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Can ghosts interact with matter ?

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posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 08:44 PM
I don't know about how difficult it is to communicate with 'the deceased'...gee...sometimes you kinda wish they'd shut up and stop 'communicating'...

As for interaction with matter - well, as previously stated I do believe so from experience. The question I guess is *what* is doing the interaction...and what do you define as *ghost* or *spirit* or *entity* or whatever.

For instance, just this weekend we did a bit of a cleansing/settling of a friends house who has always had a few 'visitors' and 'boarders' wandering around.
Never really been an issue apart from the odd time of startling the cat or just causing a few people to have some 'what the heck' moments when they catch some movement out the corner of their eye or have things moved around and found in places where they didn't originally leave them.

Cellphones for instance seem to be a fav' - seems to have a thing about cellphones and they tend to wind up on the office desk, even if you haven't been in the Office recently. Put it down in the kitchen and hello, not there when you go to get it again, and hello its sitting on the office desk.

Just minor cheeky stuff like that. And that one which does that is fine, not malicious or anything, just kinda like a little game it plays.

Anyway - lately our friends have been thinking of selling their house. They haven't had any luck markets and all that...but they also said that *something* has been whizzing around their house since they decided to sell, and they have also had 2 prospective buyers contact them after the Open Home and comment on the 'energy' they have felt in the house.

One of the prospective buyers openly said to them "I don't know if you believe in this sort of thing - but your house needs cleansing. It put the sh*ts up me and while I love your house, theres something there that needs moving". wife and I went over on Saturday to give their home a going over. We had a walk around their home and - for want of a better way of describing it - *sniffed* out which areas needed attention both inside and outside the house.

Anyway...we got into one area of the house and I asked my wife to open a door which lead out to the backyard...just go give *whatever* I felt was getting a little trapped and tetchy in that area an exit way out of the house. She did so, just as *something* bolted past her physically knocking her shoulder in its haste to exit.

Now WHY that *something* just HAD to exit via the door and not simple morph through a wall or something is a different conversation altogether...heh...who knows, sometimes these things just seem to follow basic 'physical' tennants of entry and exit via doors/windows/openings.

Just outside the door our friend has a large heavy stone carving. This thing is probably about a metre high, a good foot and a half in width and must weigh 60kgs easy.

It LITERALLY rocked backwards on its base as if something knocked into it on its way past. No wind would have done that...far too heavy, and it certainly wasn't windy. No seismic tremor or anything as nothing else was moving. Noone near it to have knocked it.

...basically stuff happens...whether or not it makes any logical verifiable sense...

posted on Mar, 25 2009 @ 06:39 PM

Originally posted by Nemox42
Not only can the interact with matter, they can physically attack you, if provoked, and if willed with enough power. There have been numerous accounts of physical attacks, as well as even spectral rape. Don't believe me? Google it up.

As if the women race didn't have enough to worry about walking home along during dark secluded alleyways , now they have to worry about cold old buildings.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 09:39 AM
Well in most cases, physical attack by a spirit is very rare. But it has been known to happen, I think if the spirit gain or manifests enough energy it can do it. If a spirit make an object move, why can't it hit you? Of course it can.

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posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 04:30 AM
So if it can actually hit you, what are the chances of hiting back?

Or would that just add up to its energy to manifest itself?

posted on Mar, 31 2009 @ 10:48 PM
...well...depends on your definition of 'hitting back'...if you mean physically *punching* the entity, then well, that kinda also depends on what type of entity it is.

I've heard stories of physical confrontations/engagements with entities...though I'm also wondering if that *physical* engagement was actually more on a *spiritual* level - just with the person engaging them focussing the *spiritual blows* by way of the physical action of striking the entity. could be seen to be 'hitting back' through the utilisation of a number of methods of cleansing areas etc of entities. Of shuffling them on.

In my own thoughts though that may not be entirely/specifically YOU hitting back as such...more a channelling/evoking of an external source to do the actual 'shuffling'...

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