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Thinking about auto tailight LEDS- and potential for subliminal messages...

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 09:50 PM
Before I start this off, I am going to say this is me thinking on this- and not "OMG! They're doing this!". This is sitting here in the gray area for a reason. It's off the wall, it's probably nuts.... but ya gotta admit, it could be workable. Love to hear input from the electronics gurus.

Tonight, while driving home, my eyes were getting tired- and I noticed how the LEDs in some auto taillights left an 'afterimage'. I had been at a science museum earlier that had one of those LED clocks that swing a single set of LEDs fast enough so that it looks like the time being shown suspended in space. And while I hate to bring this up and set off the tinfoil hat crowd- the same technique could arguably be incorporated into the LED taillights. Fast enough for the brain to catch, too fast for the eye to actually 'see'. A subliminal message of a few characters would be enough- like 'LOVE OBAMA or LOVE BUSH'. 'OBEY'.

These are just examples of what could be done. Reprogramming? That could be RFID tags in the housings, disguised as 'tracking info'. Drive by a station set up at the side of the road, you reprogram every car that has them by the hundreds, if you wanted.

I dont know if my brain actually registered something while I was going thru traffic , or I was THAT tired eyewise, or what- The part about programming is something I came up with after the initial thought. I occasionally like to sit down and think out a problem- see what solutions I can work up. I don't have 'exact' technical knowledge... but I do occasionally have a good idea how stuff works.

God help me (and us all) if someone actually proves this to be true....

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 09:55 PM
Well if you look at any bright focused light source directly, that tends to casue "retina burn", similar to how image burn can occur on the old image pickup tubes of a camera and on the old CRT screens.

The only difference is that the eye can restore itself from that bright spot left behind that you see as a "left over"..where on the hardware mentioned above, it cannot, its permanent.

But if you expose your eyes to that bright focused light source too long, you can cause a permanent burn-in and you will forever see that "left over burn-in".

Tip...dont look directly at bright focused light sources. It is the old saying..never look directly at the sun without proper eye protection. Never look directly at weld arching without proper welding goggles.

So...never look directly at those LED tail lights or signs. Not only will you save yourself from left over burn-in after image, but also prevent yourself from subliminal programming.


posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 09:59 PM
It would be a great safety feature, if it works.

Imagine your following a car too close and the signal flashes to your brain, "Too close, too cheeto's"

I've no doubt we're being programmed by all kinds of subliminal messages, and some not so subliminal.

I just hope you didn't put a new idea in their brain with this post.


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