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The Voyages of the Penelope and the Yydryl

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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 12:36 PM

.....................*It's Time, So Get Yer' Shoes On, Lucy!*.......................

Music Of The Lost...

Take me across..." The Reaper said without conviction, his last visit to the Land Beyond
ended with the sound-beating from the one they know as Nenothtu.
But Adam had somehow left the Hereafter and as Charon had pointed out, that cannot

"Take me across to find his mate, the female called Dag" Death muttered towards where
The FerryMan stood. Charon remained silent as the tall robed-Harbinger climbed among
the woeful-looking souls in the gondola-like craft.

"Whatever you sense, whatever has brought you to this point... must be incorrect" Charon
advised as he pushed the boat away from the crumbling pier. "Nobody gets to go back"
he reiterated from beneath his sackcloth cowl.
Death looked out across the dark waters and pondered what plans were afoot.

Tibbs sighed and opened his eyes and even though he was underground, he knew that
morning had arrived in Bisley Deeps. The smell of fresh coffee may have been a clue.

"Yer were tossin' and turnin' in yer' slumber" Mucklebones hushed over him brandishing
a mug of steaming java, the grey offered a kind smile. "Ghosts visiting?" she asked and
went back to making breakfast for her man.

The Vithian creaked out of the small bed and rubbed his forehead, the images from the
dreams had been vivid... too vivid -he thought as he staggered over to the off-white bowl
of hot water on the nearby cabinet.

"We have to get ready to leave..." he mumbled as he splashed his face clear of last night's
antics, the sight of Silo chained and insane made the old man shake his head in sadness.
"...We have to get to Ship's centre, if that's still possible" he whispered to the ripples.

Muckles emptied the pot of porridge into a bowl and waved a hand of it with a mumbled
blessing "My man will provide" Her oily-eyes watched Tibbs stretch his aching back as
she place the meal on the tiny table and wondered who had troubled him during his

The little hut on the cave wall was quiet as they ate and it was only as Tibbs got up to
leave, did he speak again. "We're going have to bring Adam back and I think I know the
only man who can do it" he said and closed the door behind him.

The millions upon millions of souls that waited by the shoreline looked out across the
dark waters with the eyes of the hopeless, both Death and Charon scanned the multitude
with dull-glowing eyes.

"They wait as they have always done... the one you seek will be among them" the Ferryman
assured his gaunt guest and tied the boat to the blackwood jetty. Death stepped onto the
creaking boards and surveyed the pallid faces of the ones that shuffled around him.

"Dag Of The Yydryl...!" The Reaper called "...come to me now" his great height giving him
the advantage to see way-off into the gloom of the Otherside, nobody moved or answered in
the sea of souls.
Death turned slowly to his comrade in bereavement and waited for an answer.

Boy In A Dress stood near the Starwolf and ran his long-nailed fingers through Sslar's neckfur,
it was like touching silk -the grinning-Man/Girl thought and looked over to where her lupine
companions waited on the craft's gangway.

"The one known as Rebo wrote of how this planet was once a paradise, you guys shouldn't be
down here" BIAD said softly and held a hand out towards the Fourway Wolves.
The three huge animals came and stood with a look of toleration in their eyes as BIAD stroked
their coarse fur, they had been through alot -he thought to himself.

"Where's Neno...?" Tibbs muttered as he appeared from the alleyway that led towards Bisley
Deeps "...I think we have a problem" he added and pulled his handset from his pocket.

BIAD looked over his bare shoulder at the approaching Vithian and wondered to himself.
'What's next?'
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posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 08:17 AM

........................................*I'll Deal*.......................................

They took her again, ripped and tore at her soul with their talloned hands. Fifthy words
said in whispers and gutteral promises of dread and pain. The surrounding darkness
looked on as the place without hope, the domain of the lost -attempted to destroy the
very core of the female known as Dag.

But it was said she was one of The Sisterhood and the tall stark figure called Charon knew
that even with a belief system, she would accede to the pool's residents.

Death also looked on and saw the girl's torment, yet the set of her jaw showed she would
not surrender, she would not go under... he admired her for that.

"The one you seek has already succumb to The Pool Of The Doomed's might... he is beyond
our touch now" Charon said evenly and waved a hand over the sea of grasping arms.
"She is alone here" the FerryMan added and moved off to clear his carriage of the latest

The Reaper bowed once to the woman among the clawing limbs and turned to go, sooty-
coloured fingers shrunk away from his robe's hem as it threatened the edge of the terrible

"She will betray you..." Dag called through the twisting-grabbing arms "...she has already
began her plot to take your standing" The exertions from resisting the awful ocean of
Demons made her voice strained and yet Death heard the confidence in the words.
The Reaper halted his pace and turned to hear more.


"...So as you can see, the Weave will set your planet on a similar track as Earth...a time
of industry and then a relapse into a less fertile age" Tibbs sighed and rechecked the
mathmatical scrawl on the Tavern's wall.

Nenothtu sipped from the tin tankard and pretended he could follow the complicated
equations, he pondered on whether to ask the small serious-faced man if the letter 'E'
above his head indicated that he was an Egghead.

Margot stared at the complicated arrangement of letters and numbers without speaking,
being an android didn't necessarily mean that she could compute such an entangled
arrangement of mathmatics.

"Well, it seems to me that everytime we get settled, something comes along to rain
on our parade my dear Tibbs... am ah' right?" Neno growled amiably. The little man
had been less-annoying lately, but it seems he was trying to make up for lost time.

The sudden recollection of what Death had said to him down in the tunnels of Gert's
cabin came to mind and the GunMan's eyes narrowed at the words.
"You will never find peace... you will wander the void looking for your own home,
but it will allude you..."

Tibbs came over to where Nenothtu sat with the red-haired female at the wooden table
and waited for an answer... an agreement to solve the Time Weave.
Neno rasped his chin and said nothing.


The girl with the dirty-blonde hair stood alone in The Pool Of The Doomed, the flailing arms
no longer reached for her due to Death's words of 'leave her' and the terrible moans lowered
to gurgling murmers.

"You may test my patience little girl, so speak your mind and then I will leave you to your
torment" the Reaper growled and watched Dag's eyes for signs of deceit.
There was none.

"Not only does she hold the key to the Casket Of Hope, but she dangles the key to your
heart before you... your bewitchment makes you as blind as your brother" Dag hissed and
twisted her lips in anger. She could see that her words had found their mark, Death raised
his head from his customary stoop and stared into the girl's blue-grey eyes.

"You speak of Pandora, you speak of the one known as Craddock..." Death whispered
"...but your scheme will not succeed, your falsehoods fail to impress me" and Dag reckoned
that somewhere under that night-coloured cowl, he was smiling... smiling weakly.

"You took Adam and used him to commit dubious deeds, did he trick you...?" Dag spoke with
an even tone "...Did he lie to you?" those eyes now offered intelligence and with a wave of
his heavy sleeve, Dag rose from the oily-mire.

(Continued Below)
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posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 08:20 AM
(From Above)

"And your proposal is that I take you from a place that you do not wish to be and let you
convince me that Pandora is plotting to run away with the fop-human?" the Reaper scoffed
and half-turned to indicate that the conversation was over.

Dag showed her hand and hoped she wasn't out of the game "It's your task as Soul Master
they wish to take from you" she whispered and saw Death stop in his tracks, her arrow had
found it's mark.

"Please, entertain me with your outlandish story and when you have finished, I will personally
rend your being into pieces, the great-Dag will be no more" came the answer from beneath
the hood and Dag felt her feet touch solid ground again.

"I will prove to you that I -like Adam will not decieve you and when this is over, you will
take me back to my time" she called as she stumbled to keep up with the Reaper on his way
back to the FerryMan's jetty.

The Pool Of The Doomed moaned to itself as the couple moved off into the darkness and again,
the limbs of the lost slid-and-slipped like eels in a dried-up waterhole. The slim shadow
that appeared across the gawping faces of the pool's occupants caused them to slow in their

"It looks like we're back in the game" the weary Adam muttered and set off after his friend.
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posted on Jan, 12 2013 @ 08:23 AM

* ~ * Giant Hunting * ~ *

‘What the...!’ Jeni’s tripped her hands splayed and before she could recover stinging stones of the rough path dug into her palms cruelly. Her heart pounding painful Jeni sat on the trail breathing hard. ‘Where did you two come from?’ she gasped, ’and where’s Argus!’ Jeni used anger to help her recover her fright while drawing both her sister and Flint down beside her. They’d scared her snotless popping up from the bushes but any fear they caused was quickly replaced with a profound gratefulness she’d found them. Or visa versa.

‘Argus’ll be here soon as he’s through...sleeping.’ Flint replied his eyes dropping. He didn’t like the truth but there it was, and he wouldn’t lie to Jeni.

Jeni roughed his hair. Why Argus had gotten drunk could wait until later. Truth be told now with these two with her and safe she was glad Argus wasn’t with them. She wasn’t ready to face him. Not yet. Famished Jeni rummaging through the provisions tearing a huge hunk from a ram of bread followed by a drink from the wineskin to wash it down.

‘Moriah, did you two see what happened down there...with the Giant?’ Jeni knocked her chin in the direction of the valley below hoping her prayers had been answered and the children were oblivious to the carnage. She’d watched in horror as the Giant killed Quiet. And Adam? She couldn’t even think about Adam. Had he perished? She didn’t want to admit to herself she knew. Not right then, not right now, maybe not ever.

‘All we saw was a hut afire and the Giant but I know something...bad happened.’ Moriah’s voice shook from where she huddled closer to her sister snuggling up under her arm. Her head still hurt. And now the voices...

‘Is that’s why you two left Argus? You went off to help?’ Jeni knew her sister. Since a toddling child where trouble went Moriah could be found or at least not far behind.

‘I think he, the Giant I mean. I think he took Silo.’ Moriah couldn’t say how she knew her eyes begged Jeni’s not to ask. She also didn’t mention anything about Adam. His name hung between them unspoken.

‘That’s brave of you. Both of you. You must have been pretty scared.‘ Normally she would have given Moriah a furious ‘talking to’ but different times called for different measures. Jeni was inordinately proud the two had chosen action.

‘We weren’t scared, not really.‘ Flint glowed under the praise, ‘but we haven’t caught up with that thing either!‘ nervously he laughed like he‘d told the punch line to a bad joke.

‘Don’t worry, we’ll catch him.’ Jeni squeezed his hand throwing in her lot with the two.

‘You mean you’ll help us!’ Flint pure astonishment made Jeni laugh.

‘Pa-leeeze! What choice do I have with you two ruffians?’ She chuckled, ‘First time I closed my eyes you’d be off again.’ Jeni sighed. ‘But if I help you two must promise to do as you’re told or the deals off.‘ Jeni waited while Moriah and Flint exchanged a look then nodded. Spitting in her palm Jeni held out her hand for Moriah to take. Moriah spit and shook. Flint, following a ritual he didn’t understand aped the others in turn.

‘So, how long do you think it will take for Argus to catch up?’ Jeni wondered dreading the moment when she’d have to tell Argus his brother Quiet had gone headless to his grave.

‘Not for another half day without a horse.’ Flint started making camp in a small gully beside the path. ‘And I think we should wait here cause Moriah’s head still hurts.’ Acting the man Flint shouldered the responsibility for his actions meeting their eyes without hesitation.

‘Good idea.’ Jeni’s heart glowed wondering for a moment where life would take them all and hoping wherever it was they’d travel there together. She wanted to see how this brave boy and her sister would turn out.

‘I’m going to make a fire,‘ Flint ejected before his eyes clouded remembering his previous fear. ‘It's...getting cold.’

On trust alone Moriah met his eye and tossed her lighter to Flint. The boy reached into the air catching the thing and with hands steady as an ace flicked the lighter open, sprung the wheel and touched flame to tinder.

They’d be warm, they’d be fed, they’d wait for Argus and if Flint had his way the three of them would also have a good long talk. He didn't know where the 'others' had come from but there was no doubt - now more than ever - there was no doubt they were not

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posted on Jan, 17 2013 @ 09:03 AM

* ~ * In the Hands of the Man * ~ *

Miles from the devastation he’d left behind the Giant sat on his haunches by the bank of a stream a fire at his feet the bundle of furs holding the little being safely tucked between a crevice in the cliff wall. He’d stopped because the little being was crying out, mumbling and thrashing where he’d tucked her under his armpit. He’d stopped to get clean. For Venus.

Humming softly to himself the Giant used handfuls of pine and fur boughs as a rough fragrant towel. He‘d washed away as much grime as possible in the cold stream unable to travel any farther stinking of blood and feces, death and neglect. The long searching was over. He’d found a way to the Neno. His sister Venus would love him now. She’d promised.

From the bundle tucked next to a tall statuesque rock came more of the same whimpering. The Giant wondered if it was pain or hunger that made her cry out so. He knew she was hurt, black and blue like a tired winter morning sky. Yes first he’d relieve her pain.

Searching the surrounding bushes the big one found a fan of willow branches arching out over the stream. Peeling the tender bark with his teeth the Giant chewed and chewed the thin strips until his tongue began to numb. Spitting on the end of his finger he pinched the little beings cheeks open forcing a droplet of the painkilling spittle between her lips. Unable to squirm away the little one swallowed when her only other choice was to choke. Another few droplets of the stuff and she quieted. The Giant, tired now and succumbing to the potent opiate himself leaned back against the mountain side slept.

* ~ * Sweet Dreams * ~ *

Freed from pain Silo breathed easier, her mind soared. Tibbs reached from one dream to another unchained from time and space to find her.

‘You can hear me Silo. Pay attention to ol’Tibbs.’ The warm voice tugged at her conscience. Silo didn’t want to listen, all she wanted to do was float away.

Tibbs mumbled a spell under his breath. Silo listened.

‘That’s right. It’s your old friend Tibbs Silo-girl.’ Tibbs chuckled. ’Don’t leave. Stay strong. Heal.‘ He waited before continuing. ‘The Giant? You remain with that one. Don’t leave him. Not for a moment.’ Tibbs reached through space to stroke her blood encrusted lavender hair without a grimace. His eyes were kind.

‘ I?’ Silo lisped. Tibbs silenced her placing a long bony finger over her lips.

‘The time for questions will come later. Now, you heal, you sleep.’ Tibbs crooned and mumbled another spell under his breath.

Silo slept.

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posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 03:58 AM

..............................*Just Like The Days Of Scooby Doo!*................................

Boy In A Dress went back to the book that Nenothtu had discovered in the tall building
that had plummeted them into Bisley Deeps, the old pages held fascinating accounts of
how Khalamzadar IV had returned to the wild terrain it had enjoyed before the Euzkalians
set out on their demolition-derby of industrialising their planet.

Tibbs had continued with his explanation of how he had discovered the Time Weave's
'fallout' -as he put it. BIAD pondered that when the Vithian's eyes had flicked away to
the market place outside the cafe, there was some information he had decided to conceal.
The grinning-Man/Girl kept that thought to himself as he excused himself from the table.

The jumble of dream-clues, The Splitter's advice and something about an old Witch that
lived in the future was part of Tibbs' ramblings, but BIAD could see that the-growling Tibbs
was convinced that they should do something about CindyMarrs Time Weave.

"Where are you going?" Margot asked nervously as BIAD stepped into the back-courtyard.
She had rarely spoken to the odd-looking creature, but she knew that Nenothtu trusted
him and that alone, was a unique commendation.

Boy In A Dress turned and curtsied to the red-haired voluptuous android and with a red
-nailed hand, he invited Margot forward.
"The book of Rebo... the one that Neno found, I think it holds important information that
may assist us" he said formally and waited until Margot was beside to him before setting
off again.

The winding lane that led back to where The Starwolf was waiting was adorned with faded
posters of long-ago carnivals and fairs adorning it's bouldered walls, but it was the one
with mineral stains from the cavern roof that caught BIAD's attention.

Where did it come from?
What mysteries did it hold?
From beyond the void, the unknown coffin of the Gods came and now, you
can decide what once prowled beneath it's steely-surface.
For all the family!

With a quizzical lean of the head, Boy In A Dress re-read the damaged paper and mouthed
the words silently. Somewhere down here was a secret, something out of place and just
like the time he and Professor Shaw had visited the supposed 'Aurora Crash site' in Texas,
it made BIAD's fingers tingle.

"We've gotta see this" he whispered and all thoughts of the information tangled-up in
Rebo's writings took flight from his mind.
The same Professor Shaw would tell you that this is how the Man/Girl had always been.

Margot leaned forward to scan the dirt-smudged poster and then looked into the grinning
face of her odd-aquaintence "You want to visit this garbage now?!!" she exclaimed and
searched the eyeless-face for any clue to what he was thinking.

BIAD merely nodded and reached for her hand. "It'll be fun... and there's a reason this
paper is here..." he said softly and to add abit of mystery, he added "'s a sign"
Margot pondered for a moment and decided BIAD was correct, it was a sign... a sign
that this bare-legged creature was a lunatic.

Without giving that thought a vocal life, she and said-lunatic wandered off in the direction
that the mineral-soaked notice had indicated.
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posted on Jan, 20 2013 @ 10:13 AM

* ~ * Story time's Over * ~ *

Silo stirred where her head rested on the bar table. Sitting at her side Newman continued making small circles with his fingertips at the small of her back soothing and disturbing at once, but so was everything on the Yydryl since Adam had died only hours before and there was no promise in sight of things getting better any time soon.

‘I don’t know about the rest of you but I for one am glad it’s over.’ Ship spoke over her shoulder to Chumley who followed her into the Swamp where the others waited. Taking a good long drink from a mug of beer lined up at the bar it wasn’t until Ship lowered her glass that she realized her crew scattered about the room were all staring at her oddly.

‘Look at you lot ready to mutiny. I didn’t mean Adam!’ She snapped incredulously but no one so much as blinked. ‘I’m talking about his stories. You all know there was no love lost between the Doc and me but I respected him. And I‘m sorry he‘s gone.’ She finished as if to say ’so there’. ’But those stories of his?’ Ship shook her head her dark straight hair swishing over her brow.

‘What about them?’ Newman asked pointedly.

‘Oh, come on! I flipped off my bow and started calling myself ‘Shi’ while going tyrant on everyone? That’s blatantly insane.’ The crew grimaced at her poor use of description but she didn‘t seem to notice. ‘Sure his stories started out fine and were quite enjoyable there for a while but you have to admit near the end?‘ Ship had the grace to drop her eyes, ‘at the end they were just getting too crazy. And all of us, all of you,’ she corrected, ’were taking them far too seriously.’ She sighed from under her bangs. Wanting to be the voice of reason among the crew Ship tried but they weren’t going to be swayed.

‘Of course we took them personally.’ Silo broke in, ’though I’m still not sure why Adam chose to portray us as he did. Me almost beaten to death and you and Chumley going so...wild.‘ Silo finished at a glare from Ship.

‘Or me getting hit on the head and glowing!’ Moriah giggled but it was a sad sound. She missed Adam already and was worried about Jeni who’d refused help to prepare Adam’s body for burial.

‘Ship’s right. That Flint kid was a wuss and a pain and I wouldn’t have busted Moriah's head over a lighter.’ Pip criticized crossing his arms over his chest.

‘Thank you Pip,’ Ship nodded at the boy slumped in a chair, ’but see what I mean? There you go getting upset over figments of Adam’s cracked imagination.’ Pip all but stuck his lower lip out when Ship laughed.

Finishing her drink Ship readied to leave, ’But no bother I’ll leave you all to your reminiscing then.’ Giving a mock salute Ship turned to go and slammed smack into Chumley who’d stood when she had.

‘Chumley.’ Ship growled at her Chief of Security who’d gone about looking lovesick ever since Adam’s stories included wild sweaty nights of hot passion shared between the two Regalians.

‘Yes Mam?’ Chumley leaned down his nose almost touching Ship’s inching finger .

‘I’ll be on the bridge...big boy.’ Ship winked and tickled Chumley under the chin before pivoting in place to hip-sway her way out of the Swamp. If you can’t beat em’ join ’em she thought with bursts of melancholy laughter following her down the hall.

‘Ya know I have to agree I think Adam’s stories hit us all pretty close to the heart.’ Silo shook her head and rose to stretch. ‘I mean hell, even the Green Man was in on it.’ Silo thumbed her Ship’s necklace remembering the horrid thought of Newman being trapped in servitude to ‘Shi’ who controlled the collar at his throat threatening exquisite pain or pleasure at whim. It made Silo shudder.

‘Damn that part got to me too.’ Newman swore under his breath and drank half his beer in one swallow.

‘But we were going to rescue you remember!’ The Twins broke in excitedly beaming at Newman.

‘Yes you two were going to save me.’ Newman smiled all kindness. The Twins had become an intricate part of all their lives even more so as they all band together to help Adam through his final days. Newman smiled again remembering when not so long ago when he couldn’t remember which girl went with which name.

‘Bud, who waz dat Giant?’ Chumley belched. He hadn’t liked the Giant. No one was bigger than Chumley - even in stories. And no one stuck Silo under their pit! But, complaining and pouting to Adam hadn’t changed the storytellers mind. If anything the more Chumley griped the bigger and badder the Giant became.

‘Personally I think the Giant represented Neno. Looking for himself or always looking for trouble.’ Newman dragged his chair to a post before the large portal giving a wide view of the planet below.

‘Maybe we jusd neber know.’ Chumley sighed.

On the outside the other’s nod their head smiling in agreement - but inside? More and more questions spawned from Adam’s tales kept surfacing and would for a long time to come.

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posted on Jan, 20 2013 @ 10:14 AM

* ~ * Story time's Over II * ~ *

Adam’s tales began the day he admitted to himself there was no magic left for him - not this time. He’d died once and against all odds returned to life with the help of Carpet but there lay the end of his second chances. And truthfully - without Dag - Adam wasn’t interested in miracles or cures but his friends most definitely were.

With Jeni acting slave driver the crew, droids, even Ship spent countless days searching the Yydryl for the last teletab. Ship had even breached CindyMar’s cabin - against her own rules - to search among Cindy’s private things but all for nothing. Then, three days before his death Adam called off the search. It was ‘too late’ he’d told them leaving the crew and droids experiencing the rage of impotence but secretly relieved the search was over.

With death his only egress Adam’s choices drastically narrowed to the relative freedom of his padded cell and later the humiliation of being bound when fits of madness and rage threatened his own safety. His desire to be flown to the surface and ‘released like a mad dog’ as Jeni had put it was flat out denied. Ship nor his friends would allow Adam to die alone on the planet or aboard Ship.

From the moment the search ended a friend was stationed by Adam at all times, sleeping or awake the dying man was never left alone. In the between times his stories leaked out, haltingly at first but as his madness progressed so did his tale. The only vehicle at his disposal to gift his friends with memories and thanks for their love and loyalty his stories became rich and intimate filled with insights into life, love and betrayal. When his mental capacity dwindled his physical health failed his stories began to change. In his madness Adam became a conduit for something - more.

Argus and Flint? The characters mirroring his memories of when he’d first met Dag. Adam the ‘big doctor’ and Dag the little being who he’d thought was a boy. But Argus stubbornly refused to stay in story line and...changed. For Jeni’s sake and his own Argus became more. Someone for Jeni. To remind her there was someone out there for her - someone as close as a dream.

Flint? Pip’s shadow brother still missing his father, Pip’s character maturing but malleable still for both bad and good weaving into the mesh of Moriah's own life and stories as the dynamics between the two youngest crewmembers on the Yydryl developed.

Moriah. Moriah was special and she did ‘glow’ with a radiant spirit that out shown the stars. Did Adam want to knock her in the head? There were times when he was glad he was bound and then times he almost asked a droid to whack her for him. Even a madman could only take so much of her enthusiastic babbling about flying and fighters, space ships and bright cherry-red Sprints. Moriah’s head was full of nothing but aviation and hadn’t a sentence to utter unless it included stats, velocity, power and maneuverability.

Newman. Poor Newman chained to Ship and Silo both. Pleasure and pain at every turn. His story a coarse see-through plot but Adam didn’t have much to say to Newman he hadn’t said already. He’d miss Newman.

Quiet and the Giant. Even Adam hadn’t understood those two, especially Quiet. Was Quiet BIAD? Neno? Tibbs? Even he didn’t know. If ever Adam regretted dying it was in his sane moments when even he wanted to know the rest of the story in the tales he told.

Quiet couldn’t have been that old hag-in-the-poncho Mucklebones Adam had gotten rid of her first thing letting the Giant eat her alive in the guise of a narcissistic barwoman. Adam had even gone as far to kill himself off in the story one afternoon the pain in his head so intense he truly wanted to die from it. But Quiet? The Giant? Who were they? Maybe he’d never know in this life or the next. Maybe none of them would.

Shears wheeled into the Swamp breaking their introspection. Bearing a full tray of vegetables cut and arranged on a huge platter Shears placed it along with a basket of bread and cheese on an empty table. Even Shears had helped with Adam and he’d been proud as a mother hen to do so. He cowered and shook as Adam spun his horrors all the while secretly loving every minute of the fear and drama.

‘Bah! All diss dark faces. Stop now, I bring you da lunch!’ Shear’s forced smile shown under his lopsided horsetail mustache. ‘Now you all eats up good and leave some for da Jeni.’ Wheeling about Shears rubbed his mechanical hands across his red apron and sped out the door.

‘Jeni what?’ She asked from the doorway her eyes full of scorn for her friends circled around the table of bread and crudités.

‘Jeni nothing, we were just reminiscing.’ Newman spoke gently.

‘No wait. Don't tell me, let me guess!’ She snorted, ‘You’re all still at it aren't you?’ Hand on hips Jeni dropped her chin to her chest and shook her head in disgust. ‘Ya know, I just don’t get you people‘ Flagging down the serving droid Jeni ordered a whiskey and drank it neat before starting back in.

‘Look folks, how about let’s get real here for just a minute ok? Because we’re not on some strange planet in a strange galaxy. We’re not in some fantastic tale filled with Giants and...‘ Unsure how to describe Argus Jeni waved her hand before her face like she’d walked through a spider web.

‘Point is we‘re right here where the others left us. Aboard the Yydryl. Period.’ Jeni met their eyes one by one in challenge. ‘My little sister didn’t get her head bashed in by some Pip wanna be. There is NO Argus. There is no brother Quiet and no howling furry Wolfy Clan. Newman is NOT wearing some kind of sadistic collar and Silo is NOT dying stuck up under a Giants armpit all while Ship and Chumley go at it like a couple a horn...’ Jeni stopped dead at the curious looks passed between Pip and Moriah. She knew the youngsters had never heard the hedonistic part Ship and Chumley had played in Adam’s story and was bound to keep it that way.

’Oh that's it! I give up!’ Tossing back another whiskey Jeni slammed the shot glass on the bar her head dipping between her shoulders in despair.

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posted on Jan, 20 2013 @ 10:49 AM

* ~ * Story time's Over III * ~ *

‘Jeni please.’ Silo tried to comfort the young woman with an arm around her shoulder. ‘We meant no disrespect but Adam’s stories were...important to us.’ Meeting Newman’s eyes over Jeni’s bent head Silo tried to give her a squeeze but Jeni shoved her off.

‘What part of ‘they were just stories’ don't you get Silo?’ Jeni rounded on her friend furiously. ’Adam told stories to fill the time while he died. No life lessons, no hidden meanings, no hocus-freaking-pocus!‘ She all but spit. ‘He used those stories to help hold on to reality and guess what? They didn’t work. And now - he’s dead.‘ Enraged Jeni snatched a carrot stick from the plate her way out. Half way down the hall she rounded back.

‘Well what in the hell are you all waiting for?’ Her eyes farley bugged out of her head while they stood frozen in place. ’Come on! Break it up!’ She snapped off a bit of carrot with her clean white teeth pointing the leftover end at the others.

‘Pip you need to get to the Center and ready your horses - one for all of us. Find out if Ship and Chumley are going along and if they are make sure that Wally rig you‘ve been buzzing around in lately is ready and loaded on a transport carrier.’ Pip saluted and brushed past her in a rush to do as he’d been told.

‘And you two?’ Jeni was back to pointing with her carrot stick this time at the Twins, ’You’re not going surface side dressed in your lab coats. Go gear up - pants, boots etc. And don’t forget your weapons, you’re going armed. We all are.’ Jeni glared her sisters right out the door of the Swamp.

It was only when she turned to Moriah Jeni’s eyes softened. her sister’s dimpled chin was squared and ready for whatever Jeni would dish out but her pale lips quivered at the corners.

‘Sweetie, I’m so sorry,’ Jeni ran her fingers through her ratted hair, ’You go plot us a course and get a transport rig ready. You’ll fly Adam and the funeral party down to the planet.’ Jeni’s heart hurt when a tear slipped down Moriah’s face and splashed on the bar.

‘It would be an honor.‘ Moriah answered the pale skin under her eyes blossoming in color. Jeni watched with a mixture of pride and regret as in that moment her sister grew up but not so much she didn’t give Jeni a quick hug and whisper ‘I love you’ on her way to the flight deck.

‘The rest of you? If we’re going to bury Adam on the surface like we promised then we’d better get to it.‘ Jeni’s eyes narrowed remembering something she’d forgotten. ‘I’ll be letting Ship know we’re not waiting for her to fix the communication problem nor are we waiting to communique with the group on planet before leaving. I’ll meet you all on the flight deck within the hour.’ And then she was gone.

Newman, Chumley and Silo pinned their eyes to the door and didn’t so much as breath until they were sure Jeni was away and not coming back. Then they were all action. It was time to make good on their promise to Adam. It was time to go to a funeral.

Heart pounding like a battering-ram under her breastbone Jeni ran Ship’s corridors her fists clenched scrubbing the tears from her cheeks. As much as she berated Adam’s stories to the others as nothing but fairytales sprung from a psychotic imagination? Deep down where it counted Jeni knew otherwise.

If only someday she could believe Adam’s final gift - hope - was worth the weight to bear and pain to believe in.

For Adam? Life had taught him it was.

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* ~ * After the Amen * ~ *

Sitting on the ground back to back Newman and Silo waited for the foliage and choking dust stirred up by the transport vehicle to settle. The rest of the funeral party left to return to Ship moments before leaving a mountain of supplies behind and more than a few promises to return.

‘Why did you decide to stay?’ Newman asked over his shoulder catching a whiff of her hair. He didn‘t know if his chest hurt more from the pain of laying his friend to rest or the happiness Silo hadn’t bolted to her feet as soon as the dust cleared. Instead she sat. Just sat there at his back readjusting to the strange surroundings, the peace and solitude, to them.

‘I could ask you the same thing.’ Silo liked the warm wall of his muscles at her back and though she wouldn’t admit - she liked being alone with him.

‘I didn’t decide to stay, you decided to stay which made my decision for me.’ Newman chuckled when he felt her stiffen.

‘You mean you decided to stay because I decided to stay?’ Silo tried to sound surprised and relaxed back into his skin.

‘Yep. I’m here cause you are.’ Matter of fact to the core Newman wasn’t about reveal even a shadow of his emotions. They were alone. This moment had been a long time in coming. He’d take it easy, take it slow.

‘So you’re here...because I am.‘ She repeated a little deflated not quite knowing what to say. Sometimes she wished they could go back to before when their communication was full and fluid, or she told herself she did until he covered her hand with his or winked at her.

‘Hey? Where’d you go? You’re a million miles away.‘ His finger tips brushed hers making her flinch.

‘Not quite a million miles away Carpet, only as far as Ship. I was just reminiscing.’ Breaking their touch Silo rose, brushed leaves from her seat and stretched, ‘Besides, you know why I stayed behind I know you do. So let‘s get going.’

Newman clenched his teeth the muscles in his jaw popping out. It was the first time she’d used his old name between them and it stung with implied intimacy too green to test.

‘You’re right, time to go find them.‘ Newman agreed. ‘Come on we’ve got work to do.‘ Trying for another mood Newman put himself to stacking their supplies under a cloaking net. Unless someone or something actually came into direct contact with their provisions they’d be safe, the tracking unit Newman pocketed would lead them back to the very spot.

With their day packs stocked and ready Newman couldn’t help one more tease, ’Want me to carry the heavy one?‘ Newman’s smile reached his eyes.

‘Hell yes, that new bod a yours has got to be good for something.’ Silo quipped instantly regretting her choice of words when the stricken look that flashed behind his eyes told her he hadn’t taken the teasing as she’d intended.

With a curt nod Newman settled the pack between his shoulders got his bearings and headed east into the dense forest.

Feeling like a heal she let him go until he was nearly out of site before jogging after him catching his hand in hers. The little pocket of warm air caught between their palms nearly ignited in the heat of it.

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...........................*Just For One Day*.....................

The object had seen better days, that was for sure and the rickety-looking scaffold
that adorned the broken spacecraft reminded Boy In A Dress of the rigging he had
seen at the entrance of the Hell Mines -back on Uktena.

Dried-wooden poles with worn ropes held the pre-Gemini capsule upright among
the rocks and hanging lights, the sign proclaiming 'The Star Casket' hung on a single
string and offered little excitement.

"Can I help you folks...?" the little Bislian asked as he appeared from behind an outcrop,
the smooth-faced midget showed a smile that told that he had very-few visitors these
"I've just opened, so you're the first today" he said happily and removed a guide-rope
that presumably stopped the hordes from getting a better look at the space junk.

Margot stood a few feet away from the grinning Man/Girl and again, wondered what the
hell she was doing here with BIAD. The hermphrodite's manner was always 'chirpy' and
he never gave off any sign of sinister intent. This usual bubbly nature was something
that a person found easy on the senses.
Even if that person is an android.

"Where did it come from...?" BIAD asked the old man as he stared (Margot had always
meant to ask Neno about his friend's ability of sight)... at the brightly-lit object, the
creaking stairs that led up closer to the craft waited for the Man/Girl's high-heels.
"...It does look like Jim's, but it doesn't make sense for it to be here" BIAD muttered
to the trailing custodian of the exhibit.

Jim Chamberlin had designed the Gemini spacecraft. The mission on Earth in the 60's
was arranged to acquire skills and knowledge for the up-and-coming Apollo flights
and the eventual mission to Earth's moon.
Boy In A Dress had been involved those early trials.

Trotter, the little man with the crumpled cap and difficulty in clambering the stairs,
waited until BIAD and himself were standing on the viewing platform before going
into his speech.

"Thirty-seven years ago, Khalamzadar IV shook it's pillars and from above, debris
came a-tumbling. Beasts and boulders, jungle and jumble showered down into the
environs of Bisley Deeps..." Trotter announced with a slight-tone of boredom, Margot
watched the slightly-crouching BIAD listen in rapture.

"After the quake and after Bisley had recovered it's residents, we searched the fallen
remains to see what had been delivered... unto us?" Trotter said and checked his two
visitors for any sign of ridicule.

The red-head showed no emotion and the weird chick with the long fringe grinned
as if their host was spouting secrets of the universe. Trotter continued.

"This strange object was among the refuse, some of us believe that it contains the
body of a great Star King and others wonder if a terrible monster lies within...
I-myself, believe it has a far-more darker revelation" Trotter said softly and with
the look of an exasperated tourist, Margot shook her head at the poor theatrics.

With shoes that would rival BIAD's in their volume-ability, she clip-clopped up the
wooden way to where the two idiots stood.

"It's a spaceship, it's a short-term capsule for near-planet use" Margot snapped and
eyed the two opened-mouthed men. Trotter nodded in a fear-urged agreement and
BAID merely offered a 'thumb's-up' gesture.

(Continued Below)

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(And More)

The trio surveyed the leaning module in silence and I suppose only Jenovah knows
what the three figures were thinking.

Boy In A Dress stepped forward and eached for the dirt-smudged door handle.
"NO...!" Trotter shouted and his word echoed around the small cave-cum-museum,
he backed-up his concern by grabbing BIAD's outstretched hand.

It was only when the short-dressed conferee's hair wrapped around the small Bislian's
wrist, did Trotter withdraw his anger... and limb, the strange strands waved as if to advise
that it would be prudent to let BIAD continue.

Flecks of paint and rust rained from the entrance frame as the quiet odd-looking creature
creaked open the door.

"Roger B-1... correction. Holding on 7234. Over" Flight Controller Billings said
and with a slight smirk, glanced over at Flight Instrumentation Engineer. The younger
man in the short-sleeved white shirt jammed his cigarette out in the chunky-glass
ashtray and shook his head.

Billings watched the tiny monitor and saw the eldritch-green figures change, the capsule
had now orbited the Earth twice and due to Los Alamos' insistence of an onboard video
blackout, his Cape Canaveral team were bitching more than usual.

"I mean, what sort of astronaut asks if you can see him waving...?" Collins grumbled and
replaced his headset, everything was in the green on his console. "...This is one strange
mission" he mumbled and reshuffled his papers.
Jake Billings twirled his pen between his fingers and waited for the clock to reach the
20-past mark.

"Okay boys... let's begin prepping for the E.V.A and no screw-ups this time" he called
into the mouthpiece. The Controller had taken a lot of flack over the debacle of Ed White's
practice session and that was why it had been decided to test the manoeuvre on the
subject from Los Alamos.

Systems gave Billings a thumbs-up and began the long list of checks. The tin-can that
carried the unknown person around the Earth at 18.000 mph had been named 'Red-Dress
-One' for some reason and the crew-cut Controller knew his guys were reluctant to call it

"Altitude: Two-hundred and thirty miles..." the new kid with the jam-jar glasses announced
proudly "...R.D-1 is in position Sir" and ticked off something on his clipboard.

The Australian Ground Network Tracking Station had been asking questions all morning
and Billings had passed them over to the straight-assed General that waited in the booth
above him, General Ramey looked out of place in there -Billings mused as he touched the
small leather-bound medal box.
It was time to prepare for the spacewalk.

It was still there, Boy In A Dress' smile broadened as he felt the edge of the coin jammed
under the seat, he had placed it there after the small Presentation in the empty warehouse
near Cape Canaveral.

Professor Shaw had been there too and BIAD recalled the look of pride from his Creator
as a man called Billings had presented the bare-shouldered astronaut with the palm-sized
bronze mintage.
The brooding Ramey had thought that the meeting was a waste of time and money.

Long red fingernails plucked the metal disc from it's hiding and with features that showed
BIAD was concentrating (a rare sight -indeed!) The engraving brought back the far-flung

"... And so, with no further delay, I thank you on behalf of NASA and The United States
Air Force for your tasks in assisting our Gemini Program..." Billings said without looking
up at the eye-hidden fringe of the smiling 'thing' in the short dress.

Jake had spent two hours in a security briefing before meeting the passenger that he
had guided to the first spacewalk and now, here he was face-to-face with something that
belonged in one of those labs they keep out at White Sands or somewhere.

A tall man in uniform stood near the dented craft that rested in the shadows of the
warehouse and as Boy In A Dress waited for Billings to finish his speech, he nodded
towards the Lieutenant colonel known as Edward White.

(More Below)
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"...I would like to award you with this commemorative gift for your actions and now
we'll pose for some pictures" Jake said with a pained-smile and forced himself to
look at the blushing Boy In A Dress.

Of course, it was Ramey who had stepped in and made sure no-such photographs
were taken.

Margot held the coin that Boy In A Dress had given her, she had assumed that he had handed
it over just to peruse the brown-metal disc and yet, when she had attempted to pass it back,
the hermaphrodite had shook his black-haired head and muttered "keep it"

Trotter had began to argue that the object that BAID had fished-out of the delapidated Star
Casket belonged to the residents of Bisley Deeps and it was only when the museum Captain
had been shown the name on one side of the coin, did he resign his discord.
The sight of the crouching Man/Girl's cleavage behind the opened-palmed discovery was
something Trotter took as a bonus.

"Let's get back" BAID said as he carefully made his way down the steps, Margot had been
scrutinising her new gift and was suprised by Neno's friend's curtness.

As they both made their way back to the alleyways of the town, the red-haired female
android turned the coin over in her hand, BIAD's name and something called 'Gemini'
lay on one facet of the gift and she figured that the being that walked ahead of her had
taken part in some sort of expedition or mission. The aging-look of the craft behind them
told her that it was many-many years ago.

The otherside of the coin was puzzling, but Margot just shrugged and hurried her pace
to catch up to the enigmatic Boy In A Dress.

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* ~ * What’s Real * ~ *

‘To answer your question? When I’m not trying to figure out how to find the others I’m mulling over Adam’s stories.’ Silo replied deftly skipping over a gnarly root snaking the game path they’d been following through the planet’s undergrowth. The same root Newman has just tripped over.

‘Me too.’ Newman grumbled while making large pendulum like swings with one of Silo’s throwing knives in an effort to clear the roughage blocking their way. Tired, his shoulders sore he wanted to stop and make camp but Silo had yet to even break a sweat. It was disgusting.

‘You know, you’re disgusting.‘ Newman chuckled passing the knife back over his shoulder. As sharp as it was the blade was no contest against vines as thick as his forearm. They’d have to go back to the slow progress of worming their way forward evading the worst of the living maze as best they could.

‘Disgusting?’ She snorted, ’Wow thanks. Nice one Newman.’ Trying to slip past him to take point Silo hesitated when Newman clasped her upper arm pulling her close. ‘It was meant as a compliment.‘ He whispered and let her go.

Boy thing girl thing - the differences between the sexes was as unfamiliar to him as the local terrain. So he was winging it. Winging it told him he’d made her tingle when he whispered in her ear. Newman smiled reminding himself to do it again.

‘You think there’s anything to them? Adam’s stories I mean?’ Silo returned to a safer topic before bending over the trail ahead of him.

Newman’s mouth went dry. ‘Well, um...The question is, do you?’ Newman answered slowly. It was the best he could do. His brain had gone numb.

‘Ya know what? I do. I mean, I really do.’ On all fours Silo crawled through a particularly thick fan of leaves pointing into a small natural thicket. Once inside she found the ground cover soft with old foliage, the impregnable vegetation securely protecting them on all sides. It was a good place to stop and rest, stop and eat. Maybe sleep. It was getting dark. Without waiting to consult with Newman Silo opened her backpack dumping the contents on the ground.

Quick to follow her inside Newman rose to his feet and stretched his arms with fingers pointing. The natural enclosure provided room to maneuver without feeling cramped but Newman still felt closed in - something he didn’t like. Turning in circles his brows crouched. He also didn’t like not having a ready means of egress out of the little copse now that they were in.

‘You going to just stand there or help me make camp?’ Silo mumbled around a tent peg she’d tucked between her lips while pounding it’s twin into the mossy ground.

Concerns forgotten Newman dropped to his knees when she removed the tent peg from her mouth and smiled.

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* ~ * I think we’re alone now * ~ *

‘I think we did a bang up job on the tent don’t you?‘ Silo smiled from a fluff of bedrolls she’d arranged as far as possible from the door flap. Sucking air through her front teeth the lavender haired girl made a happy raspy sound while playing ‘house’ in their temporary lodgings. Newman wondered if she knew how to whistle.

‘We sure did.’ Newman replied but offered no more. While busy constructing the tent they’d laughed and teased enjoying the process. Now that there was nothing left to do? Nothing stood between them and what might - or might not come next. Tonight, off Ship and sharing a tent on the strange lonely planet was the first time the pair had been truly alone since they’d met in the cargo hold of the Yydryl 4 years before.

The sleeping area made to liking Silo pulled her uniform over her head throwing it at Newman with a laugh while slipping into a one piece tunic she’d stored in her backpack. The soft beige material provided warmth without cloying and comfort without the...

‘Why are you looking at me like that?’ Silo stopped mid thought giving Newman a perfunctory once over searching for what was wrong. His eyes were screwed up in his head, his mouth gone taught showing white around the edges, even his fingers clenched at her uniform unnecessarily. Frowning her purple eyes met his, so brown so dark they were almost black. He blushed. And then she knew. Newman had been effected by her nudity.

‘Oh paaa-leeese!’ Her chin lowered as her eyes raised. ’Newman, get a grip, I was only naked for a second.’ She snorted, ’not even naked really, I mean I’m still wearing my pant...’

‘Don’t say it!’ Newman barked. Barking helped. His hands loosened and went to work folding her uniform.

‘Don’t say what?’ Her voice so high she almost squeaked.

‘Panties.’ He ground out. ’Panties’ isn’t an appropriate word to use between two...two stranded crew members...bunking in such close quarters.’ Newman shot his chin trying to loosen his collar. When that didn’t help he began unbuttoning his own uniform.

‘So it’s stranded we are now? And crew mates?’ Sitting atop her sleeping bag Silo watched his fingers unfasten the closures down the front of his shirt before turning to hesitate on doing them back up again.

‘What would you call us if we’re not crewmembers?’ He sniffed and watching as he removed his shirt Silo surprised herself with disappointment seeing he wore a second shirt underneath, and by the look in his eyes Newman knew it. A hot flush burned up her neck to settle in her cheeks.

‘What we are is...thirsty!’ Diving for her backpack to hide her face Silo exposed her backside to Newman once again.

Newman only groaned.
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~ * ~ Later ~ * ~

Silo laughed at something he’d said until she nearly choked on a pretzel. Newman pushed her forward roughly and smacked between her shoulder blades making her laugh all the harder.

A bottle of ‘usquebaugh’ neatly split between the ‘friends’ and they‘d forgotten the closeness of the tent, forgotten they were all but stranded on a strange planet, had even forgotten Adam though the bottle of his ‘water of life’ had been a gift from the very man. They’d forgotten everything but each other. Alone and tipsy their one time closeness seemed to have doubled.

Leaning back against his chest where she sat between his knees Newman acted as her recliner his own back propped against the tent pole. He liked it that way. He got to smell her hair. Sometimes a lavender strand would blow against his lips for him to take in his mouth and nibble. It was bliss. He was sure she felt it too.

‘Anyone ever tell you you’ve got bony knees?’ Silo sighed contentedly with one arm wrapped around the cone of his left knee fingering the whiskey bottle resting atop his right.

‘Since this is my first pair? No.‘ He chuckled in her ear. ‘And men are supposed to have bony knees. At least sexy men.’ Newman grabbed the whiskey bottle before it tipped onto the floor when Silo lurched forward for a second bag of pretzels.

‘How many bags did you bring?’ Newman didn’t like the salty snacks as much as Silo but it didn’t stop him reaching out to claim a huge fistful for himself.

‘Last one. After these we’ll have to rough it on real food.‘ Silo lowered the bad her smile falling away. Newman watched her eyes grow wide her mouth open slightly. ‘Here it comes’ he thought knowing tipsy or no sooner than later her mind would return to the inevitable.

‘We really are alone huh?’ She held her breath and blinked but she didn’t run. It was something. A little something.

‘Yes.’ His voice softened to a caress, ‘Yes Silo, we really are.‘ Newman tipped back the last of the whiskey his eyes gone dark as the peat smoke that cured the potent drink. Falling forward on his hands he crawled the small distance between them without having a clue what he’d do when he got to her.

What he did do? What he did was pass out - flat on his face at her knees his butt stuck in the air between up and down.

Silo’s breath exploded somewhere between a laugh and a sob. With nothing left to do but wait for morning Silo pulled her sleeping bag over the top of them like a blanket, snuggled up to his side, wrapped her arm around his middle and with her cheek pressed firmly over his heart she went to sleep.

Newman? He smiled into her hair and followed her there.

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* ~ * Sure as the vine... * ~ *

One arm propped against the smooth bark of a tree Newman relieved himself watching the steam rise. Damn but he ached all over. Silo had hogged the blanket all night leaving the planet’s cold air to take up residence in his bones. Camping. had it really been his idea? Shivering Newman wondered if the whole ‘being bi-ped’ was all it was cracked up to be.

Gathering tinder from around the small thicket Newman struck flame to the sorry bundle of sticks surprised when they didn’t catch. By the third try and fail the hair along his arms rose joined by the fine short hairs marching down the nape of his neck. What seemed a haven the night before now reeked unease. No birds sang, no rustling of small animals in the undergrowth. Sticks that wouldn’t burn. Something was wrong.

Scattering the twigs under his hands Newman stayed crouched searching the surrounding bush from under his narrowing brows. Frowning he looked again in disbelief but there it was. The opening they’d used to creep into the copse the night before had overgrown with deadly looking thorns thick and long executing their egress. Alarmed but trying at calm Newman leaned back to the tent pulling the flap aside with one hand reflexively searching the crook of his hip for a gun with the other. Cursing Newman remembered too late he’d left the Deson gun ‘Agnes’ in his backpack.

‘Silo...’ Newman whispered slowly lowering himself to his knees closing in on his backpack just an arms length into the tent. ‘Silo!’ He whispered louder but she didn’t respond. Leaning over and placing his weight on his forehand Newman reached but his eyes betrayed him when Silo stirred. In the half second his gaze flicked away from the leather sack containing both gun and transmitter a long thin vine whipped into the tent curled around the bag yanking it away and back out of the tent speeding towards the undergrowth sending Newman flying in the process.

Launched the rest of the way into the tent the startled bi-ped landed on top of Silo before his feet even touched the ground.

‘What the...!‘ She yelled, ‘What in the frick are you doing!’ On her back kicking out with her feet Silo fought Newman who fought back trying to gain purchase. His gut told him to grab on to her and not let go. Whatever took his belongings could just as easily take her.

‘Let me GO!’ She screamed the heal of her foot catching him in the groin.

Stars burst before his eyes, bile rose in the back of his throat but he hung on. ‘Shhhh! Shhh! Shhhhhhh!’ He tried quieting her but she would have none of it. Cupping the back of her neck roughly in his palm Newman pulled her face to his doing the only thing he could think of to shut her up. He kissed her.

‘Now shut up!’ He hissed turning her in his arms pulling her back to his chest tightly. ‘There’s something out there. It took my backpack with...Agnes.’ He whispered in her ear.

‘You left Agnes in your backpack?’ Silo spat pushing back into his chest far enough to allow her to draw a skinning knife she kept strapped to her thigh.

Newman didn’t bother answering - a second vine pale, and dexterous fingered it’s way under the side of the tent weaving closer to where they stood on the sleeping bags. A hands breadth from their feet the vine stopped and shuddered a thin raspy whine rising from it‘s wrinkled bark.

‘Jenooovah’ Silo swore horrified backing into Newman as close as physically possible the knife in her hand steady, blade up, ready and waiting. She didn’t have to wait long.

A larger darker vine poked under the tent flap joining the first and in one touch tip end to tip the thinner vine stopped whining. From there, without hesitation the thicker vine rode over the top of the sleeping bag where Silo closed her eyes and muffled a scream as it began poking at her toes.

Newman lifting her a few inches off the ground held his breath while the vine performed a cursory search of their bedclothes. Seemingly satisfied with it’s investigation the vine retreated backwards then stopped. Newman and Silo stared transfixed as the thing reared up to hang in mid air at eye level before beginning a slow sensuous weave from side to side a grainy brown serpent hypnotizing it’s prey.

‘What does it want?’ Her feet back on the ground neither Silo or Newman noticed a dozen or more vines creeping under the tent, through the tent flap even entering the tiny mesh window.

‘It wants your knife.’ Newman said, and was sure of it.

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* ~ * Sure as the vine II * ~ *

‘Screw that! I wont give up my knife! It was a gift from Deson!’ Silo refused in a harsh raspy tone that seemed to alert the vine.

‘You little idiot! Give that thing your knife.’ Newman squeezed her tightly.


That said - in an instant a vine from behind them struck and was gone - her knife slicing it’s way from her hand cutting deeply into her palm. Bright red blood sprayed from the wound the stink of tin fresh on the cold air. Inside the tent the smaller vines exploded in action fighting for the dark sticky juice in a sickening struggle twisting and writhing like tentacles sucking wherever the droplets fell.

‘Silo! Cover your fingers!’ Without thinking Newman grabbed her hand stuffing it under his armpit spreading his chest with blood. The smaller vines writhing around their feet searching for more of the salty liquid twined up his body forcing their tips under his arm. Screaming Silo felt the larger vines circle her ankles where they yanked again and again until she lost her balance. When her hand shot out to grab Newman fresh blood spewed across his chest face and hands.

Enraged vines whipped their bodies thrashing and cutting continuing to beat against their skin while other thicker tendrils wrapped around Newman’s limbs constricting tighter and tighter rendering movement impossible. Completely bound and unable to break free Newman could only watch in horror as smaller tendrils continued encircling Silo.

And then she was gone. Screaming, her eyes wide their purple centers striking a brilliant hue against white, unable to kick or use her arms the terrified girl was pulled to the sand, from the tent and was...gone.

The vines held Newman completely immobile until her screams grew faint and finally faded all together. Then just as quickly as they'd attacked the vines fell away leaving him free.

Chest heaving his blood rushed back into oxygen starved muscles the fiery trail of pain excruciating but Newman welcomed the physical pain keeping him on his feet where the emotional pain had crippled him already.

Alone and in the last place he’d seen Silo Newman stood. Just stood. And at the end Newman found it was just too much. No matter where they were or where they went? Since day one of loving Silo it was always the same. Calamity. And now with her ripped from his very arms he’d come to an end.

Moving in tiny increments Newman checked each muscle pausing with each spasm until he could move pain free and then he only shook his head. Sure he’d go. And yes he‘d find her. If he had to rip Neno’s hell forsaken planet apart rock by rock and search each grain of sand he would find her. And as quickly as he did - he’d leave her with her ‘son’. That’s what he’s do.

What he wouldn’t do? He wouldn’t love her. Not anymore.

With tears and sweat running rivulets down his face Newman searched the campsite for something, anything he could use as a weapon.

All he found was an empty pretzel bag.

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* ~ * Now there were two... * ~ *

‘You can’t hide from me you know.’ Death sat atop a tree stump wiping the business end of a stiletto across his thigh the slip slip of the blade sounding like skin sliding over satin.

Newman didn’t answer.

‘Clodhopping your way after that tramp when you knew this could happen. And for what?‘ Death whispered to himself. ‘For nothing. She’s still out there and you my friend? You’re dead.’ Death rolled his lifeless eyes and corrected, ‘Well, almost.‘
Splaying his fingers in front of the black hood draping his face Death arched the third digit of his left hand for closer inspection. Dropping his hands back to his lap Death dug deeper under the dirty nail unconcerned, the picture of patience. He had all the time in the world.

From his feet up to his chest and crossing his arms thick vines trapped Newman against a rough barked tree. Once immobilized, sleeker tendrils slithered down from the canopy to wrap around his head.
Newman heard the soft swish of an even thinner vine feeling it circle about his neck making a sound much like the one Death made with his knife. Tiny lights exploded behind his eyelids. It was the lack of blood flow Newman reasoned bleakly deep within the last tiny corner of his conscience where he’d gone to distance himself from the pain and deprivation. Where he tried to hide from Death. Where all he’d ever been narrowed to one tiny spark of life and reasoning that refused to die.

‘Carpet, you’re being a rascal,’ Death huffed grimly, ’...a stubborn rascal. But I shall win, shan’t I. You mark my words.‘ In his grip the knife morphed into a small white bird the soft downy breast feathers covering it’s heart trapped under Death’s stroking thumb.
‘I can still see you, yes I can. I can see right down into that last little bit of you.’ Death droaled his voice thick with sarcasm. ‘I can see right down to your lasssst little cell. That miniscule bit remaining of all of you - before you become all - of me.’ Death’s voice rasped inside Newman’s head like a cat’s tongue licking the insides of his skull clean.

Newman used his last breath to whisper her name.

The soft white bird in Death’s hands pecked once at his bony thumb then broke it’s own wings trying to fly away.

* ~ * Sslar * ~ *

Sslar left the others to duck into the jungle shadows for a moments privacy. Just a moment. She intended to return to BIAD - if nothing else than for another soothing scratch from the hermaphrodites long red nails. And Sslar needed soothing. She didn’t like the live jungle that moved and slithered at will like leafy green snakes ready to trap and grab her, twining round her body until her great yellow eyes bugged out and her tongue bulged.

Spooking herself Sslar stalled in place her ears pricked, her tail puffed to twice it’s size. She smelt Death. Not the clean dirt smell oozing from the planet’s open pores but the sickly reek of Death. The cloying almost palpable evil of it, of him. He was here, his stink rolling over the rotting vegetation, the tiny animals and insects living in the underbrush and leaves, rising high into the air where the flying things that nested safe in the trees - were not. Death was close. So close. Her nose flaring Sslar caught the scent of something, someone else. Carpet! The big cat sprinted deeper down the game path frantically searching for her bi-ped friend.

The vine was ribbed and brown like an earthworm dried under a hot sun. When it moved Sslar instinctively froze, her paw poised on air a hairsbreadth above the long thin spine ridding the vine like a readied spear. Time slowed. Sslar expected it but couldn’t stop a shudder of revulsion when the lethal spur tickled at the soft spot between her pads, nor her eyes from bolting wide in exquisite pain when the thorn plunged deep into the fleshy part of her paw.

‘Eeny, meeny, miny, moe...’ Death chanted tapping a long thin finger against his gaunt cheek, ‘...catch a tiger by the...toe’ He finished pleased with himself.

Watching from the shadows Death actually frowned witnessing the Zzang cat’s spasms - her feet running on air at an awkward angle from her crumpled body.

‘Such a conundrum.’ Death clucked his tongue. ‘Will it be Carpet first?’ His minds eye returned to the dying Newman, ’Or Neno’s hair ball?’

The balance hung in wait. Watching Sslar Death tucked his fingers into his palms forming two bony clubs. ‘I’ve got it!‘ His frown relaxed when Sslar stopped kicking. ‘We’ll decide like this.‘ Death bopped the heal of one clenched fist atop the crown of the other and began to chant, ‘One potato, two potato, three potato...’

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..................................*Meanwhile, Back-From-Beyond*....................................

The female with the white hair and determined eyes slowly turned her head to
observe the tall figure in the sackcloth shroud standing beside her, the grey-boned
faced offered nothing and yet... so much.

If Death breathed, Dag assumed his eupnea would offer soft-slow sighs as he looked
on the two shapes making love in the half-light, but the Reaper merely waited like a
raggedy scarecrow staring at a late-summer's barn door.
Dag turned back to the scene that she knew was breaking the dark figure's heart...
if he had one.

"Is this what it's like to die?" came his dust-sprinkled whisper.
"No..." whispered Dag "...this is what it's like to love"

Death had allowed the accord, without a word to the small girl in the dirty vest, he had
left the Pool of The Doomed with a swish of the atramentous curtain that hung from his
broomstick frame, Dag -puppy-like, had raced after the gaunt shadow.
The faint-slender shape that had trailed them went unoticed.

"I assume that you are aware that this undertaking to create uncertainty will have a
profound effect on your status within the Sisterhood...?" Death said easily to the girl
struggling to keep up on their way back to Charon's ferry, Dag felt the sarcastic tone
in every word.

"I am not uncertain, She is tricking you" the tired girl affirmed and ignored the struggles
in the Pool Of The Doomed. Adam was close, but she knew for his own safety to keep him
from her thoughts.
"...To doubt Pandora is to place one on very shaky ground" the seven-foot Destroyer
warned mockingly and strode on.

Now here they were, witnesses to Pandora's deceit, Craddock buried his head into the
raven-hair of the temptress and moaned into the darkness.
The temperature close to Death dropped somemore and Dag shivered, yet her eyes
never left the smug-smiling Pandora and her lover.

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Adam waited near the Library door, his dishevelled attire had faded back to it's original
t-shirt and jeans. He was still James Dean.

"The rage I feel thunders inside me, what does one do in this situation?" Death hissed
and touched the smaller being beside him, Dag looked towards her man and waved him
Adam resisted the notion to look behind and then mouth "me...?" at the smiling woman.
Instead, he stepped quietly forward and watched the black-cloaked Reaper staring back
at him.

"For a dead man, you-sure get around alot" Death whispered and acknowledged the fear
in the Doctor's eyes "It... it er, seems I'm a wanted person" Adam muttered and kept his
hands behind his back.
Dag leaned slightly and kissed the young man's cheek "I'm glad you're back Doc" she said
softly into his ear and squeezed his hand.

The three figures turned back to the carnel scene before them and began their plans.
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