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Mt Etna, mediterranean, Ring of Fire, Pole Shift, magnetic reversal on sea floor

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 08:48 AM
Hello everyone.

Mt. Etna as of March 14th has been going through some recent activity. As we all know. Now I read that this could be due to some iron. My guess is you guys are speaking about currents of molten iron or something relating to it. Anyway I went to the [ ]website to take a look at Mt. Etna.

Well, interestingly enough I see that the Ring of Fire is showing serious Activity.[ ]

The "Ring of Fire" is becoming activated? At least it looks like it. There is definitely something going on underneath the ocean floor. Perhaps these currents of molten Iron have something to do with it and the spewing over of Mt.Etna... Mediterranean area.

Now if you take a look at Edgar Cayce, 100% accuracy, PROPHET. He says that the breaking up of conditions in South Pacific "sinking or rising" in the Mediterranean or Etna area. Northern Europe will be changed in a "blink of an eye" pole shift, the Etna Area.

Also, Vesuvius (Campanian volcanic arc, which I do not see yet), and Pelee. Mt Etna is closer to Vesuvius (calabrian arc). Either way it all goes back to THE RING OF FIRE. OCEANIC CONTINENTAL CONVERGENCE. []

We were also told that California, Salt lake, Nevada southern area would be destroyed by these earthquakes (perhaps, small earthquake activity). Which is already happening. Nyrangogo Volcano in Africa is also seeing some activity. Japan would be completely under water and dissapeared. Well, Japan happens to be in the ring of fire, and they took are seeing some activity. They just had an earthquake.

Anyhow if anyone can do some research on Edgar. The Ring of Fire, and USGS website to see what is currently going on in ocean floor. You will see that it Really does interlink.

Another deal. Planet Nibius is also getting closer to us. earth. I wonder if this magnetic field is having an impact on our Ring of Fire activity that we are currently seeing. What does the spewing over of stuff from Mt. Etna have to do with the earth's core? its magnetic reversal or shift?

I know that migratory birds have had issues they have been found in other places of the world when normally they would never do that. Anyhow. Just a thought.


MARCH 22, 2009



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