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All Broad Indicies and Equities Charts with Trends (up to the minute) - 2009

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 11:47 PM
Ok folks, this is my own thread where I will be displaying my own trends based on charts folks like you and me have access to.

For the disclaimer, you should never trust anyone on the internet, and especially me, because:

1. I am not a professional of any kind, except a$$ kisser

2. I am 25 and am obviously too young to be in the know about these things

3. I am a moron (its true, see my signature)

Now there is a metals chart thread, so I see no reason why I cant continue about my way here.. espically when my trends have shown over 100 Percent Gains, just today ... lets not talk about the past week, because honestly, it even makes me sick....and most importantly b/c you CAN NOT LISTEN TO A WORD I SAY, we are just here to EXCHANGE OPINIONS on trends

It can be verified in the "up to the minute market thread" if you would wish to verify, but take my word, I dont lie (well unless youre fat and I call you skinny), and I do my best to try to explain myself at all times..

In fact my trends on charting have shown over 900 pt gain in the dow over the past week (....yes trends showed a bottom) (but im not calling a total bottom.. yet)

Im not rich (well not yet) and I used to trade heavily (day traded for a living at 18), but its not about that, Im doing this to show everyone that you dont have to listen to CNBC or read Dr. Doomsday or pay for his ugly subscription fees to get a "feel" for how this market trades..

If any questions in the short run, please ask, if not, stay tuned and I will try to post my best trends with information accompanying them of course, so you can all gain knowledge on this "corner" of this lightly treaded small society

Also, if you follow trends and charts as well, please post them as I do, I would love to get a different perspective on things

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 11:54 PM
First things first..

When you "short" a stock, you are selling shares in a margin acct.

This is a basic premise of the "other side of trading"

I am going to assume that most know what this means, if not ask

I identified this trend last night

The stock symbol is SKF (Its an ETF and its a 3x short financial)

***Please ask questions if you cant follow!! *****

This was as of close Mar. 17 (Tuesday night)

If you do not know how to read this chart, please post and ask a question about it..

My trends identified a support level of 117 and I wrote if it broke that, well lets say tiiiimmmmbeeerrr...

You dont have to be a genius (like mr. wizard) to see this worked..

But you are probably saying.. well greenbicman, where would you think (if you knew) where this stock is trending?..

Well to be honest, it depends a LOT on tomorrow, so stay tuned folks

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 12:05 AM
Next One..

Stock symbol "C" - AKA CITI (america's favorite bank LOL!!!)

Well, actually its my favorite bank, but thats only because I can read it like a book based on trends..

Since I posted that the trends have reversed we have seen over $1.50 gain (thats 100% to the simple folk)

But, your probably asking how I knew.. well now I show you based on trends

Again, if you cant read or understand the trending chart, as always please ask!!!!

Citi (close as of MARCH 17)

Ok this chart is of close on TUESDAY - want that to be clear..

You can see it broke its first resistance on HUGE volume 1.5 billion..

I posted on the "up to the minute market" thread that this was going to 3.01 based on trends, and if it broke on big volume, well... watch out..

Guess what happened today (wednesday)

It broke 3.01 on HUGE volume.. Im not even sure where the next resistance is yet.. Im thinking 5-10 based on trends and charts.. but let me review this more carefully before I make any calls..

Point is, if you go into my media profile I have tons of charts from different days.. so Im not going to go into the past anymore, this was just perhaps a quick refresher of where we stand..

Oh btw, I havent been wrong yet (like that matters, because you cant take my advice, and its not advice, its the ramblings of a 25 year old moron) so I do stand so far at 100% correct DOCUMENTED, but thats not a big deal.. people call stuff like this all the time, they are just regarded as prophets (or david blane) lol..

Now you too can be a prophet if you learn how to spot trends and I am here to try to help you learn how to read a chart like I do..

So on we go folks, I will try to update this as much as possible..


posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 12:28 AM
I see I have been moved to BTS??

So this is general chit chat eh?


Everyone that wishes to partake in this thread will get to do plenty of that, not that you dont do that in every other thread that is basically pointless.. but no more of that.. lets do some charting folks!!

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