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United or Divided?

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 05:31 AM
So here we are at last. At a point in time knowing we are faced with something big. You can feel it, its right there, but there is perhaps either a conscious or sub-conscious acknowledgment that we understand it isn't set in stone. So many people at so many different points of personal evolution collectively knowing that what is going on is absolutely profound and we are not truly understanding how to decode or how to cope with it.

The year is 2009 and when you step out, way out, you see its identical to so many previous points of history. ATS has virtually itself proven there are such grand cycles taking place in this universe at every moment. This site is filled to the brim with such creativity, imagination, and expression. There is no good or bad, it just simply is what it is. A microcosm of this planet gathered to figure things out and share. That is what you can see when you strip everything else away. Knowledge. Collected, by us.

So there is what I am here to ask.. is our race United or Divided? Where is our direction? What is our goal? We plan out our personal lives, we communicate with our families, we reach out to sites like ATS, but what about all of us? What is our goal right now? We have representations from all over the planet here right now. This is AMAZING!! Are we United or Divided? Are we family or foe, thinking of future paranoia and bloodshed in sit x which has the potential to be completely avoided if right now we can answer and apply this immediately to our lives.

How much do we love each other? Really love each other? Can we, when that times come, drop ALL differences, no matter what is happening around us, and finally permanently evolve thrusting us into a future which up until that point had been our wildest and most beautiful dreams? We know we can end seperation, look what we have right here! Are we going to finally not choose war for once in all of humanities history? To choose evolution over destruction. I do not believe we need million to die only to learn millions didn't have to die.

Do we choose fear? Picking up guns, fighting for food, locking our doors... paranoid out of gourds that our lives are crashing down and knowing it actually didn't have to come to that. I am personally ready to take full responsibility if it comes to that, and I will acknowledge how little I did to change it, because I wanted it that much, perhaps choosing fear myself.

And this is why I come to you, to collectively ask in this micocosm of our planet, are we United or are we Divided? Are we strong or are we afraid? Are we responsible or are we immature? Just how many pieces of the puzzle are we willing to connect without fear of how easily it fits together? To adapt to what is coming so that we all grow together, for the first time. Choosing imagination and expression over limitation.. it is a choice and not one to be made in any other moment then right now, what would the point be in waiting any longer?

It was never about conspiracies, it was never about ET's, it was never about spirits, or gods. It's always been about us, and that is exactly why all of this is happening. About our direction, and our purpose as a race that happens to have one of the most beautiful planets that our current science will admit to. Look at how wonderful of a home we have, how could we be so willing to let go of that and to destroy it? It's the only home we've got right now.

I can only speak for myself, I can only take responsibility for myself, but I know we are united. We always have been, but they've done a most wonderful job at dividing us. Even in regards to sports, music, movies, conspiracies even! In peoples skin color, hair style, eating habits, fashion. How is it we've come to allow this to happen? Its our responsibility. We are United! And to know this within myself and to see it everywhere around me beyond the ego, beyond needing to be right, beyond the desire for attention or acknowledgement, beyond the waxing of our intelligence, it's all there, right in front of us.

If we can realize that we are here to learn and work together, to be respectful to each other, to just simply love each other no matter all the above differences and faults, then and only then can we start taking the steps to do what we need to do to secure that. But our coordinates must be located first, our footing must be found so we can finally stop falling backwards having to only do it all over again.

We are United, and excuse my language, but damn ATS, you are one amazing group of people. I wish that you could feel my heart right now, because it would be so profound that it makes the biggest paycheck, the prettiest car, the most enlightened book, and the best meal ever feel inconsequential.. and pardon me if those analogies don't do it justice. I do not wish to detract from the post.

I have nothing but love and admiration for all of you. And no longer do we need to divide each other. This is me, there is nothing to prove, there is no more debate to be had. Lets start right here, no debate, no arguments, no more inequality of beliefs. We have the choice, let us make it before it is made for us. We are the ones in control of our own lives. We are the ones who can save this planet and our people.

I love you more than words, and so this ends.

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 05:40 AM
I hope this was in the right forum, I didn't know where else to place it.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 05:57 AM
the end is always near my, my friend


seriuosly dude, don't worry so much. things aren't any more stressful now then during any other time in history. people are always bashing each other's brains out for whatever reason.

it's kinda like when people get all worked up about a planetary alignment or something. remember that one a few years back that only happens every 5,000 years or something?

so what, it doesn't matter. every second and every day only happens once, ever.

go buy a dog and feed it some ice cream. you'll feel better.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 06:04 AM
There is no worried to be had, only hope to be shared.

Be In Peace.

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