etc. (....and shopping)
my hubby; interested in fast cars, country music, hard rock music and body building
2 boys, aged 3yrs and 5yrs

Now, given the fact that the kids are still little the day's drive shouldn't be too long.

I'd appreciate any idea + tips what are the places around the east coast worth a visit.

Thank you in advance



posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 01:34 AM
I used to live in Lexington and a few hours out. A great city and Louisville is nice also. I didn't really see anything related to UFOs during my five years but you never know. Try outside of the city in the farmlands and mountains. Especially in the outskirts since its quite open. Plenty of horses and cattle.


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