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C-TRAILS over DULCE, New Mexico ALIEN BASE?!? (Road trip '09)

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 11:16 AM
So I was traveling through Dulce, New Mexico the other day, with fellow ATS members MemoryShock and Schrodingers Dog.

Standard ATS vacation stuff, looking for the underground alien base and all. More info in these threads.

Well barbed wire sort of prevented us from photographing the interesting looking areas on the mountain that we'd seen on Google Earth, but as we were headed out of town, we noticed the sky was filled with c-trails!

These were many more than we saw anywhere else in New Mexico!

So we snapped a few pics to share with everyone. The last two are from a different camera, which is why the lensing looks different. Also Photoshopped them for the ATS media site. I've included hires originals as links!


Oh here's a thread on Dulce if you haven't heard of it!
Extra-Terrestrial Installation in Dulce, New Mexico



Hires Original
Here we have a beautiful pics on the side of the Mountain, showing both the fenced off area, and the dispersion of a c-trail in the sky.



Hires Original
Criss-crossing c-trails, a wide shot.



Hires Original
This is what they look like after dispersing a bit; you can see the more recent ones in there too.



Hires Original
Notice the parallel trails behind the power lines; perhaps more visible in the hi-res version



Hires Original
Another dispersion shot; why do they curl like that?



Hires Original
Very pretty mountains and trees in the area. Notice the 'normal looking' cloud in the background!



Hires Original
And here is a great contrast shot: dispersed c-trail clouds in the foreground, one of the planes in the middle, and a pretty fluffy cloud in the background.



Hires Original
That glare is the sun! Same area as from a previous pic, with a different angle.



Hires Original
Another great contrast pic with the different types of clouds, c-trails, on the road as we leave town.


Hope you enjoyed the pics! I am wondering if anyone has studied perhaps the radar-deflecting properties of these types of atmospheric phenomena? I was just thinking that could be useful in certain areas.

Edit: Oh okay the 'Hires Original' pictures in the links are Photoshopped, too, for the Media Site.
I scaled them to 25% original size (half dimensions) - no cropping!

[edit on March 21st 2009 by Ian McLean]

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 11:22 AM
It would seem that the government knows what you guys are up to, so they've deployed their most efficient means of killing you guys off so the truth won't come out.


On a more serious note, I hope you guys brought an extra jumper, looks like a cooler change coming in

On an even more serious note, keep up the good work!

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by Ian McLean

Nice pics. Don't worry, those are just harmless water vapor.

If its so harmless, why do I have to use the windshield washers to clean the dust off my windshield after a snowstorm?

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 11:37 AM
This is just to let you know, Ian, that the History Channel has decided to air the long-awaited Dulce special on Wednesday, March 25, four-days before the upcoming Dulce Base: Fact or Fiction conference/public meeting in Dulce.
The UFO Hunters progam of the History Channel which will be shown on Wednesday, March 25 is entitled: "Underground Alien Bases". It will be shown at 10 p.m. for those in the Pacific time zone.
In Dulce, which is in the Mountain time zone, it will be shown at 11 p.m.
I hope you will all stay for the public meeting in Dulce on March 29.

In the meantime, final preparations are being made for the public meeting in Dulce:


Conference and Public Forum to be held in Dulce, New Mexico on March 29, 2009

Originally submitted by Access Media for Norio Hayakawa, expanded version:

DULCE, NEW MEXICO – Eye witnesses, law enforcement officers, paranormal investigators and local residents will all meet at a conference in Dulce, New Mexico on March 29 to discuss long-standing rumors of a secret, underground U.S. government biological laboratory and base in the area. Norio Hayakawa, a retired funeral director and former director of a civilian intelligence network, is hosting the conference at the Best Western Jicarilla Inn in Dulce. His intent is to prove that these rumors may have prosaic explanations.
However, he asserts that some of these prosaic explanations may be disturbing, if true, and if revealed to the public.

According to Hayakawa, stories began to circulate in the mid-1970s when area residents witnessed "strange lights in the sky" and when ranchers reported mysterious cattle mutilations and frequent sightings of military helicopters. The rumors intensified in 1980 when Paul Bennewitz, who was then the president of Thunder Scientific Labs adjacent to Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, reported his experiences with what he described as "alien entities". Bennewitz claimed that these entities were controlling humans through electromagnetic devices, that their triangular craft crashed near Dulce, that some strange aerial objects were regularly flying near Kirtland, the nearby Manzano Nuclear Weapons Storage Facility and Coyote Canyon Test Area, and that they were transmitting signals to him from a base under Archuleta Mesa, adjacent to Dulce.

One of the speakers at the conference will be Greg Bishop, who thoroughly investigated the Bennewitz claims in his book Project Beta.. There will also be a few other well-known speakers. “However,” Hayakawa said, “the principal focus of the conference will be with local residents, ranchers and law enforcement officers who will testify about their personal experiences.”

Interest in the conference and the decades-long rumor of a Dulce base are high. “The UFO Hunters,” a popular History Channel television show, recently visited Dulce to interview residents and research facts about the purported Dulce base. “Because of the History Channel investigation, the townsfolk of Dulce are very much aware of the conference,” said Hayakawa. “For the first time, some of the residents may come forward at the conference to speak without fear of ridicule.”

Skeptical of the claims and rumors himself, Hayakawa is convinced there could be prosaic explanations to both the UFO sightings and cattle mutilations, and looks forward to the conference providing a resolution of the matter. "There has not been any physical evidence whatsoever that there is such a base in or near Dulce," Hayakawa asserted.. "However,” he admitted, “I have heard about some disturbing allegations concerning the Dulce area relevant to serious environmental as well as health issues."

"One such wild allegation", said Hayakawa, "is the allegation that the government, beginning in the mid 1970s, may have conducted clandestine operations in the area involving experiments with bovine diseases, anthrax and other substances as part of biological warfare research." Hayakawa also says he has heard from other sources that there may also have been some illegal dumping or storage of toxic chemicals and other bio-hazzardous materials in the nearby areas.

(On a curious side note, Hayakawa stated that when he first visited Dulce in 1990 with the crew of a Japanese TV Network to help produce a TV special on Dulce, they were inexplicably detained by the Jicarilla Apache police chief while they were interviewing the people on the streets about their sightings of military helicopters, strange lights in the sky and also about cattle mutilations in the nearby areas.)

"Another allegation that I have heard", continued Hayakawa, is "the allegation that the there has been a cover-up of occasional radiation leaks in the region resulting from a 1967 underground nuclear detonation which took place about 22 miles southwest of Dulce.." The name of that government experiment was called Project Gasbuggy, part of the government's attempt to utilize nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. It was part of the Plowshare Program. Hayakawa said that it was conducted "ostensibly to ease the flow of natural gas in the region, but the government knew well in advance that it would produce high amount of radiation".

"These may have some relevance to an allegation that there has been relatively high rate of cancer in this region as well as some reports of problems with fertility among some women in the area as well", said Hayakawa.

Hayakawa also stated that "if some of these allegations are true", then he supports a theory "that the government may have purposefully created some 'convenient' cover stories to conceal those activities and may even have staged a series of fake 'UFO-type' incidents in the area, utilizing high tech equipment such as holographic projection devices." This type of operation, according to him, has been a part of the Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) programs utilized by the military. "The association of this area with 'UFOs' certainly creates a laughter curtain and ridicule and would detract attention away from serious scrutiny of the area."

According to Greg Bishop, Paul Bennewitz may have been a target of a concerted effort by the government through the AFOSI at Kirtland Air Force Base as well as Sandia and Phillips Labs to brainwash him into believing that there is an alien base under the Archuleta Mesa in Dulce, 125 miles north of Albuquerque. Their main goal was to move away the focus of Bennewitz's curious scrutiny of leading-edge military test projects near the Coyote Canyon. Greg Bishop suggests that part of what Bennewitz may have witnessed near the Manzano Storage Area and Coyote Canyon Test Areas in 1979 could have been the government's test flights of prototypes of remotely-controlled platforms (unmanned aerial vehicles) and testing of some laser-based optical tracking technologies.. "If this had been the case these devices may have been utilized in timely fashion over Dulce during the height of government's clandestine operations near Dulce", said Hayakawa.

Whatever the case may be, Hayakawa said that this fascinating one-day conference, open to the public, will start at 10:00 a.m. and will conclude at 5 p..m.. Admission is $5 at the door. The conference will include an open public forum during which the public will be given an opportunity to report their experiences and express their opinions.

Additional information can be found at

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 07:15 PM
Very interesting. I've been wanting to go on an Alien road trip from Area 51, Sedona and Roswell and have some fun and maybe do a little research.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 07:40 PM
The simple answer to that would be Dulce is right under the flight path, hence the contrails, but i guess you probably already know that much.
I doubt there is anything abnormal going on here, with the sky at least cant say whats going on at ground level though.
Still keep up the good work.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 07:44 PM

Originally posted by Ian McLean
Well barbed wire sort of prevented us from photographing the interesting looking areas on the mountain that we'd seen on Google Earth, but as we were headed out of town, we noticed the sky was filled with c-trails!
[edit on March 21st 2009 by Ian McLean]

What the hell....did you forget to bring your orgone cloud buster with you, so you could destroy the trails?

Oh right...I forget they dont actually work

Nice pics anyway, I like the one that has the contrail already embedded in the cirrus cloud....maybe these contrails were created by secret government planes

Fingers crossed

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 08:04 PM
Nothing to see here folks, move along!


I bet that was an awesome trip with the three of you together.

Thanks for sharing the pics.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by Ian McLean

Dulce is uh, Black Mesa. For now and all I know, it's where they take the "duds". Take care. Have a nice day . -------------PC

posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 12:03 AM
beautiful pictures so crisp and clean except for the ctrails...

posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 09:42 AM
There are extreme c-trails over Las Cruces all the time. It is crazy with tic-tac-toe grids on a daily basis. I would say that the c-trails have nothing to do with the alien base at dulce.

I believe there is an underground base at dulce. There is a crazy train system under the state of New Mexico, that links the NASA facility, White Sands Missile Range, Kirtland AFB, Los Alamos, Oscura peak, and other facilities.

This state is hollowed out and tunneled to high heaven. There is no telling what is really down there.

My family had a ranches here for decades. There were numerous UFO sightings at our ranch near Carizozo, which is close to Oscura Peak, which is the real area 51, but it is called area 29. It's where they took the Nazi Rocket scientists, and flying saucer scientists after WWII.

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