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Just who is Barack Hussein Obama?

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posted on Apr, 3 2009 @ 11:54 PM

Originally posted by Southern Guardian

Originally posted by FlyersFan
No it hasn't.

All some person in Hawaii said was that they had it under lock and key.

The COLB is the shorter certification of the longer form and by all means considered a BC. He has, under the constitutional republic laws of the land, satisfied his eligibility. Unless you have any constitutional counter posts, or some proof he was born in Kenya, your dead in the water.

The COLB is NOT the same thing. That is extremely ignorant. And even if it were, if he had merely shown it, he would have saved a LOT of money spent on defending his refusal to show it. He has NOT satisfied his eligibility under the laws. It was swept under the carpet. We have proof that he was born in Kenya, that most ignore.

No one has 'authenticated'

Its been authenticated, as I said above.

You are correct that you stated it before. You are still blowing smoke...

And what the DailyKos printed was an obvious fraud.

The fringe thinks its fraud. The fringe also thought Obama was the anti-christ. This same fringe is known to be pushing the NWO garbage all day. They are welcome to believe what they want.

Who cares what they said or thought if they were, for once, correct?

Obama's father has his race listed as 'african'.

The father was given the choice as to what race to be listed. Barack Obamas father was not an american citizen and as such had the choice of race, and as he was from africa he was listed as such.

One liners FF, no evidence. Im not surprised this is all that I get from you.

You need to be careful. Once the truth forces its' way out, and it always does eventually, you will have to live with yourself, knowing what you were so vociferously promoting was all a big scam on whitey. You are not convincing anyone that knows anything about his farce. Forget that he is just an illegal alien for now. Look at what he is already doing to destroy American freedom and wealth. Look at what he is doing to 'help' his buddies on the take in the banks. They're all crooks. He has tried to increase our taxes that are already 75% of GNP, adding another $2,500 per household, based on another scam, the global warming farce. My question is, when the tax goes up to 105%, why should anyone continue working unless they are part of the government scam who think they all own us, and are exempt from much of the tax?
Look at what he did at the G20. Look at how he is trying to disarm America, unilaterally. Because we trust all these communists and despots. Look at how he is trying to disarm us individually. Look at how he is trying to kill unborn babies. Look at the 160+ people who commited 'Vince Foster' style 'suicide' at his former church.
You don't need to address his past, look at the horrors he is already commiting. Change, alright. Ten times worse.
Quit defending him; the devil will do that on his own.

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 08:02 AM
We don't really know yet. Let's give him some time. He's not yet Lincoln but he's not yet Bush either.

posted on Apr, 4 2009 @ 08:51 AM
hes the anti-christ. Ok think of it this way. Theres a secret society who for thousands of years has been casting magick spells in order to bring a certain arcehtype of person to the earth, the one prophecied as anti-christ because the visions seen of him are that of lies and destruction.

Dr. Who? Dr. Ron Paul? No its the face of BHO, a giant face with tentacles, a president is a giant with tentacles..

If you look at his name syncromysticly, you get the code for the pyramid ritual hidden for along time up until the last 100 years when it started leaking from the masonic order.

I stumbled upon its existence in my curiosity about prophecy and 9-11.

The face of BO is ciphoning our starsign energies to feed himself star talent, not real talent, hence the bibles listing lucifer as a reflector or imitator.

B=2 pillarmids H=Arc created by them activated by ritual? O=Portal to allow energies or souls through?

It may seem a stretch what Im doing there but it truly is not. You can find the codes for this ritual on liscence plates, serial numbers, masons throw it all over for fun perhaps?

We will learn a hard lesson on how little baby elitists cry and moan when they dont get there new world order under the strong arm of faketan.

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