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Soldiers pledge to refuse disarmament demands

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:24 AM
reply to post by Albertarocks

Well that is who you would really be fighting, and if you dont know that , then you havent thought about it hard enough ! Please you guys , think this through. You are going to have to get some MAJOR support, Im talking tech, Im talkin rad proof combat gear (good sodding luck on that one) Im talking some sort of rudimentary anti ICBM laser or something knocked up but sharpish if you want to take those btards on. They dont play very nice you know.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 12:48 AM
reply to post by TrueBrit

You are right. That's indeed who they'd be fighting. But I'm sure a lot more Americans are quickly becoming aware than you give credit for. But I fear you are also correct that they don't really realize that the enemy would be those who control the government from beyond American shores.

On the other hand, these American guys who are speaking on this thread about fighting... trust me, they're serious. They have state militias that are very, very solid. There are so many retired soldiers who would rise in a heartbeat to enter the fray, that it'd be a rout within short order. Nearly everyone down there has guns and they know how to use 'em. And when push comes to shove, they're not afraid to use them. Not to mention that neither the US Marines nor any other branch of the military are likely to turn on the people. Let's hope that's the case anyway. But I do know that the marines at least (I'm not sure about the other branches) are fully aware of their oath to defend against all enemies "both foreign and domestic". I don't think the marines would ever turn on the people.

But ultimately, the problem very well may be that they don't exactly know who the enemy is. So I'd imagine the bastards in Washington would be amongst the earliest of targets. But nuking American cities by America's own weapons? What American military man is gonna obey that order? I know, I know... the enemy is very dark and powerful. So we shouldn't put anything past them.

In any event, we all know (well not 'all' know, but they're learning in a hurry) who's behind all the troubles in the world. Ultimately, those dark bastards will have to be exterminated to the very last rat. In my fantasy world, those who consider themselves the enlightened ones would all be destroyed within a week and only then could the world begin to heal.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 06:25 AM
I was just thinking about how there have been comments made here and in other threads I frequent that I wish I could post somewhere to vent about how angry they made me, sooo I made one in bts Worst comments ever feel free to stop by and offer any quotes you feel fit the category but keep all quotes anonymous of course.
In so far as being o/t is concerned, I think that those taking the oath are to be commended but I think it is somewhat risky to say the least for obvious reasons ...

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 07:15 AM
reply to post by Albertarocks

I agree that the evil shadow dwelling douchebags who control most of the developed world need removing from thier positions by lethal force, but please remember, we are talking about people who dont need to be able to give orders to the military. These are guys with thier own launch codes, own missiles, thier own doomsday buttons. Hell I wouldnt be suprised if they have back door codes to the real deal silos in the US , Russia, and UK to name but a few, specialy since quite a few of those NWO btards come from right here in Britain (God Im sorry everyone!!). I know you are willing to fight the power in America , and thats commendable, but I really hope you have nuclear deterants in your gunsafes thats all . Im preparing for a Fallout scenario myself, and thats not going to be a piece of cake by any means.

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posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 07:30 AM
It's interesting to examine history in instances like these. I was reminded of a particular instance that preceeded the war of northern aggression by the History channel yesterday morning. There was an interesting piece on John Brown, at Harper's Ferry. Here's the story:

This is a clear example of a "civilian" militia that has an admirable goal, but poor planning and execution. The USMC demonstrates it's capability even in this situation involving countrymen.

Anybody that's read my posts knows I served proudly in the Corps, and I share the sentiments of others (and indeed am again proud of my brothers when I see what is written) that the Corps will defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign AND domestic.

I just wanted to remind all readers of what history has shown us.

posted on Mar, 26 2009 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by TrueBrit

Although i agree with you that they will play rough, and even though anything is possible i don't think they would nuke one of their own city's. I truely don't believe the rest of the world is ready to accept a thing like that yet.

Yes they have weapons that the civilians don't, and yes they will use tactics that will be hard to fight against.

But Americans are a strong people, with strong wills. We are being pushed to our limits, and soon will be pushed beyond our limits. This mandatory service (slavery) that they are determined to force down our throats may be the straw that breaks the camels back.

People will not take slavery lightly, and you will see groups of people that hate each other come together as one to keep their freedom and regain their country.

There are many strong militias in this country, and guerrilla warfare can be carried out in major cities just as it can in the back woods. There are many survivalists here that can live of the land and go for years without being seen, even while right in front of your face.

There are too many brave individuals in our military that take their oath way to serious to ever go against it.

If people are put in a position where they have nothing left to lose, they will become a very dangerous people. A smart person will never back a wild animal into a corner, especially one that is protecting it's family, people become uncivilized very fast when they have nothing to lose and families that they are trying to protect.

posted on Mar, 27 2009 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by TrueBrit

Point taken, though still debatable sir or madam.
No widespread use of nuclear arms could be used given wind patterns, and population placement. Much more of the U.S. is uninhabited than you'd think possible. Theater nukes would perhaps be usefull, maybe neutron bombs to empty a population center, while still leaving the building ect. intact.
First, where would one point a nuke? A force which appears, engages, disappears, and disbands would be impossible to target, especially if the resistance had taken satelite surveilance offline, or knew how to "run under the bird" as it's called.
Any government sour enough to bring a popular rebelion down on it's psychopathic aparatchiks would not be able to command any response save maybe within the domino agencies and believe me, puzzle palace guys would probably be leading any rebelions. Yes, our unrecognised civil servants have had some command structure go over, but those actors woulds be amongst the first casualties, far before it was widely known that any action was being taken.
As Grama used to say,"One must prepare the soil if one is to plant a healthy and prosperous garden.".
a chess game at first. A "lone gunman", later "disgruntled employees", "gang activity", invaders from Canada (sorry, LOL).
But even those dugouts about the subterranian spaces will not assure "continuity of government" if the government is one the people will no longer tolerate, because it has grown intolerable, an 80lb. tick on a 5lb. dog.
I personally am not part of any rebelion, I even pay my taxes.
I feel rather fortunate that I am not one who must see to it the entire world runs smoothly and without a squeak, for my friend, that is not a thing which we feeble men, regardless of our own overestimations of our abilities, will ever suceed at doing.
We have laws in place to repair our damaged government. There are those who must be removed as indicated by past record (there are our representatives, and nothing matters more than what WE say).
When calls are running 7250 to 1 regarding an issue at hand, those choosing to side with the one will find that 7249 will follow the first in sending you off for treason.
The only contract between the People and the Government is the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, no interpetation by corrupt courts is needed, these say it all.
Every artifice has been played out before the common man, and through each of these he has seen you'r unwashed hand foursquare. That he did not move at another juncture in time would then relate somewhat to the insult to the nostril of that left hand /for you had not reached directly into his plunder, and as foul outgassings indicate Thou doth eat too well.
I'm not sure, but the warrant could read something like that, though my tone tends more to the theatric than the legal (another bone of contention).
Another matter perhaps, but, the invasion of any force into the U.S. , or oppossing the people of any free state is by history and right under threat of death and reprisal. Our local governments do not stand aligned against us, and more and more of the states are putting their independance forward by declaration.
Interesting times indeed.
Good Day Sir, or Madam

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by Luminaught

Very interesting points well made (it is sir by the way , but TB will do
). I had taken into account the windage factor , and also the sheer percentage of the land mass of your nation which is actualy uninhabited. Of course , I hope very much that the winds favour any future resistance against tyranny and oppression. It is also a relief to be reassured that the free people of earth will have the option of surviving this sort of thing, and ultimately prevailing. I just hope that the powers that be havent got a sneaky way to subvert all the natural advantages of the landmass, and environs of the hypothetical battlespace.
Fair winds to you, and all the friends of freedom.

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 05:35 PM
reply to post by TrueBrit

you dont need to see an enemy combatant to kill him , and the fifty , a hundred , men around him .

Maybe you missed the part about gorilla warfare......

Maybe you missed the advances in technology which mean that an entire city can be simply wiped off the face of the planet, its buildings turned to ash, and its people no more than soot stains in a wall . Maybe YOU missed that but I didnt.

As far as optics and tracking go there are and always have been counter measures to all advancements. Just as there are countermeasures to offensive weapons and the same goes for defensive weapons. It's a little game that mankind has played since the dawn of time. One man picked up a club one day and smacked another man with it, so after he came to he went and made a shield.....

This is how the arms industry stays in business, if that weren't the case there would be no advancements in weaponry due to the lack of necessity. They have the countermeasures for a weapon just as soon as they create the offensive weapon. This is how things are done.

Oh, and those little weapons that you speak ofthat turn people into shadows are called nukes. And there are ways of shooting them down. It's called a (MTHEL) Mobil Tactical High Energy Laser If I remember Corectly. That's the small version for ground threats. And Regan had his Star Wars version of that for ICBM's too. So there are ways of bringing those down. And even if we didn't have a way of bringing a nuke out of the sky, no country would use one on it's own land. That's just stupid.

Not to say that they care about us, but it would be foolish to use that in your own backyard (the desert is one thing). Besides they'd be ostracized by the world community. And as previously stated by another poster, what American would turn the key or push the button as it were?????

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posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 06:52 PM
I'm fairly sure that nukes would be used in only one of two situations:

First, perhaps scariest... The "Jericho" situation. Remember the show? A bunch of nukes go off in a lot of population centers, lots of confusion, lawlessness, and a corporate reorganizational "government" entity making war with other claims to power. Towns fighting towns over food, false Marines (hated that episode for what it depicted), and people finding out what they're really made of. Unfortunately, I could see TPTB somehow rationalizing this type of carnage and chaos as a "good" thing. They would have poplulation centers that are unusable, but a vast majority of usable land still. Populations would be greatly reduced, infrastructure fatally crippled if not completely torn apart, basically tabula rasa for this country. I think TPTB might just like that.

Second option: A usurpation somehow happens, and the "plan" to subject We the People to lifetimes of slavery is thrown on it's side. The SHTF for TPTB, and they are on their heels. We the People finally are united for the most part, and a real return to our Republic is in sight. Like petulant children, TPTB decide to "press the button" on the world. Game over EVERYONE.

Don't know, but I don't really think either are likely, just the only scenarios that I see nuclear weapons of any type being used. I think it would be far more likely for TPTB to use a biological agent, perhaps involving a nanotechnology in the transmission. Who really knows what "they" have? It boggles my mind, that's for sure- I don't sleep much as is, and I only know very little as fact! I think that if and when any revolution comes, we're all going to see some nasty little "tricks" that TPTB have hidden up their sleeves...

Hope the winds blow favorably indeed...

posted on Mar, 28 2009 @ 09:53 PM
reply to post by Luminaught

Always good to see an an American Serviceman that truly knows what their oath of allegiance is truly to The U.S. Constitution andthe service of their countrymen. GOD bless the U.S.M.C. (Semper Fidelis), for a Marine is never derelict in his duty to his people.

Automatic fire is good only for suppression fire, and for running the shooter out of ammo (you can only carry so much), plus the barrels are just not that high grade of a product.

This is very true. Being taught to shoot as a civilian you learn two very important rules. Don't pull a gun unless you intend to use it, and DON"T SHOOT UNLESS YOU INTEND TO KILL.

A high rate of fire is only purposeful when it is used within the range of 300 Yrds. with most military style assault weapons. And the primary reason for putting so much lead down range is to keep an enemies head down while you move.

Most of the time the three round burst us the preferred setting. It puts multiple rounds on the target and keeps the recoil and muzzle flip to a minimum.

In reality one shot one kill, that's how I was taught to shoot.

City or house to house combat will not be an early feature of a civilian uprising. Guerilla warfare will inflict heavy casualties on any hostiles.

I think that you are entirely correct in the sense that the cities will not be a place that you will see "EARLY" gorrilla warfare. However, it would be wise (from a military point of view) to use the cities for such enguagements if such hostilities were to happen (after the gorrila warfare had begun).

As far back as the Biblical battle between Joshua and the Kings of Canaan Urban Warfare has been in favor of the gorilla force and the army of the few in numbers. At the first battle of Ai the great military leader Joshua lost the first battle due to urban warfare. It wasn't until he drew them out into the open that Joshuas's armies defeated the armies of Ai.

This is repeated time and again, Stalingrad, Berlin, ect. If you want to inflict heavy casualties upon you enemy you draw them into urban warfare. Them the piles of ruble become obstacle tanks and the city is one huge labyrinth to fight and hide in. There is no real way to secure it.

(russia offered military assistance to the South in the war of northern agression), the occupied C.S.A. could once again be free as we easily break the chains of the Union occupation

Actually it was the other way around. The Russians offered help to the Federalist. It was the British that were in league with the C.S.A. It's pretty deep actually.

It was the French and the British trying to undermine American Independence and authority in the Western Hemisphere altogether. The French were installing a Monarchy in Mexico under The House of Hapsburg. The Mexican Emperor and Empress installed by The French were Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph (of The House of Hapsburg) and Princess Charlotte of Belgium a.k.a. Empress Carlota of Mexico (House of Habsburg-Lorraine, House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, House of Orléans, House of Bourbon, House of Wettin). The French arrived in 62' and took the Capital in 63'.

Some historians say that this was not only an instillation of a Monarchy in Mexico by the combined efforts of the Spanish, British, and French. But it was also a staging point for the invasion of the south and recapture of lost French territories by the French after the American fighting men had bleed the nation dry. In fact it wasn't until after the Civil War ended that we were able to send 50,000 troops to the border. Then we began to throw our weight around a bit with The Monroe Doctrine.

You also have the Trent Affair with England and The Confederate commissioning of the CSS Alabama from a British port. Publicly they wanted to go to war with us over our Captain boarding the Trent and taking prisoner two Confederate dignitaries. England had also began bolstering it's garrisoned forces along the American /Canadian border, some say that this was just to insure the British colonies' safety due to the skirmishes with Union troops over a Raid by Confederates in Canada. However there is also the camp that argues that this was part of a two fold pincer attack by the French and British. Planed to take place when we were at our weakest.

The Brits get the Colonies back and the French get back the Louisiana Purchase. The Spanish get the Western territories for their involvement. After all sinse when do the French, Spanish, British, and other European Monarchies (and there were others) get together to attack Mexico or any other country and "install a monarchy?" But they did and it's a fact look it up.

The Russians were actually the ones that saved the Unions a@*s by anchoring their navy in NY and in San Francisco if I remember correctly. They had an ax to grind after the Crimean War. Check it out, it's true. You just gotta look for it.

Sorry I'm way off topic, just had to get that off my chest.

In the words of Brutus- Sic semper tyrannis!

posted on Mar, 29 2009 @ 07:42 AM
reply to post by lazy1981

Excellent, informative post. The war of northern aggression is indeed a fascinating study of world politics in the second half of the 19th century. The "reconstruction" period was arguably the Republic at it's weakest, and not entirely a union, but I digress. Great post!

Incidentally, the quote at the end... "thus always to tyrants"... Interesting history concerning that quote and the end of the war...

As a whole, there have been many excellent points made in this thread. Most significantly to me, I feel that the history has been examined to a finer degree in this situation than on most other threads. To me, that indicates at least this particular group of Patriots are thinking things through...

Thanks folks, Semper Fi...

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