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Eels and Space Stations

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posted on Apr, 20 2004 @ 12:55 AM
In the first one I was in a swamp or marsh and was chasing a huge crocodile (I remember that this was specifically a crocodile, not an alligator). I finally got the crocodile into the pen where it would be living (like on the Croc Hunter on TV) and never saw it again. At this time the pond inside the pen was murky and disgustingly impossible to see through. After that was accomplished I stood around conversing (not really saying anything, just talking) to unseen people and gazed into the pond I had just chased the crocodile into only it was beautifully clear and transparent and at the bottom I saw what looked like "oarfish" or eels with bright orange tails. I was still surrounded by the fences of the croc pen, but I felt content looking at the eels swiming all magestic like above a coral reef. So I magically ended up floating to the bottom of the pond to get closer to the eels until I woke up. It was a great dream, I woke wishing I could go back and swim in that beautiful pond with the eels, god that sounds gay.

The dreammode dictionary didn't say anything about chasing a crocodile, only crocodiles chasing the dreamer. It also seemed like eels and ponds were contradictory.

The second dream happened last night. I was ascending into space on a 747 with many others and drifted off into orbit. The plane moved towards the sun but realistically, the sun didnt get big or anything, it remained the size you see it on Earth. After we were a ways out from Earth the 747 turned around and headed back to the International Space Station where it docked and I got out with my dad and looked around until I woke up. That dream scared the # out of me. I felt isolated and lost. But when I looked at the dreammode dictionary it said space and spacecraft were positive things. Why did I feel so lost if I was supposedly being creative and embarking on an idealist adventure? Confusing.

[Edited on 4-20-2004 by insite]

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