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Why Are Birds Singing At Night

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posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 02:52 PM
Should you believe in evolution or not you must admit that certain life forms will over a period of time seem to change it's habits.

Birds are no different, things are changing and so are they. Take it for what it is, a sign.

posted on Jun, 1 2009 @ 04:29 PM

In phoenix too, yeah the birds are driving me nuts...

it's an odd phenomena...

I have One word of advice



this city is doomed anyway

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 11:31 AM
Because birds sense changes in the magnetic field,
just like whales do.
Hint: they migrate and are "tuned in".
Its my story and I'm sticking to it!
Or they may be communicating to each other
that we are prolly all freaks!

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 12:45 PM
My birds are extremely quiet at night. I have two large owls that live in by back yard, and a number of red-tailed hawks frequent the area during the day. There is not a rabbit for miles! Lately the owls have been eating frogs, and I saw a hawk take a squirrel off the ground!

Anyway, I have noticed odd noises and sleeping patterns in a number of wildlife. IE. Raccoons and opossums in daylight, birds at night.

I remember an old adage my Dad repeated from the bible, "Near the end, you will only be able to tell the changing of the seasons by the falling of the leaves."

I am sure that he paraphrased from Revelations, and it isn't songbirds, but it could be related to our environment getting turned upside down and inside out.

posted on Jul, 13 2009 @ 12:59 PM
It has been speculation for a long time that the massive light pollution is starting to confuse animals. And they are staying up later, and at times they shouldn't be. When night looks like day, how are they supposed to know?

If you ever look at a light pollution map, it is no wonder.

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by Retseh

Hi, I have for the past week or so noticed morning bird singing at night too... that is how i found this thread, i was looking for information on why it is happening. I live in the country in Australia, we live in a costal area, the birds that only sing as the sun is coming up are now singing from sunset unto the night and early morning. When i heard the birds I felt something was wrong it is so unnatural to hear the birds that, for all my life, i have only heard in the morning now singing all through the night. I asked my grandmother what it means because we are aborigional and she knows all the animal messages and omens from our old time. She told me it is a very very bad omen, it means much death. reading the posts here I am worried as it sounds like itis happening all over in every country...

posted on Aug, 19 2010 @ 09:19 AM
wow i've been noticing this in Newcastle under Lyme in England and yesterday my mum saw a flock of about 60 wild geese flying in formation. We've also been having a lack of sleep. Solar flares?

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 08:15 AM
I have noticed it the past week where I live and it is really really freaky. I read about a woman who heard birds early early and then there was an earthquake that morning. Birds are funny things. I wonder what it means though. This morning I heard them at 2:30AM loud and clear. I live in Western Massachusetts.

posted on Jun, 17 2011 @ 11:06 AM
I think that night singing of birds is connected with a coming nearer geological problem. It can be earthquake or other event.

posted on Aug, 22 2013 @ 02:09 PM
Not trying to bump old stuff but thought this would be relevant to explain to everyone whats happening.

The birds singing at night are distracting/pulling the eye in the sky attention to them. By doing this, the eye (it works top down and through the eyes and consciousness of people under its control) will take its attention (it takes a little time for the eye to work its way into the head of the target) off of the human its working on and go to the bird. Other things you will notice is birds flying over your car when you drive places or around you when walking around, they fly into the beam/path the eye has over you to break it up temporarily.

The birds also help to locate where the eye is at while it is scanning. I cant find the old thread on here but someone asked last year what the number of birds in the sky meant. Basically (at least AFAIK at this point) all you need to look for is bird flying in 3's in the sky. They usually form a triangle pattern and will stay with the path of the eye. If its moving around, the birds will move around with it. If its just staying still (possibly because its working on a target) the birds will hover around it in a clockwise or counter clockwise pattern (not sure if the direction indicates delta blue versus delta red-if you don't know what that means read my other posts). This may help anyone who was wondering about this from before. I honestly feel like im late to know this and its common knowledge, but in the event that it is not-this info may help save those 1 or 2 last persons that don't know about it. God bless.

posted on Jun, 9 2015 @ 09:56 AM
I live in rural north west Florida USA and i have recently noticed the birds in my yard singing all night sometimes very loud and annoying, not sure what kind of birds though, i ask my folks have they heard anything and they said they do not remember anything like this happening.

We did consider the cats as a possibility ( like a few comments I've read on this forum ) because we do have a lot of strays in the area.

Interesting topic!

posted on Jun, 9 2015 @ 10:19 AM
where i am, i have noticed not only birdsong way later than normal but also the dawn chorus, which was a very noisy affair only a few years ago, is now very much reduced in both volume and duration.

posted on Jun, 9 2015 @ 01:12 PM
Yes, I'm in a rural suburb of Philly, Bucks County, and have heard the birds singing at night for the past few years. Don't know why.

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