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Your medical needs

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posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 05:08 PM
Here is a basic medical kit for families, its based on what I have for my own families needs, modify it as you need to suit your own requirements.


Sterile Packs, containing coated sterile field, 2 comp procedure tray, non woven swabs, dressing towels, latex gloves, yellow disposable bag.
Gauze swabs
Sterile dressings assorted sizes
Field dressings
Alco wipes
Burn gel squares
Sterile gloves
Stitch cutters
Spencer Wells Forceps/ Haemostats
Syringes for irrigation
Suture kit

Aspirin (liquid and tabs)
Paracetamol (liquid and tabs)
Ibuprofen (liquid and tabs)
( plus childrens formula nurofen for children & Calpol)

Anti-histamine cream and tabs
Anti-inflammatory cream and spray for
Anti fungal cream and spray external use ( athelites foot etc)
Anti fungal cream and tablets for internal use ( Thrush etc)
Antiseptic cream
Anti-biotics, tabs, powder and liquid
Bonjela mouth ulcer & teething treatment
IBS ( irritable bowel syndrome) Tabs ( Colofac)
Eczema spray and cream
Insect repellent lotion and spray
Hydrocortisone cream
Acne & spot treatment ( Nicotinamide 4%)
Eye Ointment ( styes)
Sun burn cream
Migraine tablets ( Imigran 50)

Nasal decongestant ( Otravine spray)
cough syrup for kids
Diarrhoea treatment
Eye drops
Ear drops
Worming treatment
Re-hydration sachets (dioralyte)

Broad spectrum antibiotics
Local anaesthetic spray and cream
Malaria treatment

Important do obtain

All prescribed medications for everyone in group
All prescribed spectacles, dentures, hearing aids etc

This kit is in no way complete or comprehensive, but it does provide a good basic kit to build from, watch out for expiracy dates and rotate / replace as necessary.

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 05:26 PM
Was having another peruse of "Where there is no Doctor" this morning, particularly a section on antibiotics. An interesting thing about Thrush is that the fungus gets a chance to take hold due to antibiotics taking out the thrush-killing bacteria. It is suggested that taking "good bacteria" during any course can help re-address the balance.

Oh, "Omeprazole" for acid-reflux, stomach ulcers and the like.

One last thing about Anti-biotics. There are several types, all used for different reasons. If you don't know what you're doing you can KILL someone.

Please, please, please make sure it's the right quantity of the right drug for the right condition for the right person.


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