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We must stand up to them

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 05:56 PM
Having just got round to watching the documentary "Sicko" by Michael Moore, I can't help but feel that you Americans are just getting suckered left, right and center by your disgustingly greedy politicians. How dare these profoundly greedy bastards put the profits of companies before the lives of countries people.

Our politicians are doing all they can to make life sweeter for themselves all the while sacrificing the lives of the people they have vowed to help. This system has to stop and we must stand up for ourselves, we must take time to right emails & letters, to vote, to peacefully protest and to help each other or they will win and their agenda will be realised.

I have moaned about the NHS before but after watching this I will stand by it and protect it less it fall into a system that matched the US. I see the problems we have with the NHS are merely either the incompetence of the government or a greater plan to reduce confidence to point where it can be dismantled and I will do my best not to allow it.

Life is not a commodity and people are not profit, the current climate is ripe for us to hammer this home and to make a change, if you get the chance take to the streets people and take back our lives, show these greedy pigs that we control the country and not them.

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posted on Apr, 7 2009 @ 12:05 AM
Wow! People actually WATCH michael moore movies?! His "work" is just as full of disinformation and outright lies as the "work" of jerry falwell or rush limbaugh, except the propaganda is for the opposing team. Who keeps giving this guy money to make these pieces of crap he calls documentaries? and yes, i wasted precious hours of my life watching several of his "films."


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