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Visions and Psychic predictions for the next few years by proven psychic

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posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 08:51 AM

Originally posted by RussianScientists
reply to post by TheTimeMachine

I hate to burst your bubble TheTimeMachine but you need to quit smoking whatever it is you are smoking, because it isn't working out for you like you must think it is.

Sollog looks to be an absolute idiot from the site that you brought up; end of story.

I would like to know where in my previous post you think I was wrong. The truth is I am correct in what I said. You couldn't argue on any of the facts I bought up so you resorted to name calling. I expected better.

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 12:09 PM
Honestly, I cannot see anything this guy has said as being prophetic.
I came to the same conclusions at about the same time. Unfortunetly.

His future predictions for Russia are also out of touch. Russia is actively gaining influence within it's pre-breakup states. Often by political pressure and with force. They are also rearming at an alarming rate. China, Well who couldn't see that coming? His predictions for Japan are out the window. They are doing just as porely as the US financially. Terroist attacks! Another, "who didn't see that coming?

In a nutshell. So far this guy is just a good guesser nothing more!

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 01:16 AM
reply to post by palg1

Thanks palg1, you state he is a good guesser, and maybe that is true, but his guesses or predictions are so far fairly accurate. I don't think that they will all come true, but there is the chance that they could.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 11:31 AM
reply to post by RussianScientists

I'm still waiting for you to tell me where I was wrong.

Obama was number one in the polls and favourite to win the election when the guy in the video made his fake prediction that Obama would win.

Sollog, on the other hand, predicted the rise of Obama way back in November 2007, when Hillary Clinton was firm favourite.

The Dow Jones was at 13,500 when Sollog predicted it would crash. Now it's languishing at around 7,900. The prophecy is timestamped on google.

I don't see any prediction as good as that from anyone else.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by TheTimeMachine

If this is what you want, then so be it. "You are wrong".

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 02:59 PM
reply to post by RussianScientists

What this proves is people hate to be confronted with the TRUTH.

People prefer a thread about a fake time traveller to one that's about someone who can genuinely see into the future.

That's why humanity is f*****.

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posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by TheTimeMachine

The Time Traveler is interesting.

TheTimeMachine, I don't understand how you can be bragging about Zollog or whatever his name is... look at his predictions on the site you stated.



To celebrate the 13th year of the Discovery of the "Point of
Creation", I release these Xmas Prophecies.

13 is the Number of Judgement!
13 is the Number of DEATH!
13 Quatrains below FORETELL the DEATH of many!


Another historic Great Quake
Will it be on 12/25, or;
Will it be on 1/1


Beware New York City
The Tunnels and Bridges all struck
17 Dirty Bombs by Terrorists


Another rash of PLANE CRASHES
2 Planes collide in the AIR
2 Planes collide on the GROUND
1 Plane explodes in the Air


TERRORISM around the World
TERRORISM shall hit the Rails
TERRORISM shall hit the Seas
TERRORISM shall hit the Air


Have you read my Prophecy
The Deaths of 7 Stars
Another Star is struck
Just read the List


Another famous Prophecy from the Past
The Deaths of 7 Preachers
Have you read the list?
Another Preacher from the list dies


The wonder of e-commerce
OH NO! The internet comes to a virtual STOP
Is it terrorism?
Or is it a bug?


The DEATH of another famous ROYAL
It causes such turmoil
Who controls the oil?
A war over the soil


Massacres around the world
So many killed in Mosques
What a slaughter in the Synagogue
A killing spree in the Church


What goes up... Must come down
The CRASH of STOCKS around the world
Fortunes GONE in a blink of an eye
Traders shall commit SUICIDES


Black Gold
Texas Tea
Rumors of WAR
The price of OIL SOARS


Racism is alive and well in SUSA (Satan USA)
Can a black man become President?
Barak in Sumerian means THE THRONE


Tragedy for the family of the drunk Cowboy who snorts coc aine
He dwells in the Laban Beth
His SIGN is the SKULL and BONES, the 3rd Generation
In Sumerian THE HOUSE OF DEATH is Ba'Ush

I don't see any prophecies there that were true in 2007 or 2008. They were only xmas prophecies that looked like a whacko wrote them.

On the other hand.....

This kid in the videos does a very good job on his prophecies. They are clearly understandable, and have definite dates.

I'd bet that you TheTimeMachine could do a lot better in making prophecies than Zolan. His prophecies look like a joke, for someone that thinks he is a professional. A professional would make their prophecies look better than that mumbo jumbo. The kid on the other hand is not a professional, and is doing an impromptu video telling about his dreams, and his dreams seem to be coming true; not bad for a kid.

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 10:04 AM
I really think this guys clock is broken. We should be seeing WW 3 a bit sooner than that. He has predicted some things like Obama and Hilary, but he didn't mention some of the bigger things that I have seen. Like a Yellowstone Volcano eruption, nuclear war in America, a falling star, invasion of America, and a terrible plague. I don't have very exact dates, but I can say that we are at the point right before the starting line, the point where the athletes who wish to compete, begin warming up for the race. I dreamed all of the things I predict, I virtually dream the future. I don't have as many dreams like that now, as I did just a few years ago, but that is because I have already seen it and now I must prepare my mind, into the racing mode because I am a pretty good runner, lol. I am studying volcanoes in college, as I believe that is my greatest concern at the moment and I believe that it will cause us the most grief early on in the race. The starting bell will be to the gong of an exploding volcano and floods of lava are always menacing. In the first heat of the race we(the USA) will be confronted with an invasion by an oriental people, this will occur at almost the same time as the volcanic eruptions. Several volcanoes will come to life in Idaho and Wyoming as Yellowstone awakens. There will be many earthquakes some so large that the earth will role like the waves in the ocean. There will also be rifting of the North American Continent and another sea will form where the midwest US is. A massive nuclear war will develop after the cataclysm, as rival nations feel the best time to strike is during our recooperation from the geological awakening. The geological awakening is where the earth begins to move her
crustal plates at super fast rates, the volcanoes at the edge of these plates must all be erupting almost simultaneously for this to occur because the plates must get hot at the edges to move more fluidly. For this reason there will be many in shelters and underground bunkers who will be squished because they are staying put and not moving with the earth. If you have the money to prepare (yes there is still time) be shure to prepare several sites in different locations hundreds of miles apart so if one place is destroyed you have another to fall back on and also prepare stashes in the wilderness of supplies and hide them really good but where you can find them, these stashes are absolutely gold during this time because most will not be prepared at all. Learn to defend yourselves against anything especially gangs and wild animals like dogs, cougars, bears ect., as they will all be very hungry and desperate, and will not hesitate to attack. Form true friendships and bonds with family as this will be more of a team race than going it alone. Almost all who will survive will do so with their team. The more there are in your team the better. Take off your masks and look at yourselves, get to know yourselves better and remember to think about the extreme possibilites more because it is about to get really extreme. You don't want to be caught up with disbelief and panic when it happens, that would be fatal. So prepare your mind first and stay fit and strong. This guys(the guy on the video) predictions are staggered in the years away he says things are. Russia has become very significant already in world affairs and they pull the strings of nations like Iran and Venezuela. We can expect problems with Russia much sooner than 2030. I can see things erupting around the 2012 area and progressively getting worse for about 4 to five years before the earth calms down. This calm is where the seat of the Beast will be set up, where the stage is literally set, as he grows into a man. The Beast was born in June of 1999, during an event where the sunsopts on the sun all focused at the solar equator facing the earth. We can expect him to hit the stage in his 20's, where he will die and then come back to life a few days later.

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by Angel One

Angel One welcome to ATS, and welcome to this thread. Please break up your ATS posts from now on because it is hard to read long blocks of text, many others complain about this also over the years about long texts not broken up. You are doing fine though, I like your positive addition to this thread.

He looks a little on the wild side, but I think 2015/16 is too early for a nuclear war. But you see WWIII earlier than that? I hope you are wrong, I hope you are both wrong, I hope there never is any nuclear war.

I don't see the Yellowstone Volcano erupting any time soon. First of all, the Yellowstone Volcano is still a caldera, meaning it is a big open pit still. It would have to do a lot of rising in order to erupt, and I'm pretty sure its doing nothing more than re-routing some geothermal activity in the region.

There are many falling stars, and an invasion of America is entirely out of hand. An invasion would mean that a lot of planes or boats would be carrying troops over here; and that is illogical because they would be shot out of the sky or blown out of the water way before they got here.

I can see that a terrible plague might occur, how it might come about I'm not sure though. It would have to be an air-born plague to be really bad for the masses.

It's good to hear that your are studying volcanoes, they can be interesting if you are around active ones, and a lot of volcanoes are more active than most people realize.

No oriental people will be invading the USA, they aren't stupid, they would be sitting ducks if they tried to invade the USA. You've been reading too many books that weren't text books Angel One when you were younger.

You are starting to sound like a survivalist in your post Angel One. I like the part about being a team player in surviving, that is correct thinking; alone you would not survive.

You paint a doom and gloom picture of the future Angel One, you definitely need to get out an relax and enjoy life and get away from the doom and gloom stuff.

This world we live in is a wonderful place full of beauty and wonderment. Get outside and look around in all directions and drive around and look at all of the beauty that exists in the countryside. Governments aren't going to go to war and destroy all that exists now. Governments are going to protect what exists now, but they will play their games of push and shove just to get some attention and try to put fear into others, but such trivial stuff stops wars.

Our governments are afraid of the future, they are unsure about 2012 as everybody else is, they aren't going to do anything big until far after 2012, because they are scared of what might occur in or around 2012. The Mayans wrote the future correctly all through their calendar and countries realize this, that is why no big wars will start before the ending of the Mayan calendar.

I don't see any big wars coming for a long time. As a matter of fact, I don't see anything cataclysmic coming at all in our future, until we start passing into the galactic rift at the end of 2012, then and only then might things change; but how much we don't know.

Be positive about the future Angel One. As for devastating volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and the Earth shifting, we will all be prepared for them when they get ready to do their thing, and we will all survive together. People amaze one another at such times, people pull together for the betterment of all.

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 10:51 AM
This guys is a harier Sarah Palin.

The sentence tooooo NOWHEÉERE?!?!?!

Move on - nothing to see here

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 11:02 AM
reply to post by TailoredVagabond

TailoredVagabond, welcome to ATS and this thread. You must have watched his video, as did many others; this is easily determined by the number I posted in the opening post. Almost 700 people have looked at it since I posted it a week ago, so he is getting lots of attention.

I'll bet lots of them were shocked when they first seen him, but his dream prophecies are pretty good.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 01:30 PM
reply to post by RussianScientists

The Yellowstone caldera is quite active and will progress a lot over the next several years, did you know that the whole center of the North American continent should be under a shallow sea. The reason it is not under the sea, is because the Yellowstone complex has lifted up the whole continent refilling its reservoir. I don't see the Yellowstone caldera itself erupting first, but as the grand finale of a whole mess of volcanic activity throughout this region.

I don't see WW 3 starting first, but I do see war in America, and in the dreams the opponent was oriental, and they did not prevail, but they tried. In my dreams this progressed to nuclear war and all of a sudden there were
military vehicles several stories tall, carting their warheads through the streets, and in a convoy.

I also saw a plague occuring in this period, the plague was really strange though, because it turned its victims into monsters, kind of like zombies but with more energy and know how than depicted in the movies. This breaks out in the US, and it seemed that there were regions that were infected and some that were clean. It was like something about the whole world had literally changed with a flash and in an instant. I know it sounds wierd but I think there might be some truth to the idea of a virus that produces the living dead.

I don't read much anything science fiction or fantastic. The only books I really read are science books and the Bible. I don't blame you for thinking that though, as I am being apocalyptic and fantastic at the same time.

I do see a lot of good and beauty in life, and good people as well. I know there is great beauty in this world. I am also saying that the end days will be some of the most fantastic times ever, and therein is great beauty to me because I like to see power exercised. I like to watch volcanoes explode for example. The power, the lightning it produces, the beautiful eruption column it produces, and the great abundance of minerals it deposits, are all beautiful to me. I like fiery things and I go to study them so I can tell the masses when and where to expect their activity. The is the true job of the vulcanologist, to save lives and I think that is beautiful.

Thank you for the warm welcome as well, I apreciate that because, some people here don't welcome people, but pick on them and are overly critical, you are not like that. You are critical but in a constructive manner, good for you. I always welcome constructive criticism as it can sharpen my perspective. I don't claim to know everything but I do claim to know something others are oblivious to because of my dreams. I give glory to God though, as he is in all control.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 03:01 PM
reply to post by Angel One

Angel One I like hearing your dreams and thoughts. I became a geologist back in the 1980's and I studied Yellowstone National Park back in 2006. The northern part of Yellowstone is quite beautiful, but the southern part isn't quite so beautiful because of the new growth of pine trees down in the southern half or two thirds; they form an impenetrable barrier and one can't see to far. In the northern region of Yellowstone, one can see for miles and the view is spectacular.

I'm not sure where you get the idea:

"did you know that the whole center of the North American continent should be under a shallow sea. The reason it is not under the sea, is because the Yellowstone complex has lifted up the whole continent refilling its reservoir".

I'm sorry but that idea is incorrect, I don't know who told you that or where you read that, but they shouldn't have told you that. Yellowstone is far to the Northwest of the center of North America. The Yellowstone Caldera has its links to the east, from there the Yellowstone Caldera gets its fill of magma.

The Grand Canyon is huge, deep and long. It is due to an uplift running down its center, yet there is no volcanics going on within the Grand Canyon because the sediments are so deep.

More than likely, some of the Yellowstone Caldera was caused by a massive volcanic eruption, but that volcanic eruption was probably caused by a huge meteorite or comet striking the area. The reason many of us think this, is because a complete mountain was turned upside down there in the Yellowstone region. A volcano can blow its top but it will not flip a complete mountain over, that had to be done by a massive impact of some sort.

As the Mid-Atlantic Ridge spreads outwards at about 2 inches a year in general, it creates pressure to the west and to the east of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. We are to the west of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, therefore, all of the land in North America is basically moving towards the west until it grinds against the Pacific Plate, were it fragments and then starts to move northward counterclockwise around the Pacific Plate.

So... the central part of the USA is being uplifted slowy because of the jamming effect of the land towards the west. The Rockies are young and moving up, the Front Range is folding and moving up, and the lowlands are rising gently from the westward movement of the land below us. This is generally well known. So.. the Yellowstone Caldera is not connected with the central part of the USA at all, and it is not lifting the central part of the USA.

Proof that it is not lifting the central part of the USA comes from Piezoseismology, a word I coined back in the 1980s. Piezoseismology graphs the Earth as it rises and lowers and/or any time there is abnormal pressure within the Earth. The graph shows the actual chain reactions as the surface of the Earth moves in the different directions also. Basically Piezoseismology proves that Yellowstone is not connected in any way to the central part of the USA.

Pretty soon you will learn about Piezoseismology in order to accurately predict when volcanic eruptions are going to strike; and to determine when, depth and where destructive earthquakes are going to strike. Different volcanoes are linked to different regions, by watching those regions piezoseismically then it is easy to determine when the volcanoes will blow.

You seeing war in America, I can believe that. There is unrest amoungst the citizens, but they are unorganized; while they are unorganized they are useless in getting anything constructive started or finished.

Your thoughts on a plague I can see as being fairly true also. That it affects the whole world in a quick period of time I can believe that also.

I see you still believe in the End Days. I don't think there will ever be any end days, just more days of Sunshine and Beauty to behold, if one gets out to observe it.

You will more than likely be more than just a Vulcanologist in the future, because Piezoseismology is a completely NEW science and the world has no real idea of it yet, but I will explain it soon on YouTube on many videos.

The thing is, don't get carried away being a volcanologist and piss your life away because a volcano is active. Many volcanologists have died for stupid reasons, and your life is worth more than just to see volcanic activity up close. With piezoseismology you won't need to be very close, in order to determine when it will blow and with what magnitude.

I watched a horrid experience one time. When Mount St. Helens exploded back in the 80s there were two vehicles on the road leaving Mount St. Helens. While the initial heat blast was approaching the two vehicles, the old pick-up truck being driven by a man doing an estimated 90 miles per hour was passed by the station wagon doing 110 miles per hour. The man in the pick-up wasn't driving fast enough, he didn't make it, the heat blast took him. I saw volcanologists standing on the upper portions of Mount St. Helens communicating that "it's going to blow, its going to blow", and they didn't make it.

Life is precious, realize the situation you are in, and act for your safety and others, even if the others out rank you. If you want to save lives, stick around long enough to save more peoples lives; you won't be able to save lives if you are dead.

Terry one of my good friends was a sniper in Vietnam. He had over 400 kills, and has 27 bullet holes throughout his body to provide evidence of his duty to his country. But when he was told by his commanding officer that he and the others were going out on their last duty for their country and that they were not expected to be coming back alive, he refused and took the courtmarshal, and went to military prison for a few years; but he is still alive and doing well, he looks like Mr. Atlas still. He was smart enough to know when to say "NO", hopefully you will do the same when the time comes.

Remember, this is a beautiful world and you have a long life to live in order to see all of it, just like all of the rest of you out there reading this. Doom and gloom is no good, so always stay positve and enjoy life because there will be no end days, that's just a figment of someones imagination. I hope you are doing well in your studies, keep up the good work Angel One.

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posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by RussianScientists

Hello again,
My geology professor told me that about Yellowstone lifting up the continent. He said that was the reason the eperic seas were no longer covering the midwest.

I have a science theory for you, it is a theory that can be tested, and will be by me, I hope. I am doing my volcanic theory on Yellowstones' volcanic source and it will be my thesis, I also have a theory to explain the vastness of space. My theory is similar to some others, but original at the same time.
I can sum it up quite well, but I am very tired and will post it tomarrow. I can say now, that it is a mantle fission hypothesis, and you may or may not like it depending on if you are biased against Christians, as most scientists are. My theory supports Christianity, and I hope you will hear it.

Don't worry about me because I am the one who can say "No" when the time comes. I have also been know to outrun a cheetah, when running for my life, lol. Only because the cheetah gets winded so easily though, lmao.

I will post again tomarrow. Good evening.

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 01:01 PM
reply to post by Angel One

Angel One I can hardly wait to hear of your theories. I like to hear about new theories in geology, yours could be true. As for your professor, I think he needs to go back to school and become a student instead of a teacher; and it should be a much better school next time (smiles).

Angel One, the last time I looked in the mirror I was a Christian; but that doesn't mean that I believe all of the garbage that people put out for Christians. You, over your lifetime will have to weed out the garbage from Christianity as you do anything else and learn to think on your own and realize the difference between the truths and the fantasy.

I currently live in Kansas, but this summer I'll be taking a trip up to Yellowstone National Park once again to do some more geological investigative work. I love it up there in the summer, it's absolutely beautiful up there in the northern parts of Yellowstone.

So you have a Theory on the Volcanic Source of Yellowstone? Don't get to wild on me with your theory. Earth processes are simple, not complicated. I would very much like to hear all of your theories because you are new, and have new ideas, and that is refreshing in itself to us old dogs that have open minds.

So.. your theory has to do with a Mantle Fission Process; I don't know how Christianity would figure into that, unless you have the Devil down there making the Fallen Angels stoke the fires more to make more magma, lol, (just kidding, smiles).

I can hardly wait to hear your Theory on the Vastness of Space. To tell you the truth, I have never thought about the Vastness of Space. To me it is just a void filled with some type of contained lighter-than-air substance which we basically cannot see; just as fish live their lives in a container and cannot see their contained substance in which they live, unless it gets polluted.

Until later my friend.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by RussianScientists

I am looking for my paper and can't seem to find it. I wrote a 26 page research paper on Yellowstone's source. My theory is called the "Vulcan Wise Hypothesis". It is more advanced now though and will come of like an advanced Carl Baugh theory.

I believe that the earth was built as a nuclear reactor that fueled a global hydroponic system. At the base of the lithosphere there were giant caverns of water. The caverns were lined with Uranium and to a lesser degree Thorium; I mean there was a massive ammount of Uranium and Thorium lining these caverns.

When the flood occured these caverns were punctured and as the waters evacuated, the Uranium/Thoruim began to immediately undergo thermonuclear meltdown. Fission occured instantly and the whole crust of the earth melted underneath the waters. As time progressed this Uranium mass began to concentrate itself in large pockets where it would perodically come together, fission would occur and this pocket would blow itself apart sending molten Uranium into the surrounding material.

I believe that is where the plumes come from. I also believe that this great mass of Uranium sinks as it melts the mantle in which it sits this causes the convection of a plmue head containing radioactive material however, less radioactive material would reach the surface, as the plume source sinks within the Mantle.

I beleve that when the mass comes together it really begins to churn up a lot of plume and there are flood basalts in the flood province in the Spokane area. Many new volcanoes will form within several hundred miles radius.

I also think that the descending slab from the subduction from the Juan de Fuca slab, feeds this process of blowing apart and coming back together by scraping off the lithosphere as it descends. I also think that the Plume causes the Juan de Fuca activity as well. My geology professor deosn't think so but I think it is the only logical reason for any subduction to occur there beacuse of the way that the plates are moving with respect to one another.

I see these plumes as the drivers of the plate tectonics paradigm. Kinda strange how they are arranged on the planet don't you think?

I also think that the plume has awakened beneath us several hundred miles down. There should be a rise in the helium immisions there soon if they already haven't, as helium as a sign of the uncreased fission.

My dreams indicate that the flood basalts in the region could occur first as I just dreamed about Yellowstones eruption within the last few years. My dreams don't occur for 6 to eight years after I dream them. However I dreamed about flood basalts a long time ago and that scares me.

I dreamed of a day when everybody is running away from something and hitting the road. I wonder about the 2012 thing a lot as I can feel something changing in me especially.

I love Yellowstone as well and will be going this summer too. It is very beautiful in the Northern part. I really like the hot areas. I also like to go just outside the park to look for samples. I have found some cool stones around these parts. I am into prospecting as well and love opals.

I live a lot closer to Yellowstone than you as I am in North Idaho. Can't wait for the part where I am a vulcanologist an can get my feet wet. I am really anxiuos for a short career in volcanology then it is into the military for me.

My dreams indicate I will become very prominent in the military as well as in the Sciences. I am studying chemistry also and am more in love with chemistry than geology. I want to be the one to predict the composition of black holes on the element chart but I need a lot more experience for that but I think I have it in me. I also think I have an answer for the unified field theory in me as well only time will tell.

I will give you my ideas on space, later my friend.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by Angel One

Angel One your theory is very different I must admit.

I think I will throw a new perspective into your thinking by relating some of my knowledge, which is real and not a hypothesis. I use pretty advanced equipment Angel One, far more advanced than what the USGS has or any other organization in watching geological processes.

I love to prospect and just wander around picking up rock samples, anywhere I go. I like shiny pretty rocks (smiles) and gemstones (precious and semi-precious).

Your dream of everybody running away and everybody hitting the road was probably a very real dream, and unfortunately it will probably come true in the beginning of 2011. They weren't hitting the road for nothing in your dream. It is WWIII, and nuclear war is underway and nuclear fallout spreads over the northern hemisphere with people heading south. Read about Baba Vanga, she is all over the internet.


2010 - World War III. War will begin in November 2010 and end in October 2014. Will begin as usual, then nuclear will be used initially, and then chemical weapons.

2011 - As a result of the fallout of nuclear fallout in the northern hemisphere will not be any animals or vegetation. Then Muslims will wage war against chemical surviving Europeans.

2014 - Most people will suffer skin cancer and other skin diseases (a consequence of chemical warfare).

2016 - Europe almost lonely (empty).

Your volcanology career could be very short and your military career could be very long if the nuclear war starts up like Baba Vanga predicts. I hope Baba Vanga is not correct in her prophesies, but she was very good at that kind of stuff; and the UN hasn't been building all of those DUMB's Deep Underground Military Bases for nothing.

If nuclear war starts out I hope you will get to go underground and be safe, because you will be the right age and great scientists are needed in the future. Unfortunately, your family will not get to go underground just as many others will not get to go underground. So.. many people will probably be hitting the road, because the southern hemisphere will not be harmed because the northern hemisphere winds do not go that far south.

I hope she is wrong for everyone's sake. She predicted our 44th president would be black, and and our economy would be shot, and he would be our last president; number 44 is Obama.

Cheer me up Angel One and tell me of that Space theory of yours. I like your "Vulcan Wise Hypothesis" because it has some merits, just like all hypothesis do. Your global hydroponic system is probably fairly well correct. Your massive accumulation of uranium and thorium theories might need some thinking though. Here is an interesting article.

I'm ready to read about your space theory while I'm still chewing over your Vulcan Wise Hypothesis.

Maybe I'll see you in Yellowstone this summer, it maybe one of the last summers anyone will get to see it in its pristine beauty for quite a while. Enjoy the outdoors and all it wonders as much as possible as long as possible.

Until later my friend.

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 01:41 PM
I'm impressed, those were made back in May i would have never thought Obama would win back then. Seeing if he's right about the other stuff to will be interesting. Nice post.

posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by RussianScientists

Ok here goes, but this is a very beginner theory, rather than a theory I have put a thousand hours in like "The Vulcan Wize Hypothesis".

I believe that when the heavens and the earth were created that the earth was created in a hyperbaric hydrosphere(earth was encased in hydrolene, compressed hydrogen metal/crystal). I believe that the Universe was a tight and compact place with our solarsystem basically in the middle which is pretty much where we still are by the looks of star charts. I think that the cosmos was arranged with seven shelves of stars on either side of the center and between the shelves was purely dark matter which amplified the light and signals of the stars coming into the earth.

There may or may not have been galaxies, I think there were galaxies but not like they are now. I think the shelves were like great sets of galaxies. I think that when the flood happened that God manipulated the cosmos and exploded the cosmos in order to preserve the earth. The earth cannot handle that kind of radiation without the hydrosphere in place so he stretched it out. How you say? I believe completely that the how is to be found in the dark matter. I think that the great masses of dark matter were like giant cosmic spreaders and that they initially transported entire galaxies out several billion light years in the blink of an eye. Like the hinges in a door, they unfolded the Universe. I am thinking that dark matter has a way of grabing things and controling their movement.

In this fasion I think that the Universe unfolded like an accordian and that it expanded like two giant cone spirals to the tune of the golden ratio. The known cosmos looks to me kind of like a couple of cones conected by their tips. I think that the dark matter is like the glove of Gods hands, and that they are connected to the great attractor from which God controls the dark matter. I think that dark matter is a unified field.

I think that all black holes are made up of one infinite atom and that that atom is the Unified Field element itself. I believe that the element chart is not infinite in possibilities but that it is completable and ends with a final element that can be any size larger than its minimum.

I think that some of their more prominent characteristics only show when the singularity is supermassive, eg. their jets. A small black hole will not really show jets but they are there.

I don't think that we need worry about that ladies predictions because I expect to be reigning with Christ in his kingdom sometime in the 2030's. I am more inclined to go with Nostradamus on the end date of 3797. For one, it is alomst eight hundred years after the end of Christs 1000 year reign. The Bible says that Satan must be loosed a little time. Second, Nostradamus was within a week or two in predicting the birth of the Beast, as he said "In the year 1999 and seven months will come an alarming powerful king, the Great king of terror" or something like that. I have special knowledge of this day that occured in late June 1999. I had a very strange day indeed.

I would like to know more about your monitoring system for geology, was the plume head several feel on your instrument and that corelated to some calculation to give dimensions. Because Pierce, Morgan, and Saltus say it is several hundred miles across the plume head. Were you referencing radioactive materials at about 2 miles deep melting their surroundings?Were
you looking at the edge of the plume? I am a little perplexed and just need a little more info to understand your description. I understood that you were finding sources and levels of them but that got me really curious. How does this imaging system work and what makes it so advanced? Did you invent it? I want one, lol. Now I am jealous, darn it.

Until next time friend.

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posted on Mar, 30 2009 @ 10:59 PM
reply to post by Angel One

My goodness Angel One, you have done some very, very deep thinking on your Space Theory. I think you had better call it your Space Genesis Theory, that would better suit it I think.

It must have taken you a very, very long amount of time to come up with as much stuff as you did. My goodness, I think I will get a migrane just trying to sipher out all of your thoughts.

I'm wondering where in the world you came up with the stuff you have written, you aren't smoking stuff are you (just kidding, smiles)?

If the Earth was created in a hyperbaric hydrosphere, then what about the other planets, suns, comets, asteroids and moons? Were they created the same way?

What gave you an idea that there had to be seven shelves separated by dark matter surrounding the center amplifying the light and signals of the stars? Why seven? Because God created the world in seven days? Why would you think there were possibly no galaxies?

I like the way you have described the work dark matter does, but you will really have a hard time trying to explain that one using phyisics, because for every reaction there is an equal opposite reaction. You would have to find that equal opposite reaction and explain how it works if you want people to believe the rest of it. I can see there is something to how you are thinking though. I like how you describe dark matter as a Unified Field.

I don't know about all Black Holes being one infinite atom. That would have to be the biggest atom I or anyone else ever saw. The element chart is definitely not infinite, it is definitely finite. I'm not sure about how your are seeing the black holes as having jets.

Now why in the world would you think that you would be reigning with Christ in the 2030's, that is not far away? That is only a maximum of 30 years away if you passed away in 2039, that would probably make you about 52 years old, and that is still very young. You probably won't pass away until you are about 92, making that year 2079, not 2039.

Well, if you like the Nostradamos end date of 3797; then you will realize that Baba Vanga was unaware of Nostradamos when she stated, "3797 - By this time on Earth killed all life, but mankind will be able to lay the foundations for a new life in another stellar system." So, it looks like they are both right.

Tell me about this special knowledge you had on that strange day that you had in June of 1999. How strange was that day? What did you discover? You didn't give birth to a horned baby did you (sly smile, teasing you)? What special knowledge did you get that day that I over looked?

Until later my friend.

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