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A New Poem of Mine - Enjoy

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posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:24 PM
Well, its kind of a long one, but I enjoyed writing it very much, so if people would be so kind as to give it a look

In honor of the old Poem thread 'Random Ramblings', I named the poem that
Thought it might fit, might not, in any case, enjoy

Random Ramblings

Startled in the twilight; wee hours of dawn,
A man awoke swiftly, shaking in fawn.
This man awoke to see, a most unlikely sight,
For directly above him, a face in dim light,
He could barely make out, or realize what this was,
“Do not fear, my son, for I am here because,”
Yet the man shook, with such fear and might,
That one could make out tears, in the late hours of night,
The face only frowned, the face distraught,
The man stared at it, as it pondered in thought,
Not knowing what to say, the voice said this:
“Heed my warning, and things will not be amiss,”
“For when time comes, and you lose faith,”
“Fear not, for here will stand this haunting wraith,”
The man was amazed, yet not scared,
For deep in his soul he felt prepared,
Not knowing what for, the man was ready,
As he drove down the highway, at a pace quite steady,
He received a message, unheard, but aware,
A soft-spoken voice; a voice like a prayer,
“Wheel around right, and hit the brake hard,”
As he did, his life should have most definitely been scarred,
However the voice in his head, had warned him quite well,
For arising from the rear, an ugly, gruesome smell,
The sight of the twisted wreckage, upon the ground charred,
It should have been him, but he was warned by his ghostly guard.
The scene was sorted out, and the man returned that night,
As he again witnessed the breath-taking sight,
The face was there again, but this was much more clear,
For he had just saw the legs and body appear,
The light was not dim, the night was not dark,
“This is amazing,” The man had to remark.
“I had to test you, to see if you believe,”
“For if you didn’t, I could not take you this eve,”
“What do you mean?” The man eagerly inquired,
It was as if the answer he had long desired.
“Yes,” said the now luminous soul,
He broke out in a smile; he had almost reached his goal.
“Yes?” Said the man, his face now bright,
“Yes,” Said the soul, whose presence lit up the night.
“I see you are ready, you have firmly believed,”
“You are now ready; you are no longer deceived,”
As if it was a cloak, the soul became brighter,
The man looked for morning; it had suddenly become lighter,
Yet, it was still dark, and the man now saw,
He saw the Messiah, who he looked upon with awe.
“You are now ready, you truly believe,”
“Yes, are we going to go?” The man began to conceive,
The picture that was being painted, right here on this night,
“Of course, if you are ready,” The Messiah said with delight,
“I am,” replied the man, with a slight smile upon his face,
The world began to turn, and he was suddenly in space,
Twirling about the heavens, Christ’s arm he took to embrace.
He found himself in a most delightful place,
Where he saw his daughter, wife, and grandfather, too.
Knowing he had arrived, he realized a slight dew,
He not to ask, for the answer he already knew,

Rain represents new life, in this place where they had landed,
And he was the new life, and his old life – he abandoned.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 07:35 PM
Wow Webdevil that was great!

Had me thinking all the way through,

You are very talented!

posted on Apr, 22 2004 @ 08:03 PM
Hehe..thanks asala..appreciate the comment


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