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Toxic Families- A case for reconsidering eugenics?

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posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 05:57 PM
No I have a very good basic understanding of the essential heritability of mtDNA, Y DNA, a good broad but not deep understanding of epigenetics. I also have a fairly broad understanding of the effect of generational memes, and body-mind systems which are inadvertantly passed between generations.

(if you didn't get that - your grandmother's childhood trauma about her dead baby brother can very well have an impact on you that you don't understand because all you got was third hand trauma passed along about a subject that never even happened in your lifetime and no one even talked about. great stuff.)

You would pass along the trauma, both in body systems and mind systems, to your children. This will impact how their bodies develop. It will impact the partners they pick. Which will then further exacerbate the effect into your grandchildren. Your nastiness will pollute your line. Your line will become what you are promoting we kill off. Unless some of them actually manage to shuck some of the nastiness you scraped off on them.

posted on Mar, 24 2009 @ 06:17 PM
Let us look at some people with similar lovely ideas, and see what I am saying.


Son Yakov tried to commit suicide and survived. Then tried again and did it.

Son, Vasiliy died of alcoholism.

Svetlana, daughter survived and appears to have had a few children by various fathers.

He appears to have 8 grandchildren. The descendents that didn't have anything to do with him seem to have fared the best.

Hitler didn't have any children.

Mao - only one male surviving line even though he married three times.

I want you to at this point note something you can see for yourself if you start looking for it. Often people who promote ideas like yours, value males highly as progeny. But you will note over and over that their male lines struggle and often die out. Only their daughter lines go anywhere.

It seems that when you ascribe to nasty ideals, you royally screw your sons and grandsons. But the women somtimes get away.

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by OhZone

yes, we are overpopulated, due to misorganisation, mostly.

also, why enshrine a system which is based on outsourcing its problems? why not confine problems to the areas where they are caused? such thinking is the antithesis to current globalisation and ranks right up there with communism and fascism.

'you' was meant in the general sense although i would argue that you are espousing views which are based on misinformation, which was and is still being propagated by elite circles and can only help the ptb, if i cared enough.

truth to be told, i think the real disagreement between us two is that you believe that today's system and society should be preserved at pretty much any cost, while i view it as a lost cause and a waste of effort. correct me if i'm wrong.

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 07:36 PM

To ghalean 12: Where does god fit in? Well, it seems that his creations are far from perfect, and so the brightest of them want to fix it. “He” also made our domestic animals less than perfect. They too have many genetic problems. We have been trying to fix that, but this “god” has cleverly hidden many of them, the same as “he” has done with humans.
It is important and what exactly do you mean by “spirituality”?

How can you determine that his creations are "far from perfect"? Based on what, a person's egoism? That is a horrible measure. The "smartest" are not closer to God nor do not understand him better than others. There is nothing to fix outside, only your own attitude towards other people. Genetic problems have nothing to do with spirituality, therefor they don't need fixing.

Do you think God gave us this life for the purpose of creating "clean" genes or whatever? That makes no sense, its a wacky agenda.

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