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Do Extraterrestrials have any part on the US economy?

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 01:13 PM
My question is in the title. Do UFO's have any bearing that anyone knows of for our economy? I keep seeing all these news clippings, and all these horrible things that we are headed for a depression, and it is getting pretty scary. Now the Fed is printing 1.3 trillion dollars to get the country back on track. My question is do extraterrestrials/UFO's have any part of this?


You'd think that all this so called "recovered alien technology" would somehow be marketed to enhance our economy. Supposedly things such as computer chips, fiber optics, lasers, etc were reversed engineered by alien technology, but I don't know if I believe all that. But if it is true and there are technologies out there that we haven't seen, you'd think they would somehow market it to get us back on track.

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 03:45 PM
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Well, don't tell me that you think that *absolutely* every person that shops in *every* store and driving in *every* car that passes you are from where you think they are??

Don't tell me that you think that there is *absolutely* nothing out of the ordinary as you go about your day?? No countries invading sovereign countries all over the place, no world conquest ambitions, no "terrorists" anywhere, no nuke bombs, just absolutely nothing out of the ordinary?? No UFO pictures and videos and stuff??

You don't think that there's that slight possibility that there might be... ummm... something else??

So the world is just flat and there's nothing going on?

If there is the slight possibility that them aliens might be at the grocery store, even in proxy form, then they are involved in that ole "economy".

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posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 03:50 PM
Well, that's what I was wondering. You'd think that all this speculation that they've invested a lot of time in us, they'd help us get out of any slumps we're in. Unless their plan is to let us go and see what happens.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 04:01 PM
There are plenty of theories out there that this is a possibility.
I need to see at least a shred of real hardcore evidence to look further into the matter though.
I would investigate myself, but I don't have access to members of Congress on a firsthand basis etc.

I personally feel that all the evidence points towards globalists trying to push us towards a one-world currency and governing body. That's just my take on it thus far though, I am always willing to change my outlook in the face of new evidence!

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by Black Ops

This is not my writing at all but I find that I agree with it and may shed some new opinions for you:

No, of course the 4d entities are no more limited by race and type than we are here. Just as Reptilians are not the same and seem to have a hierarchy and sub-species. Drakonians - or however they would refer to themselves (I can only use our limited terminology and knowledge), I would say have probably evolved along many divergent paths which means many levels and ideas of enlightenment, awareness and Spirituality. I'm only focusing on things closer to this temporary 'home' and those particularly unenlightened, un-evolved of their group/body form.

The ones that we are having a problem with seem to have chosen the negative path or service to self, as we seem to describe it, and a disconnection from Creator Source (like the concept of Biblical Luciferic rebellion where they see themselves as separate from Source, themselves as Godlike, equal to True Creator with a wish to self determine or do as thou wilt outside of any Divine Law. That would make them in terms of Spirituality rather isolated and stunted in growth. Maybe the reason why they try to understand (rather learn through intellect) the workings of beings of more advanced Spirit and then back engineer and manufacture it - which is impossible even through genetic blending and hybridization. The form, dna –gene - does not determine the Soul, it only enables or limits. Sort of what happens on these think-tanks in a micro scale. Understanding adversaries in order to control, defeat, and overcome.

They seem to have taken control (although things have now changed ) of the way station or astral planes - the stopping off point before we are ready to discard the layers of ourselves like an onion and move up through the Mental, Causal, Higher Planes - Higher Realms. I don’t really like to use the specific terminology of 3D, 4D etc (although I often have) because it is a human concept and most probably wrong as is the scientific knowledge of dimension. Back to the entities involved - Through deception they guide Souls departing the physical away from returning to Higher Self (the True Light) and continuing on the pathway to becoming Ascended Masters, or in the case of Ascended Masters that have incarnated purely to teach or assist, returning to their prior state from a linear perspective. Instead these entities return us to groups and experiences which equate to what we expect Heaven to be like. Cutting us off like birds in a gilded cage. They then program us and prepare us for our next incarnational role (which some see as a virtual reality), erase our memory (although not permanent - it can never be destroyed), and insert us back into a world where we might then take on and believe to be ‘us’ - a role of a mass murderer or great politician that causes massive upheaval and turmoil on a large scale. They then use this mass energy generated from us as energetic/electrically charged beings as the source for their parasitic power. The illusion is held in place by us and used against us like a self perpetuating free energy circuit. By herding the Souls they are thus able to control the bloodlines and what type of individuals are in the controlling spots -be it religion, banking, philosophy, military ...whatever.
Some see these entities or beings in the Gnostic terms as Archons. The terminology is unimportant to me. Reptilians will do for now.
Either way, they control/have controlled certain areas between us and Higher Self/Creator.

Imagine a magician hypnotizing the audience and then having ultimate control for his own self-serving needs.
Does the magician have a higher awareness than the audience? Yes, in that context - over those that are most fully under the spell although as the spell starts to wear off and fail, the magician must employ other forceful methods to maintain the state - see chemtrails to maintain the frequency fence that has sprung a leak and fluoride, food additives, gm and dna fiddling to maintain the drowsy unaware compliance.

As the frequency/vibrations are raised - helped along by external beings and those that came to Earth for this express purpose (and while the Earth passes through the energetic area that enables this transformation), we are then slowly able to see the magician on stage. We start to see the wand and all the tools of his trade. The magician is thus powerless. The goal was of course to get through this energetic phase and limit the incoming energy that causes awakening and reset time which in the past seems to have included massive destruction of everything on Earth. Not this time.

Divine Intervention.

No time reset, no nuclear war, no Armageddon as portrayed in religion and the movies (wishful thinking/programming to manifest –things to expect along the way of the innocent). HAARP, CERN, mobile phone masts, GWEN/TETRA towers, digital broadcast networks - complete digital switch-over is all part of stopping the awakening process and maintaining control. These are areas to be focused on and their negative intent completely neutralized with Divine Help. The Atu-waa is now a broken toy.
Time marches on into uncharted territory.

Once the pathway has been opened again (two way street) between our multiple aspects and Higher Self, we can then see how our other Selves have been experiencing life in every different manner and form imaginable -different universes, different realities that don't even include form as we understand it - only colours and shapes as intellectually interpreted - as if on an '___' hallucinogenic trip without point of reference. States that defy interpreting levels of awareness and being. The complete package of learning and playing without living on the planet of sorrows in a continuous loop, before we choose to link back up and return to Higher Self and beyond to infinity, ever expanding as One.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 04:45 PM
I've always wondered about the MIB scenario. I mean its plausible that they would use the media to show us exactly what is going on just to make us believe it is fiction and therefore cannot possibly be true. It's what I would do. I wondered then if perhaps aliens lived amongst us in disguise just living normal every day lives like the regular ol earth grown humans, and if so that isn't so bad. No one really knows what the "Master Plan" really is. I lean more along the lines of the NWO since there is more evidence to support that than there was at the OJ Simpson trial. They still let him off and we will do the same with the NWO. I do believe however that Alien life exists. (its really hard not to with an IQ over 10. The odds speak for themselves) I'm actually really excited to see if they conclude those new stratosphere bacteria arrived from outer space. That would give new insight to where we came from and why we came to be. If the MIB scenario is correct then sure they have a part in the economy. Interesting topic.

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