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I know this is a very minority opinion around here but...

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posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 05:51 PM
I don't believe in the NWO.

At all.

I have read all the articles on ATS, I've read everyone's story, I've read how every time a politician #ing sneezes it's because of the NWO. I just don't buy it, for a number of reasons.

First, they're taking their sweet damn time. If what everyone says is to be believed, the NWO has been in the making for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. I can't beleive, first, that any plan could last that long. And second, I can't believe an organization could last that long with such a singular purpose without someone railroading it into the ground.

Second, this nonsense about the Masons. Yes, they exist. My campus has a Masonic Temple on it. The thing looks like any other building. The Masons are pretty much the world's oldest fraternity for men to go play pretend. They're a charity and drinking group for old men.

Now take every other group- The Illuminati, Icke's Reptilians, etc...No proof whatsoever they exist. A pyramid and an eye are not proof there is a worldwide, or even national conspiracy to form a one-world government. Yes, there are people who want to do it, but they haven't been planning it since the dawn of history, and it isn't a conspiracy. It's being done in the wide open for everyone to see.

Third, technology. "OMG wtf teh microchips are teh 3V17!!!!!1111111zerg rush!!!!111". Technology moves forward. Governments wanting to keep tabs on their people is nothing new. We are living in a world where technology and computers are being integrated into our daily lives. Eventually, we need to start integrating with them. It's the inevitable end result of technology advancing, and frankly, doesn't seem to me to have any secret motives.

There are many more reasons I don't buy into this NWO, but that's all that I could think right now to write about in any length.

Now, this is not meant as a personal attack on any members. But, It irks me a great deal to read in nearly every thread that McDonald's removing supersize fries "Is a sign of the NWO" and that Bush wanting to buy mroe oil is "An obvious sign of his illuminati ties" and that Kerry every damn thing Kerry does is because Skull & Bones is pulling his strings.

In my opinion, nobody is pulling the government's strings. I don't know if that's less or more scary than an overarching conspiracy, but it's what I believe.

Uh...thank you, I guess

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:11 PM
I agree with you....I don't believe in this NWO stuff either. You want to see some big organization trying to screw you, look at some of your own governments.

I also agree with you on the technophobia here. Wow, they invented microchips that can be implanted in the human must be the mark of the beast!! Not. It's inevitable progress. Get used to it.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:15 PM
I guess it makes three of us.

I dont believe in it if for no other reason than the government is to #ing incompentant to control the world.

Lets be honest, look at this gaggle of idiots, they inspire pity more than fear.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:16 PM
Ok that's three heretics...any more of you out there?

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:21 PM
Esoterica, you're my hero, man. I love you, bro.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:23 PM
I enjoy reading and researching the NWO, Illuminati, Masons, etc. A lot of conspiracy theories surrounding that stuff are kind of hard to believe, but I am wary of some of them. I sense that our government might be heading in a direction that could become detrimental to our freedoms and such; I don't, however, believe that they were behind 9/11 or that Reptilians are living among us.

I think the mystery surrounding all the theories, secret societies, things like that are what draw me to believing in them. I may not totally believe that the Illuminati is going to take over the world, but it doesn't seem too far fetched to me that our government could become very oppressive either.

I think if I start seeing actual signs of the NWO (whether its some kind of police state or the antichrist) I'll become a true believer. But until then, it's fun to speculate

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:25 PM
Your thoughts make a lot of sense. I don't know if there is a real conspiracy, or if a global economy is a natural progression.
The great thing about this place is all opinions are welcome. It is refreshing to see some original thoughts around here. I even agree with some of them.

When looking back through history, the machinations of several groups doesn't fit with what we were taught in school, ie the Linclon assassination. So, taking the past to predict the future gives believability to conspiracies.
Maybe if we were taught the truth in the first place, conspiracy theorists wouldn't exist. The way they ae rewriting history, as we speak, will allow for a long life for conspiracy theories!!!
My biggest problem is your thoughts on Kerry:
he can't make up his mind to save his soul. Whoeve is pulling his strings needs lessons!

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:29 PM

Originally posted by DontTreadOnMe

My biggest problem is your thoughts on Kerry:
he can't make up his mind to save his soul. Whoeve is pulling his strings needs lessons!

He waffles as much as the next guy. He's just absolutely terrible at hiding it. If there were someone pulling the strings, you'd imagine they wouldn't be changing their mind more often than they change their underwear.

Kerry changes his views to whichever group can get him the most votes. It's nothing new, and nothing particularly wrong with it as long as he keeps those views once in office (which nither he nor any other president will). Kerry's fault is that he makes it so painfully obvious what he's doing. I mean, he voted for war in Iraq with the exact words that he believed Hussein had WMD's and was a threat to global peace. OK, you can change your mind on that, it's fine. But what you can't do is criticize your opposition for making the same decisions and coming to the same conclusions you did.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:33 PM
Ive always bitched and moaned about walmart and I guess corporations are the only real NWO I believe in but not the age old illuminati behind the scenes crap.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:36 PM
Agreed, controlling the world is ludacris and when you look at the Middle East for example, there is no possible way we can control people and strip away thier freedom or else the end result is heresy.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:39 PM
first off you have done nothing to prove there isnt a global conspiracy and what youve said is merely opinion...thats all opinions are ....opinions...

on the other hand there are alot of members here on ATS who with a great deal of knowledge and research to back it up, show that there is evidence to the contrary of your opinion...not only that but there are many researchers across the globe who have very good credentials who have done incredible amounts of research to show that there is some substantiating factors to a conspiracy of a very sinister nature and not all of them are named David Icke....
why dont you do some research your self?
i think you find most researchers on ATS would disagree with you....
to just off handed make an opinion that there is no NWO or a global elite conspiracy is lacking in any true knowledge of the subject itself...
my suggestion to you would be to do some research to prove there is no conspiracy and post it .
or it may just be the idea of half of theese things coming true scare you !!! BOO!

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:48 PM
I believe, from my own college field of study and the research associated with it that the New World Order is an 'agenda', a utopian concept, and that it is an ancient belief/concept.
As such, I, however, have no idea if it is a 'functioning' reality today. Many will say that it is, many will say that it is not. As with anything else, proofs and evidences vary from subjective to objective. I am almost certain, that to a small, finite degree, the 'agenda' still exists.


posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:51 PM
yea, I have felt this way as well...there really is no need for a "new world order", I think basically the US govt. IS going to be the new world order, but not really in the way that many talk about on here...just the fact that we are basically becoming the world "playground bully" so to speak, we do what we want, stay out of our way...but no big conspiracy to get together with other world leaders, implant microchips and turn us all into slaves lol

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:51 PM

Originally posted by Faisca
I think if I start seeing actual signs of the NWO (whether its some kind of police state or the antichrist) I'll become a true believer. But until then, it's fun to speculate

All I see when I look around are signs of the NWO.

The way the Sheeple keep their eyes and heads down and refuse to rock the boat because of what other people might say - this proves the "people police themselves, so we don't need the sheepdogs" idea.

The way people just put up and accept stuff that is SO ridiculous and harmful to human beings, not to mention our planet, simply because that's the "way it is and always has been done".

Stubborn adherence to the status quo - All I have to do to prove to myself that the conspiracy theorists are right is purposely go out and challenge the status quo to some sheep. There are always one of two possible reactions. They either A. Get incredibly angry and defensive or B. tell me I'm out of my mind. This is "people policing each other" at it's finest, people.

The movie the Matrix wasn't just a movie. There were many parallels between it and 'real' life.

People DO fight to the death to defend the system because they are too inured to it. And people DON'T see simply because they refuse to.

Lastly, I was telling Pisky this morning that I wouldn't be surprised if a sheeple walked into a bank and actually came face to face with a reptillian, I'm talking visible here, folks, complete with scales and forked tongues and everything. I bet Pisky that the average person on the street wouldn't even "see" what the logical mind was telling him was right in front of him. He would find a way to deny what he was seeing.

This is what I see when I look around out there. A bunch of sheeple, eyes cast down, denying everything they see because they are too comfortable and complacent and want nothing to change.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by Seekerof
I am almost certain, that to a small, finite degree, the 'agenda' still exists.

Yea, I'm sure there are those few people out there who are scheming about something like this, but not on the grand scale that people make it out to be, and definetly with no real hopes of ever attaining the goal of their "agenda"

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 06:57 PM
I always thought it was impractical as well that an organization could possibly control the world.

They may control it for a short while, but they would eventually lose it.

Despite what evidence there is, that does not mean that they have a chance in hell of taking over the world. Heck there is some evidence that me and my friends a long time ago tried to take over the world, but that didn't mean we succeeded. (I'm talking like first grade "secret club" stuff)

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 07:02 PM

Originally posted by Esoterica
In my opinion, nobody is pulling the government's strings. I don't know if that's less or more scary than an overarching conspiracy, but it's what I believe.
That is exactly what they want you to believe. They want you to think that you are safe under their rule and they will deceive you into their hidden agenda for world domination. Are you going to question what the Government tells you, or do you just accept what the Government tells you as being true?--I think that is the most important thing we have, to question.

The world as we know it is moving in one direction, that is to the agenda for the new world order. It is control among all nations of the world, all the resources--human and otherwise, under one central command station. The new world order as it is now, calls for control in the hands of the select few. Well, until we start moving toward a more humane world society, I can't see anything else but the NWO as it is happening now.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 07:03 PM
KayEm, don't get me wrong. I believe in a lot of the ideas discussed here on ATS, but there are some that I don't. I know what you mean about "sheeple", parallels with the Matrix, etc. I see it every day as well.

Seeing it and knowing what exactly to believe it is are two different things. I don't know with complete certainty that the Illuminati exists, nor do I know that Reptilians are out there. I only see the effects that something out there is producing.

I see it every day, I try to get my friends and associates to see it too, and the difficulties I experience when talking to people who don't want to see what I see are numerous. I know exactly what you mean about people thinking we're crazy or getting defensive, I run into those things all the time. It's hard to have an open mind and believe in things like these when the majority of people doesn't want to believe it.

I kind of hope nothing extreme happens to make people ultimately "wake up." I'm talking a true NWO takeover kind of thing. People seeing the way things actually run is a great thing, but it's sad to think that the wake up call might be in the form of people being thrown into concentration camps.

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 07:05 PM
HEY !!! if seekerof is almost certain of something to a small finite degree it as good as saying it does exist and and finite just about encompasses everything in the material world

if seekerof says it hes almost certain you can bet it exists .....he just wants to underplay and not step on any toes....heres to you seekerof

posted on Apr, 19 2004 @ 07:09 PM

WTF...what is this, pick on gosh damn seekerof week or something.

I said what I said because what I said is exactly what I meant, despite what you said, in regards to what I said.

Let me guess WOTS, you have no opinion on this? The is NWO is real or not real, to you? And why?


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