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A Vast Conspiracy - Lying about Education from the top down.

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posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 07:30 AM
First for the record, this isn't a political thread; it is a question of a national conspiracy.
Just because it involves Obama doesn't mean you should dismiss it if you lean left...

Please think as critically as you did the previous 8 years.

More blatant, easily debunked facts (lies) from our government.

I received this from FactCheck today and I also did some quick fact checking of my own to verify it. Thos of you who do not know FactCheck should know that they are unbiased (almost, the lean a bit left) and they always source their facts. They are online at

Obama lying about our educational standings...

Last year, the president touted U.S. gains in education, saying that our "fourth- and eighth-graders achieved the highest math scores on record." He bragged that "African-American and Hispanic students posted all-time highs." Last week, the president said those eighth-graders weren't so great at math after all. He claimed they had "fallen to ninth place" in the world, and he bemoaned a high school dropout rate that had "tripled" over three decades.

What a difference a year makes.

Last year President Bush was talking up improvements that had occurred since his No Child Left Behind Act was implemented. This year President Obama is making a case for spending more on teachers' salaries, early education and more as part of his new agenda. We certainly wouldn't argue that education can't be improved, but some of the figures Obama used painted a bleaker picture than actually exists:

The high school dropout rate hasn't "tripled in the past 30 years," as Obama claimed. According to the Department of Education, it has actually declined by a third.

Eighth-grade math scores haven't "fallen" to ninth place compared with other countries. U.S. scores have climbed to that ranking from as low as 28th place in 1995.

Obama also set a goal "of having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world" by 2020. But in terms of bachelor's degrees, we're nearly there. The U.S. is already second only to Norway in the percentage of adults age 25 to 64 with a four-year degree, and trails by just 1 percentage point.

I understand that politicians lie.. all the time... and Obama the golden one is no different.
What I want to know is why anyone isn’t calling him out on this (besides FactCheck I mean)

No one on 60 minutes is going to dispute what he says, no one on NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBC or CNN.. the Huff won't whine, and neither will the NYT, if anything they will parrot the wrong facts and gleefully embellish them to push more spending.

Is it the agenda of the left to smear America all the time and if so, to what end? Is it socialism we are headed for with the masses swallowing lie after lie as if it were gospel?
Unions, Teachers and otherwise, closest socialists all controlling the left towards massive redistriburion?

Or is it just about the money?

The media took a beating when they didn't "vet" Bush enough (even though congress was complicit), haven't they learned their lesson? Maybe just like “Big Oil & BushCo” it’s now “Unions & ObamaCo”

Why is it that when a political figure is dissing our own country, no one ever checks the facts?? Did you ever notice that Bush NEVER bashed America, but Obama does it on a daily basis? You can certainly make a case that Bush was glossing over reality but whats Obama doing? Is it any better?

How can the president of the United States get away with BLATANT lies?

These are not spin figures, where you can twist the truth around and "make it so", these are fundamental FACTS, straightforward and EASILY come to.. so again, WHY is this being allowed to happen?

Why is it OK to LIE when you have a self proclaimed "noble" goal at the end?
Obama can lie, lie, lie because he wants to make education “better” (spend more money) in the US? He can lie, lie, lie when he wants to redistribute wealth (take from the “rich”)?

When does the lying stop?

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