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SOHO-6 Comet burns up in the sun, as another smaller object passes through

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 12:47 AM
Check out this video from SOHO, showing a comet being vaporized by the sun.
This itself is not out of the ordinary but there was something else that I noticed in the background that I found a little interesting.
View the video and watch below where the comet comes into view on the left, then after the comet is gone, watch the frames on the right side of the sun as well.
Something appears at about .01 second below the comet to the left, passes behind the sun and then reappears on the right, lower side of the sun and moves quickly off panel.
Could be an asteroid, another comet or "something else"
Youll also notice a very large "shadow" appear from left to right on the right side of the sun but I dont believe this is anything special, most likely a video anomaly.
Youre welcome to come to your own conclusions on this, as im sure you will

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 12:58 AM
It's a star.

In every LASCO image you can observe objects whose trajectories are almost exactly horizontal. The majority of these objects are stars. (The rest being very occasional planets and asteroids.) Every C3 image has approximately 200-300 visible stars and every C2 image has approximately 10-30 stars visible. Stars will always move from left-to-right (due to SOHO's orbit about the Sun) at a speed of a few pixels/hour. Occasionally, planets appear in LASCO images and they, too, have a nearly horizontal motion. However, planets can move left or right through the field-of-view and can be faster or slower than the background stars.


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