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An Extraterrestial Message For You! (Survival)

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 03:46 PM
I’m about to give more details on an event that will unavoidably take place in the future and have done a lot of thinking on how I should present this information as it is quite hard to put into words and some of it hard to understand. Some will take this information one way and others in another direction, it is for whoever is ready to listen and I hope it finds those who are needing this well, I will do the best I can to give you as much information as I possibly can and if you are strictly interested in only the survival tactics/advice on how to prepare for this event and survive then feel free to scroll down to the end of this message where I provide the basic guidelines of what to watch out for. I have had a chance to read some previous articles and threads with survival advice given on this website and on many others including scientists theories and world views of an event that is in preparation to take place that I have been witness too but I’m afraid the majority of people, scientists, philosophers and scholars of the world are still left in the dark on how this will all take place and how fast this event will shift the face of the earth against all predictions being made and all theories presented, this event will indeed be the climax of our journey as a species on this planet and time as we know it will be changed forever including all physical life, growth, lifespan and energy including human intellect and the way our brains function some may refer to this as our subconscious minds or the collective conscious mind that affects everyone in this 3D physical reality.

I can only go so far to explain the process of what is expected in this cycle of earthly change but for all human and animal minds alike consciously there will be a great absence of understanding and separation of time, the physical mind will be scrambled like a computer being reprogrammed or a TV or radio station losing signal with a lost connection, when the earth comes to a sudden stop this will disrupt the central nervous system and in many cases cause illness, blackout, shock and even death for some. There will be a great disorientation, the survivors will remember these days and remember all the luxuries they once had that were so easily taken away and taken for granted as things will proceed to change at an extremely fast pace this will be the downfall of many expecting signs and delays to occur before the actual physical shift takes place. Time as we know it and the 3D physical perception of reality will be a blur and confusing and the mind will play tricks on many people some wondering if they are awake or in a dream state, it will be a feeling of half awareness at the time of first impact while entire south eastern countries will be swallowed into the depths of the sea. Do not delay finding shelter disaster will strike within minutes not days or hours.

The unfortunate will be called fortunate by some that survive who will face a very harsh reality of what is left over on the surface as survival will be of the utmost importance with dangers of every kind facing them in every direction, the majority of survivors will not make it past the weeks ahead as extreme earth changes continue to shift and reorganize the face of the earth. The surface will be uninhabitable and a danger zone leaving no alternative to those few on the surface but to stay underground even digging and burrowing with extreme measures in search of water and food for those who are unprepared mostly underground, most will not be prepared for the long haul and most will not make it in the remaining weeks of this time due to not having access to underground shelter, food and water.

Those countries that have prepared for this event with underground systems and shelters deep underground will find themselves in constant conflict with each other over power of supplies, you are better off separating yourself from larger crowds and groups unless you are working as a team and with enough food and water for all, there will be a thick darkness upon the face of the earth and the air will not be clean. It will take many weeks before the surface will be habitable and the sunshine found again that was so easily taken for granted and all will remember the thickness and darkness that will cover the face of earth. At the time of the new sun rising is when the reality you once knew will shift within. Civilizations of ancient times will reveal themselves and be found on land with a new horizon. Cities that were once sunk will be shown, Long lost myths will be spoken of and remembered and ancient descendants of our ancestry will reveal themselves from the Northern territories after the complete and final shift who have separated from 3rd dimension, we will see the end of times with a new eye melt from our consciousness and realize we are entering the world of the new horizon that has always existed from above and below, these are they who have existed among us in higher realities and the secrets of earth and the stars will be shared among us, the lifespan of man will have increased and the new day will have changed all perception of our understanding and reality. The new horizon and brightness of day will bring us one day with no night or darkness, physical bodies and all matter will have shifted into a new reality and density upgrading all of our senses, feelings and emotions.

Before all this will happen, we must pass the dark time that must come.
The unseen forces I am referring to is the passing and alignment of all planetary bodies in our solar system with the galaxy stream of energy flow and the so called dark rift people refer to which in reality is unseen dark energy in opposition to our primary sun, most have not understood what this really means and I will do the best I can to explain, the objects that are as of yet unseen to the naked eye that are causing disturbances and interference within our solar system from great distances away cannot be detected as of this time by any earthly third dimensional technology or device because they are absent to the 3D eye but some have detected them with more than earthly technology and are well aware of the incoming traffic of energies in opposition to our dimensional sun. These forces unseen are the very forces that operate within what we call black holes they cannot be understood by scientists due to them being invisible, some scientists have used the terms anti-matter or dark-matter which is not yet understood or seen in this physical reality but acts on objects as an unseen force the same way gravity cannot be seen but is a force with an opposition that can act upon matter. As there is light and forces of gravity there is darkness and forces with polarity, this dark energy impacts all planetary bodies in this 3D galaxy and solar system but only in the third dimension , all planets outside of 3D matter are vibrating at a higher frequency level of existence including the higher dimensions of earth that cannot be effected.

Those realities some call dimensions will not change from this event because this cycle will only affect our 3rd eye or within this dimension, the remaining survivors of earth will be shifted into a higher reality of this world in the aftertime as the earth changes density by realignment with new energies and the sun will appear much brighter and filled with conscious messages found through vision and thought upgrading our level of understanding and awareness. The feeling will be indescribable as the survivors will feel as if they cheated death altogether entering a new world and reality in the twinkling of an eye things on earth before them will be changed, transformation will be a loss of body weight and gravity will be absent to the mind as they enter the new world. While in this transition the remaining survivors physical bodies will undergo many changes including density shift with all other matter attached to the present, the feeling to them will be as if they left their bodies in spirit, there will be an absence of weight like visiting space and a sudden new understanding will be part of their experience along with a surge of great energy. This dimensional reality will shift to a higher reality and awareness for all life will take place almost instantaneously according to the new sun which will appear and shine brighter than can be comprehended from the 3rd eye. Our physical bodies could not look into or behold this brightness unless their was some kind of change brought upon through the spiritual and physical.

Change will come to us quick in the weeks to follow as fast as the earth shifts, we can only perceive and understand what our eyes can behold, what our bodies can feel, taste, smell and touch. After these changes have taken place the remaining will have a view into a higher zone and earth will be on a higher frequency with higher consciousness access, in actuality this is an event that cannot be properly described in words only experienced and I cannot begin to tell you all about this event, those who have been selected and chosen to make it this far will be received from the Northern Territories that will welcome us into their world sharing knowledge and all things with us. These are those who live to be 1000yrs old if they choose, these are those who are seen as giants in our eyes. These are they who will openly welcome us and help us. These are they who have been foretold and written about in our myths and legends, these are they who are lost tribes of ancient worlds. The new earth will bring forth fruits and plants never before seen and will be filled with all kinds of wise animals, creatures and life never before imagined, the earth you once knew will be shed from your consciousness as a snake sheds it’s skin and views the world a new so will those who go through this transformation leaving the old behind.

All will appear to be a state of paradise, death will be a state of consciousness and understood by all, illness and disease will not be found nor can it be found as energies will support all life in new ways. Food will not be required to sustain life and will be taken for pleasure and by choice. Death will come through knowledge and wisdom not by age and one will have control of this cycle, these changes will not take place for those who have immediately crossed over but for generations to come after this period. The height and strength of man will increase and limbs that once were natural to us will be restored to their posterity. This will be the new age, the transition of the new world and the leaving of the old, the earth we once knew will be left desolate, the end of age and time. The earth you once knew will not be found again, earth will appear to others outside viewing earth from 3D perspective as many planets in this solar system appear to us now in 3D eye yet they are very much inhabited in higher realities. The planets of this very solar system in the new age and higher reality will glow with new vibrant energy and communication lines will be opened with many neighbors and family a far. Understanding and great knowledge of creation will be made manifest and all will know where they come from, where they are headed and where they are going living with complete satisfaction and joy in knowing these things. If you have read up to this point you may be wondering how can we prepare to survive if you are one of the few who been chosen to survive.

What can you do to prepare?
The effect of these unseen objects as we study it through science may be called black holes or unseen energy some observers and scientists have labeled it anti-matter or dark-matter but they misunderstand how all life is sustained in this 3D reality world we call planet earth as energy is continually flowing through all life and found within all physical 3D matter and nothing can exist without it being sustained by unseen energy from both higher and even supported by lower density matter beyond the human eye of vision or comprehension. Whatever it is you see with the eye is considered explainable to the scholars and great scientists of the world but that which is unseen cannot be explained because it cannot be comprehended or understood. The same way we cannot explain the absence of light called darkness without having a knowledge of what light is first. The realities I speak of are endless, some call them dimensions but realities are eternal as is all matter and density of all objects higher, lower, greater, lesser in all directions, sizes, shapes and levels: there is always something greater and smaller with no end, easy to write on paper but hard for the human mind to fully grasp and realize what this really means. Until now some people in the world are still trying to cut atoms in half until they cannot be cut into half anymore which is impossible. There is always half of something and half of that as there is always something greater in size and doubling, it’s mathematical but hard to vision with our limited space and finite comprehension. Those who believe the universe ends with a brick wall need an upgrade desperately. A concept as simple as this is part of the answer to all creation and the one eternal round explaining size, shape and eternity that cannot be written with proper understanding or description.

Other scientists have tried to prove the big bang or “Boom” theory as if we suddenly existed from nothing yet they cannot see beyond what we physically can see in this finite 3D body which in actuality could be entitled the -13000,333 body or the +13333,333 body makes no difference for us it’s what we understand and what we are physically capable of comprehending and seeing so we label this time and now the third dimension or #3, earth is eternal from the inside out in all directions, dimensions and densities exist eternally, matter is a never ending process of growth or stage and has always existed whether in this reality or the next there are cycles and shifts and growth that have existed eternally, this earth is a grain of sand in a grain of sand in a grain of sand with no end. You are made of that same grain of sand concept, you are eternal and have existed forever in one form or another. The earth has existed forever in one form or another and will never seize to exist with infinite alternate realities and densities.

How do we prepare and what can we do to survive?

Firstly you need to prepare yourself mentally because this upcoming shift will be much more than just a magnetic pole shift and will effect your mind in a way that cannot be put into words until you experience it and some will not make it past this part of the shift because of the natural state of alarm and shock, mostly not being mentally prepared for this change. Prepare yourself for the hardest times you can imagine, picture the world being drowned by tidal waves, cities not only being covered but sunk or pushed under, new land rising from the oceans, the entire world swept by tornadoes and hurricanes in every direction with relentless thunder and hail storms covering earth and objects of all sizes being thrown through the air continually, fire and explosions of all kinds, constant earthquakes and rumbling of earths crust you must be in a position to handle the situation, stay away from all major fault lines and where the tectonic plates of earth meet and will shift, stay far inland at least 350 miles and check elevation level for flooding, be away from large mountains that will crumble, stay away from all volcanoes, hills or plains on high elevation away from fault lines and plate boundaries are the safest, you must build below ground or build into hills, dome houses are great ideas for the times but will not be sufficient at the time of the shift, anything above ground will be eliminated.

Shipping containers of steel that can carry 3-5 people are a good choice and can be installed with food supplies and water, some containers can be extended into rooms and bathrooms, if you don’t have access to a container you can build a wooden frame and bury it in a hill side or just below the ground with an entrance and this will work better than anything from the surface. If your home is already at a safe location you can build a shelter using your own basement foundation by installing a simple added frame or container attached to the home or in a secure underground area. Do not use concrete or cement as it can in most cases crumble when all breaks lose, you need to prepare for the worst so expect great earthquakes and I suggest you even include padding inside the containers for stability and protection. Steel frames are first choice if padded and wooden would be next choice as they are more flexible. Store as much food and supplies as you can, first aid kits will be needed, water will be the most important thing and then light will be a necessity so be wise and purchase these items made for the long haul. Warmth will be a necessity so purchase enough supplies to keep you warm as the earths climate will instantly change in temperatures all over the world unpredictably and differing location to location. Use common sense and prepare yourself with survival items of importance, consider the air that we breathe, air is definitely something to think about while building your underground shelter, you can construct something for as little as $500 that could save your life.

You will need filtering gas/oxygen masks as precaution depending on location and air filtering from beneath the shelter of some kind, air filtering systems can be as simple as a straw or tubing to the surface from the ground with a filter of some kind. Medications may be necessary for some get through the times and especially for those who are in a state of panic/shock or injured, pain killers would be wise to have around. There will not be much time when this happens and signs that people ask you to look for will not always come, those in the know of this event will not advertise or forewarn, all communications and electrical devices will stop functioning not from the loss of power but from the new shift of energies disrupting all devices, the world cannot be saved at this time, do not be deceived by the absence of signs, be prepared always and most importantly mentally be prepared and that includes preparing those you are planning to be with. Remember if you are planning to survive there is nothing but a great light that awaits you in the times after this shift, everything will become new and time as you once knew it will soon become a figment of your imagination -) (Past, present and future will be seen and understood after transformation), the end of age and time leaving what we know as the 3rd dimensional earth barren and desolate. Many are being called but few are actually preparing and listening!

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 04:35 PM
Although I agree with a small fraction of what you say...I have to is it that you know these things?!? Did someone tell you this, is it a theory that you have come up with? Please tell us how exactly you have come to know these things...

EDIT: I'm guessing by the title of this thread it was Aliens? If so, please tell us when and how the Aliens communicated this to you...thanks.

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 04:40 PM
This is basically the same kind of impending transformation jive-ola aliens have been giving us for the last 50+ years, back when folks like Daniel Fry and Truman Bethurum were getting rides to Venus. These aliens need to get a new schtick.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 05:17 PM
Yeah, I mostly think this is bunk, for this specific reason:

The effect of these unseen objects as we study it through science may be called black holes or unseen energy some observers and scientists have labeled it anti-matter or dark-matter but they misunderstand ...

Scientists NEVER label antimatter as dark matter - or vice versa. They recognise antimatter easily, and have never seen dark matter directly.

This sounds like a creation of mostly BS with some truth plugged in to make it look good.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 05:35 PM
Great work, it really is a nice read...
My major problem with this is, scholars, scientists, survivalists ect.
are ALL wrong? They have no concept of this...but YOU do?
How did you come across this information, if you dont mind?
Welp, I guess I'll pull up a chair and wait for the fireworks.
Also, being that you've recently registered ehhh cant see this panning out.

Good luck with that though

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 05:59 PM
I have read about this loosely on another post or site I cant remember. It seems very interesting and scary. It doesnt really bother me either way. If it's gonna happen it's gonna happen and all we can do is hope to survive IMO.
Does this have anything to do with 2012 by chance? I'm still new to this site and reading about 2012. There seems to be a lot of information.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 01:00 AM
You still havent said what kind of aliens told you this.........where they?

greys; the gray skinny ones with big heads and big black eyes

pleadains; perfect looking human beings

reptilians; reptile humanoids

or was it something else?

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 02:13 AM
'Those who believe the universe ends with a brick wall need an upgrade desperately. A concept as simple as this is part of the answer to all creation and the one eternal round explaining size, shape and eternity that cannot be written with proper understanding or description. '

First you call us retarded for believing theres a "wall"(which many of us dont)...then you fail to tell us what it really is because"you cant put it into words". Of course I dont buy this story, but you know what, thanks for the good read =)

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 04:34 AM
Wow, now I wont sleep tonite, I'll be up all night making a list of survival stuff. Hmm I wonder if a cave would be a safe place to be...sighs..geez, what a scary story. MOMMY!!!!!!

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 08:53 AM
So tired of this kind of stuff...joined 3.13 and then tells about the biblical apocalypse. Great. Thanks. Thanks to the aliens too. Tell 'em to hit me up next time.

Now back to waiting.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 08:54 AM
interesting but highly inaccurate.

.......want the real apocolypse of 2012... sarah palin is running for president for the republicans.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:08 AM

Originally posted by Yummy Freelunch
Hmm I wonder if a cave would be a safe place to be...

Only if there are no bears using it at that time lol...

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:13 AM
Dear Jennifer,

After I read your warning, I started to dig my hole in my back yard and was hoping you could offer some advice.

How deep do you think I should dig? I live in the midwest so I'm not too worried about the oceans but I do live about 10 miles from Lake Michigan.
Do I have to worry about that?

Anyway, I was planning on going about 25 feet deep. I have a few problems though and that is nosey neighbors. I think they think I am digging a mass grave or something. How do I do this without them knowing?

Plus, how much food and water should I store? Can you think of other supplies I might need? I also want your opinion on what might be considered valuable when this new age is upon us? I'd like to make a little profit if possible.

I hope you can answer these questions for me and I'll check back later for your reply.

Well, it's time to get outside again to resume digging. (damn back is killing me, this is gonna take awhile)

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:18 AM
I think that this thread should be presented to M. Night Shyamalan and Michael Bay. This could make one helluva movie!

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:18 AM
yea when these people dont reply to they own thread, they is fraud

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:25 AM
Think once a again this is relevant:

Why we will always loose


posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:30 AM
This is one horrific prediction leaving little hope for renters and those that don't happen to have a few extra hundred around for a container, digging equipment, air purifiers and masks, food, water and all the rest. I am so sure I am not the only person who is concerned about the future shift that is barely making it from day to day, check to check. We are just screwed according to those who see this sort of end/transition for our planet and species.

I would love to know how you came to this information!

One more thing, I find the advice to envision the earth in chaos, people drowning, mountains falling, volcano's blowing and all the rest pretty counter productive and even dangerous to a persons mental and emotional health. While it is likely that a great majority of those who frequent this site are aware of this as a possibility or even a probability, to encourage people to dwell on scenes of carnage is no good. If we are all going to die (those of us regular people who can't construct a shelter because we are too busy surviving now on what we have) then it would seem to me our focus should be on loving our families and finding our own spiritual strength and enjoying and seeing the value in every day.

As opposed to envisioning what a horrible death we face.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:49 AM
Are the moderators on vacation?
Is this perhaps a spoof by a moderator?
I read something regarding limiting the length of posts.
I need to go review that. This seems extremely indulgent.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:49 AM

Originally posted by Yummy Freelunch
Wow, now I wont sleep tonite, I'll be up all night making a list of survival stuff. Hmm I wonder if a cave would be a safe place to be...sighs..geez, what a scary story. MOMMY!!!!!!

Relax you.

End earth predictions have come and gone many times over, just in my short 30 years on this planet. Long Island,NY was supposed to sink in the 80's, California breaking off into the ocean in the 90's, y2k, Alien contacts that never seem to happen, mother ships ect, ect. They never come to pass.

Don't lose any sleep over it.

Yes it's a scary story. but it's just that a story.

Last thing we need is a panic. Should I say last thing "I" need. I have enough trouble sleeping at night.

posted on Mar, 20 2009 @ 09:51 AM
I think the mods are having a few bowls tonight of BC most famous.

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