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Poseidon, King Of Atlantis: Remaking The NWO!! Connecting The Dots!!

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 12:21 PM
For those of you who wish to believe that Atlantis was only myth, you may wish to revaluate your position, for it is the origin of the christian Satan, as well as the symbolism, and numerology spoken of in the book of Daniel and Revelation, concerning the beast which rises from the sea!!

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. (Rev. 13:1) KJV

And in the book of Daniel, "And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.(Dan 7:24)

Poseidon was the king of the now sunken continent of Atlantis. Poseidon was also known as Neptune by the Romans.

there were seven islands … in their times, sacred to Proserpine, and also three others of an immense extent, one of which was sacred to Pluto, another to Ammon, and the middle of these to Neptune [the Roman name for Poseidon], the magnitude of which was a thousand stadia [184 kilometres]. They also add, that the inhabitants of it preserved the remembrance from their ancestors, of the Atlantic island which existed there, and was truly prodigiously great; which for many periods had dominion over all the islands in the Atlantic Sea, and was itself likewise sacred to Neptune.

You can see a picture of Poseidon here at this link:

As you can see, Poseidon has a pitchfork, scales, tail, and was the ruler of the deep, hence the legend of the christian's Satan. But wait, there is more!

According to Plato's accounting of Atlantis in his written works called 'Critias', he describes it in the following:

"He himself, being a god, found no difficulty in making special arrangements for the centre island, bringing up two springs of water from beneath the earth, one of warm water and the other of cold, and making every variety of food to spring up abundantly from the soil. He also begat and brought up five pairs of twin male children; and dividing the island of Atlantis into ten portions, he gave to the first-born of the eldest pair his mother's dwelling and the surrounding allotment, which was the largest and best, and made him king over the rest; the others he made princes, and gave them rule over many men, and a large territory.

And he named them all; the eldest, who was the first king, he named Atlas, and after him the whole island and the ocean were called Atlantic. To his twin brother, who was born after him, and obtained as his lot the extremity of the island towards the Pillars of Heracles, facing the country which is now called the region of Gades in that part of the world, he gave the name which in the Hellenic language is Eumelus, in the language of the country which is named after him, Gadeirus. Of the second pair of twins he called one Ampheres, and the other Evaemon. To the elder of the third pair of twins he gave the name Mneseus, and Autochthon to the one who followed him. Of the fourth pair of twins he called the elder Elasippus, and the younger Mestor. And of the fifth pair he gave to the elder the name of Azaes, and to the younger that of Diaprepes.
All these and their descendants for many generations were the inhabitants and rulers of divers islands in the open sea; and also, as has been already said, they held sway in our direction over the country within the Pillars as far as Egypt and Tyrrhenia.

So we see Atlantis was composed of seven Islands (Seven Heads) divided into ten regions for Poseidon's ten sons (ten horns with ten crowns)

And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. (Rev. 13:1) KJV

Why the use of the word horn? And why seven heads with only ten horns?

One horn for each head would only be seven and two horns times seven heads would be 14!!

The horns was a symbol of wisdom, but also of rulership. This is why shamans, priests, and kings adopted the convention of wearing horns also, especially in the form of the crown. This was to primarily indicate that they were descendants of either the Atlanteans or the Lemurians and were endowed with power.

The research has shown there are TEN SATANIC bloodlines who rule the world, also known as the ELVEN KINGS!!

These ten are the offspring of Poseidon, which originated from Atlantis!!

The origins of the Ten bloodlines, the ancient Elven kings!!


But wait, there is even more to this story!!

Atlantis was originally composed of ten realms, as disclosed by Plato. But they eventually parted into seven plus three, which fought each other, in the Great War. Seven against three!!

Now read this part in the book of Daniel again! "And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings.(Dan 7:24)

These so called prophecies in Daniel and Revelation is nothing more than a Plan by TPTB to restore Atlantis as other researchers have also concluded!!

Christian author -- and former Black Magick Freemason -- William Schnoebelen, states that "... others saw America as the 'New Atlantis', a place where occultism could prosper uninhibited by Christianity. Long before 1776, a colony of Rosicrucian's was established in Ephrata, PA! Colonial America was full of occult groups, and both Witchcraft and Freemasonry came over on the boats quite early!" (Masonry: Beyond The Light, William Schnoebelen, Page 258)

"The explorers who opened the New World operated from a master plan and were agents of re-discovery rather than discovers. Very little is known about the origin, lives, characters, and policies of these intrepid adventurers. Although they lived in a century amply provided with historians and biographers, these saw fit either to remain silent or to invent plausible accounts without substance." (Manly P. Hall, America's Assignment With Destiny, The Adepts In The Western Tradition; (Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles, 19790, part five, pg 50)

Manly P. Hall claimed that the Atlanteans devised a plan - a "Great Plan" - which would guide world events for millennia to come, and that it included a mysterious blueprint of what would later become America. Hall said that ancient Egyptian secret societies inherited this great plan and were well aware of the existence of the land mass in the western hemisphere which we now call America, long before it was discovered by Columbus.

According to Masonic Sources, the most important mystery of secret societies is an ancient plan, passed down for thousands of years by oral tradition, for the establishment of a world government - a "universal democracy" - a "New Atlantis." In the early 1600's, this plan for a new world order was in the keeping of Masons in the greatest commonwealth the world had ever known - the British Empire. English Masons believed that North America was the continent from which their New Atlantis would spring. (New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, by William T. Still, pg. 41)

It is the so called divine right to rule folks of the British Empire who claim their bloodline stems from Neptune!!

Part of the Merovingian bloodline legend is that this bloodline originated from the rape/seduction of Merovee's mother by a sea beast, a Quinotaur (141), (152), when she went for a swim in the ocean. This beast was called/named "Bistea Neptunis," (142), or simply the "Beast Neptune." He is called "Merovee", because in French, Mer means sea. Dagobert's name reveals the divine origin (so called) of his bloodline. Dagobert comes, of course, from Dagon. 'Dag' means "fish". The word "Bert" has it roots in the word Bahir and Bear (Arktos), Ursa Major, or Meru. So Dagobert's name literally means "Priest King of the House of the Fish." (152)


(142) The Biggest Secret, by David dIcke. pg. 44; ISBN: 0-9526147-6-6

(152) Cloak of the Illuminati, by William Henry, pg. 73, ISBN: 1-931882-23-1


Not a chance folks!!
But wait, there is still more!!
Poseidon, the Quin-o-taur = King-of-Terror

Oannes (129a), Dagon (153), Neptune (136), were other names for EA/Enki/Lucifer by the Sumerians.

The Merovingian's descended from the House of Scythia. I find it more than coincidental that three Saxon terms for the reptiles/serpent contained in part, the word Scythia, or close enough to it.

The word "attorsceatha" meant "venomous foe" a (Flying reptile),

guthsceatha meant "enemy, destroyer" a (Flying reptile)

and the word "theodsceatha" meant "waster of peoples" and it to, was a (Flying reptile). (137)

"And the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people, and much people of Israel died." NUMBERS 21:6 (KJV)

One of the Saxon terms for a fiery serpent was ligdraca, which meant fire dragon, a Flying reptile. (137)

It is the Vere's who are claiming to be the truer Merovingian bloodline "The Elven Race". I believe the word "Elven" is a slight of hand spelling. It should be "The Eleven Race." Remember the word's of Aiwass/Set/Lucifer? "My number is 11, as all their numbers who are of us."

In an interview by Tracy R. Twyman, of Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, author of "The Dragon Legacy," he confirms the fact, a species of Dragon/Serpent coexisted/coexists with the human race and were the watchers spoken of in the bible.

TT: Were the Dragons originally a separate species from what we would call "human"?

NDV: Dragon tradition related to all the current genetic and historical evidence says yes they were. Both relatively recent and ancient accounts of Dragons or Elves going back to the Annunaki speak of them as having clearly distinct physical attributes, and these attributes are inherited from a species that scientists now assert preceded the human genetic bottleneck by about thirty thousand years. These attributes are not human in the accepted sense. Whether this ancient race was hybridised with another before history is anybody's guess, but their later hybridisation to produce the Elven God-Kings and Ring Lords (the King Tribe), is clearly recorded in the Cylinder Rolls.

TT: Are these Dragons the same as the "Nephilim" of the Bible or the "Watchers" of The Book of Enoch?

NDV: The Nephilim and the Watchers are of the Dragon race, yes.

TT: Were the gods of ancient cultures (Greece, India, Sumeria, etc.) Dragons?

NDV: These pantheons are derived from one another so again the answer in simplistic terms is yes......

TT: Is the Dragon bloodline a Satanic or Luciferian bloodline?

NDV: Yes is the honest and simple answer.

Interview with Nicolas DeVere
If it expects, or demands worship, it is not divine!!

"Most Jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer." - (Harold Wallace Rosenthal)

"There is no religion higher than TRUTH"

"The opposite of bravery is not cowardice but conformity"

Nothing is more dangerous, than trying to give truth to people, who are stuck in their ways...

"Whoever shall find out the true sense of the Book of Genesis ought to take care not to divulge it…If a person should discover the true meaning of it by himself, or by the aid of another, then he ought to be silent, or if he speaks he ought to speak of it obscurely, in an enigmatical manner, as I do myself" - (Rabbi Moses Maimonides)

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 12:46 PM
That was one of the most interesting posts I've ever read on ATS. I think the dots you've connected here are great.

When you wrote this:
Poseidon, the Quin-o-taur = King-of-Terror
I had some of my own dots connected as well, but I will share this research later.

(slightly off topic)
If anybody has seen the new movie Body of Lies (a movie about the War on Terror)... What movie does Russell Crowe say he watched on the airplane?

Man, I'm going to do more research on this, because I believe a lot of what the OP just wrote. Good work.

Star and Flag, and I will be back to see if I can add anything related.

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 02:02 PM

"Once the key to Genesis is in our hands it is the scientific and symbolic Kabbala which unveils the secret. The Great Serpent of the Garden of Eden and the "Lord God" are identical ...

Stand in awe of him, and sin not, speak his name with trembling ... It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god ...

When the Church, therefore, curses Satan, it curses the cosmic reflection of God ...

In this case it is but natural ... to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. "
("The Secret Doctrine" H.P.Blavatsky)

Also, please note the nature of Nature that we are dealing with in The Fall
(Humanity=Lucifer - 'the Fall Into Matter'):

Fall of the Logos


Worlds atomize and oceans evaporate in eternity!
Man erects out of the darkness,
laughs into the glimmering light and disappears...

Poseidon's Creation

When the mighty sons of the spheres beyond
distributed the elements of earth
they laid down the foundation-stone
of highest spiritual birth
which ever existed since thousands of years
but is lost now in the future and past
lightyears away from our daily tears
those unperceived moments which always last

Poseidon became lord of earthquake and seas
master of oceans and all their wealth
god of an island, there lived a family
with a daughter of beauty and health

Atlantis was the island's name
greatest treasury of all times
human eyes didn't ever see the same
silver and gold, fertile hills, woodlands and plains
it was situated in front of the strait
they call "The Columns of Herakles"

Kleito was the daughter's name
a princely virgin of clearness and love
so Poseidon fell in love with her
and built a shrine on the mountains above

Incarnation of Logos

No native soil, no ocean, no salty wave
no sky above
no living being
no movement, no colours, no elements
no eye to see anything- complete emptiness
Before all was nothing?

The moon, companion of the sun,
touching celestial globe, motionless starry sky
the planets don't know where to move
they are unaware of puissance and of hope
Intrinsic virtues awake!

All of a sudden appears a light,
horizons open wide
voices fill the air
And The Gods Made Love!
The layers tremble and raise in staggering
and words transform into flesh and blood

The act of uppermost magic has begun
impulses working on and on
movement here and there
Vibrations Move The Atmosphere!

Transcendental forces penetrate
the planet we call Earth
and all spheres of the universe
All the elements burst!

A warm powerful breeze inspires inanimate matter
and a creature, shaky reeling on two legs
extends it's hands shivering against the sky
Primary procreation is accomplished!

MAN arises out of dusty clouds
eyes are staring all around
ears are noticing unknown sounds
legs are pounding on the ground

Now MAN knows he's not alone
so his hands take up the stone
anxiety to hold his own
fighting for the creatures throne

MAN forms tribes to enlarge his chance
to survive the primeval living-dance
the strongest ones fight for leadership
and by these fights they attain the grip
on the weaker ones who become suppressed
by their violence so are we possessed
by the same ideas in a world
that's full of fears and tears and "progresses".

surrounded by a golden wall
and inside he placed his holy law

Son of god and daughter of earth
they created ten sons, human creatures
who've been of supreme beings at birth
of pure essence and perfect features
what a divine possibility to overcome evil
so listen what man did!

Decay Of Logos

Overbearing secular creature
my worshipped king
king of wisdom and pain!

You are the one, the mighty one
ruling so wise
you're the universal sin!

Guardian of justice
offering help
favorite victim of your self-made gods!

empty shroud
who runs to the indigents aid!

Oh my perfect hero!
Ah my mighty friend!

You're the prince of principle
wiping out disobedience with your might,
autocratic might!
You don't stand for backtalk
so you root it all out by your weapon's light,
the Atomar light!

You are born into your violence
and you live against superior truth!
You are born to live the ignorance
and you're proud to kill your spiritual youth!

From the upper sea of the setting sun
you submit all mankind to toe the line!
You commit your frightful arms
against the palaces and treasures of our mind.

That's why you should remember
the duty that's required by your life.
Or is it true that you did surrender
your possibility to survive?

In taper indented triangles
sterilized drops of blood
are wildly raving along and their shadows -
they are crossing my horizon!
Concrete becomes liquid, sweats along
and pours along through my legs - Alright!
Extensive feverish stuff.
Rough surface - murderous red!
Even in the air,
which is still gliding quiet,
quiet and understandable!
I feel the slippery, whispering,
rainy dead end street.
Hanging deep above the vaporing sea!
The final signal for low truth approaches!
Fear did die?
Vanity - insanity, warm, hot and true,
who cut the enemy down? We are betrayed!

That's why you should remember
the duty that's required by your life,
by our life!
Or is it true that you did surrender
our possibility to survive?
You play with all our life!
Atlantis' Agony At June 5th 8498, 13 P.M. Gregorian Earthtime

And so the gods decided:
great is the fear for you,
when your eye takes the field against those
who tried to raise against you.
Make your eye go down
and strike the mutineers with disaster.
The eye shouldn't rest in your forehead,
now it has to go down as "Hat-Hor"...
... And the eye of "RE" mounts down
from his divine brow - down there on Earth
and strikes them with disaster...

Spirits darken the sky!
The divine guided missile is on it's way,
and it's especially directed by:
"Emnasut" - first genius of the Sun-sphere
"Gomah" - first genius of the Venus-sphere
"Ebvap" - first genius of the Moon-sphere
"Aschmunadai" - first genius of the Earth-sphere

We do not know, but they do, and they remember:
A liquid fire appears in the sky
The flash of life is radiating
The flash of death - we're surrendered
It's light shines! Shine on!
It's light shines! Shine on!

Mind power made the rocks sink,
and by this power the mass of stones will surface again!
Legends kept the secret of their wisdom
and soon it will all be revealed,
soon it all will be revealed

We are a particle in the ocean
lost and safe like a tear,
we are born and lost in the ocean
where is mercy with our fear?!

You have made an excellent contribution with your thread/post:
Anyone who is deluded into thinking they are worhsipping something other than what is here described in Truth, is just that, deluded, reversed.

Face the Truth, for the Truth is both Brilliant and the Death of Matter.

But then, that is another thread.

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 03:37 PM
reply to post by Doomsday 2029

Thank You!!
I look forward to any and all contibutions!!

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by SS,Naga

Thank you!!
And a big thanks for the additional information!!

posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 12:34 AM
Wow interesting very nice thread


posted on Mar, 23 2009 @ 12:53 PM

Originally posted by italkyoulisten
Wow interesting very nice thread


Hey thanks!!

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