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"Free Sunshine" - A conspiracy against Richard Mosher

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 10:30 PM
Hi all, I've got a conspiracy for you, my local newly-moved-in elite using their status and funds to wrongly imprison a long time resident.

Right now threre's somewhat of a war going on in town between the people and the few newcomers who are trying to take over the town and run out all of the locals, all in the name of capitalism. They've come here with the purpose of gentrification, as per their own words, in the papers they're quoted as such, blatantly.

As a small town, 95% of the people here have collectively the financial resources of a fraction just one of the people leading the gentrification army. The rest of us are doing our best to fight for our way of life.

The latest battle in this war is one of freedom. Richard Mosher, AKA Sunshine has been one of the more outspoken people in this war. As a prominent opponent of the "gentrificationistas" he is currently the victim of a massive injsutice. Those pressing charges against him are lying, simple as that. They claim an assault which never happened, as per several witnesses and event the alleged "victims" of the assault have stated. The problem is that collectively we the 95% of the people have virtually none of the power. The public defender he's been given is in bed with the people pressing false charges.

Free The Poor

Here you can find information and discussion pertaining to the struggle we're facing right now. This weekend there will be a benefit and fundraiser to raise money to buy our own lawyer for Sunny.

I know it might seem like saving a small fish in a big pond, but Sunny is my friend, and a real nice guy who just wants the same thing we all do, to not be run out of our own town by some rich assholes who showed up last year and think owning the biggest house in town means they own the town. I'll be doing what i can to help, but like the rest of most of the people who are actually members of the community, i don't have much. Hopefully i can make some extra money this weekend to pitch in a few bucks to help him get a lawyer that's on his side. We've got one lined up that'll do it for half price basically, but we need to come up with $7500.

All i know is we can't keep letting THEM get away with wrongly imprisoning people like this. Keep letting these things slide, and you're next because you didn't fight for your fellow man.

Thanks for reading, we've got to be more active in fighting injustice. I an glad i live in a town full of people who aren't afraid to stand up against injustice. It's just sad that we've got to fought so hard to not be trampled in the name of profit.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 07:34 PM
"95% of the people here have collectively the financial resources of a fraction just one of the people leading the gentrification army."

Where do you get your information from? This so-called fact of yours is not true as there are many well to do citizens of Bisbee that have been there for many years. Don't you think 95% is a little steep? There are well off artists, writers, doctors, chefs, business owners that do manage well and wish no harm to people that choose to live off welfare.

And also, there were not several victims, there were 3. Their statements to the police as to what happened that night have nothing to do with Sunshine being poor. The statements strictly evolve from what actually happened that night. Two of the victims didn't even know who he was that night, so why would they make false accusations about someone they don't even know?

You also seem to neglect to tell the 'AboveTopSecret' crowd that what Sunshine did that night was a CRIMINAL ACT. Have you actually spoken to the witnesses? Did they tell you to your face that they lied about the incident, like you seem to believe? If you weren't there that night and you are going by rumors, I don't believe you have any right to be making false claims.

I think that it's great he is your friend. He seems like a nice guy. But I believe this is the wrong forum for you, as this is not a conspiracy; it comes down to simple facts, which you have chosen to leave out some important ones and make up others in your query.


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